DestinationsAsia3 Days Ha Giang Itinerary with Full Experiences
3 Days Ha Giang Itinerary with Full Experiences

3 Days Ha Giang Itinerary with Full Experiences

People compared Ha Giang to a young girl, each season is beautiful in a very different way. Indeed, any visitor who has the opportunity to take part in a Ha Giang itinerary will find it hard to hold back the feeling of the majesty mixed picturesque that this Northwest land brings.

Many people wonder what is in Ha Giang that everyone tries to come here once in their life!? Some come because they love the purple color of the buckwheat flowers. Some want to try the feeling of adventure when conquering the winding pass roads between the mountains and forests. Anyway, as one of the rare places that tourists evaluate “every season is beautiful”, Ha Giang possesses an irresistible attraction. Perhaps, that is also what prompted many travelers to pick up their backpacks and visit the country’s northernmost territory. They do not hesitate to conquer a long distance from everywhere to admire the majestic natural beauty of this land.

From my experience when I travel from North to Middle Vietnam in 14 days, here in this post is my suggestion for your Ha Giang tour in 3 days.

To Prepare – Transportation and Accommodation

The Broad Life hires motorbike to travel Ha Giang, Vietnam
I rented my motorbike here. Perhaps you want to check this store.

You can fly to Hanoi, then move to Ha Giang by bus for VND 300,000 on average. The bus departs at 9 pm and arrives in Ha Giang about 7 hours later.

Here, you can contact motorbike rental for about VND 150,000 a day for the semi-geared motorbike, alongside raincoats, luggage ribbons, and rain boots, which is very necessary, particularly in the rainy season.

During the Ha Giang tour, you’re going to have the opportunity to sleep at two accommodation establishments with completely different styles. On the first night, you can book the homestay LoLo Ancient House – a place with a very enthusiastic and friendly host, to experience the life of the Lo Lo ethnic people. On the second night, Hoang Ngoc Hotel in Dong Van is possibly an acceptable choice. This hotel is also quite big, clean, and fully equipped.

Here’s The Trip’s Schedule

Day 1: Ha Giang City – Bac Sum Slope – Twin Mountain – Quan Ba ​​- H’mong Village – Tham Ma Slope – Pao’s House – Lung Cu

A quick rest stop on the way in Quan Ba, Ha Giang, Vietnam
At one of the common rest stops at Quan Ba, there is a heart-shaped grass on the hill so anyone can notice.

After breakfast at Ha Giang City, you can head to Bac Sum Slope to take pictures and pass Twin Mountain for a quick rest.

Next, you may want to stop by H’mong Village to take check-in photos at the famous infinity pool here. The admission fee is 50,000 VND and the entrance fee to the swimming pool is 100,000 VND/person. If you choose to travel 22km, you will encounter the tall “Lonely Tree”, the popular check-in address for young people. Actually, the way there is not too difficult.

Tham Ma Slope, Ha Giang
Tham Ma slope in Ha Giang.
Ethnic kids meet in Ha Giang itinerary
The ethnic kids in the area.

After leaving the 22km road, your next spot should be Tham Ma Slope. There are many adorable and friendly ethnic kids here, so you can take pictures freely and give them candy. After that, you can also stop by the house selected as the setting for the movie “Story of Pao” – the work that won four Golden Kite Prizes in 2006. By the way, the award is like the Oscars of Vietnam.

On the way back to Lung Cu, there are many beautiful scenes, suitable for young people who love to take check-in photos to share on social media. If you go on the right day and are fortunate enough, you probably can participate in the Lo Lo festival which took place right at the homestay. It’s extremely crowded and bustling. After that, you may want to end the day of traveling around with a dinner of chicken hotpot that costs about VND 150,000 per person.

Day 2: Lung Cu Flagpole – Nho Que River – Ma Pi Leng – Dong Van

Lung Cu flagpole, the northernmost point of Vietnam
Lung Cu flagpole – the northernmost point of Vietnam.

Conveniently, the way to Lung Cu flagpole is right at the homestay. You can ride a motorbike directly to the ticketing point for 10,000 VND/ person. Actually, the price decreases due to the coronavirus in Vietnam, you may find it higher after that. Then, you just need to walk up the stairs a little to arrive at the peak as well as the Northernmost point. The feeling is very cool and the panoramic view will make you overwhelmed. It would be your biggest regret when taking a Ha Giang itinerary without this spot.

Nho Que river with a view from Ma Pi Leng.
Nho Que River with a view from Ma Pi Leng.

Certainly, sailing on Nho Que River is also an experience that everyone should try. However, visitors need to be cautious when going down to the pier. It’s significantly dangerous when getting down because one side is the mountain, the other side is a cliff, and it usually has a landslide. This distance is just about 7-8 km long but takes about 30-45 minutes. Therefore, you should ride slowly to ensure safety.

On the other hand, there is also a 2 km-long way for people to do trekking. Nevertheless, this road is quite steep, draining travelers a lot of time and strength. Therefore, only those who are healthy try it. Just a quick thought, but I believe this trek would make your Ha Giang itinerary more experienced and adventurous. Of course, it’s dangerous, so be careful!

At the pier, you could book a boat at a fairly cheap price – VND 70,000 for a person. The boat is very big, with enough room to pose for pictures. Evenly, you can ask the boat driver to stop wherever you like. On average, a boat tour takes about 1-2 hours.

On the way back from Ma Pi Leng Pass, you will have the opportunity to visit “the cliff of death”, where you can zoom out to see Nho Que River. I would say that the river is similar to a big gem with its natural turquoise color. Yes, watching down from Ma Pi Leng, the river appears loving and romantic. Anyways, starting from this point, the way back is much easier.

Dong Van rural district.
A view of Dong Van rural district.

After returning to Dong Van district to rest, you can take time to discover the old town in the evening. There are many vendors with grilled foods, Thắng Dền (a specialty cake in Ha Giang), ethnic rice, and chicken hot pot.

Day 3: Dong Van – Meo Vac – Ha Giang City

Bánh Cuốn, Vietnamese stuffed pancake, in Meo Vac style.
Bánh Cuốn, Vietnamese stuffed pancake, in Meo Vac style.

If coming on Sunday, you may have the opportunity to experience the ethnic minority’s fair. The fair is very large, selling all kinds of different fruits. Here, you can buy a few souvenirs, as well as taste the stuffed pancake in the local style with a price of VND 40,000 VND a dish.

After that, you will return to Ha Giang City by Meo Vac’s direction. Yet, the way is very ugly and small, so you need to pay close attention. The average travel time is about 6-7 hours riding.

Warning When Going to Ha Giang

  • The pass road is very steep and “zic-zac”, unlike the pass in Dalat or Sapa. Hence, it’s always better to choose a geared or semi-geared motorbike and go at the gear 2 to avoid slipping.
  • The weather in Ha Giang is constantly sunny and rainy. Thus, you need to prepare sunscreen and always have extra raincoats to cover your luggage.
  • You will meet the obedient and pitiful ethnic children while on the Ha Giang itinerary, so don’t forget to prepare candies and some snacks for them.
  • There is always a nice view on the way traveling Ha Giang. Therefore, you should limit visiting too many places to avoid wasting time traveling. Especially on the way from Dong Van or Lung Cu, the darker, the more dangerous those places. I started at 8:00 but reached Lung Cu at 19:00.
  • To go the right way on Ha Giang, you should ask people whenever you see a strange road or suspect that you have gone astray or too far. There are very few gas stations on the road, so you should refill your tank before setting off.
  • In addition, you should also prepare some bread or fruit for snacks, with lots of water.

Final Thought

This is a very worthwhile trip where the locals are really cute and friendly. If you are young and still strong, you should try to take a Ha Giang itinerary once in your life to feel the immensity of heaven and earth and the beauty of Vietnamese nature.

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  • Brianne

    I’d love to explore Ha Giang! The landscape is so gorgeous, and I’d love to experience the culture there.

  • Vera Ida

    Its really nice every time i reading a traveler blogging. I can pictured all the location where your went, when i read your article. Keep it up!

  • Matt Taylor

    I hadn’t heard of Ha Giang, in Vietnam before. Of course, there are many places there I probably haven’t heard of. It looks like an incredible place to visit.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      It’s amazing and one of the must-visited places on Earth. It’s adventurous too if you would love to have a more experienced life.

  • Heather

    I have to thank you for posting things like this. Since we can’t travel, it’s nice to be able to see the photos and read about different places.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Fortunately, I’m still able to travel around my country now. But it’s still good to stay at home and seeing the world through pics and videos.

  • Stacy Liz

    Ive never been to Vietnam but its somewhere I always wanted to go. I hope COVID goes away soon because we all are missing out on some traveling!

  • Aliceee Traveler

    Vietnam is high on my bucket list! Since I can’t travel at the moment because of pandemic I’m doing daily research so I have my itinerarys ready for the time that all this end and I cam start traveling again. I find your guides really helpful. Thanks for sharing. Saved it ❤️

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m glad that you like my guides.
      Actually as a Vietnamese I write more about places in my country than others. You can find other destinations in my ‘travel Vietnam‘ section.

  • Ntensibe Edgar

    Nnnniiiicccceeeeee….I would love to travel on that “snake-like” road. It looks fascinating even from up here.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Definitely that’s one of the most adventurous roads in the world you can try riding a motorbike on! Enjoy your trip there and don’t forget to tell me your experience.

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    Oh my goodness, that view! What a thril to come down that mountainside in any form of transport.

  • Yudith

    Vietnam in my list for my trip later. And definitely will visit this place. Thanks for share this through!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Don’t forget to visit Lao Cai and Sapa too. Those places are all near and beautiful.

  • Lucy Clarke

    Such marvelous views! Nho Que River and the Tham Ma slope took my breath away!

  • Emily Fata

    Oh my gosh, I would love to be able to travel here one day and see this all for myself. Hopefully within the next few years!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m so sure you will love this place when visiting it in real!

  • Toni Dash

    This sounds so fun!! Wish I could visit it one day! Thanks for this helpful guide!

  • Marie

    This looks beautiful. I am intrigued by the Ancient House. It sounds like a great experience. I will stay away from the Cliff of Death though! And the zig zag roads would be scary. I drove on some like that on my trip to Alaska last winter–there was snow and ice on them!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      That sounds great when driving on the snow and ice road. I haven’t tried that before.
      Btw, in the village of the Ancient House, there are many other nice homestays where you can spend a good time enjoying many things.

  • Mow Debnath

    This looks like an amazing excursion! I regret not having the chance to visiting Vietnam when I travelled around Asia pacific. I will definitely consider it in the future and remember your post

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Not only Ha Giang but Vietnam has a lot of places that you can visit with all types of landscapes.
      You will love the country for sure!

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    Ha Giang looks great to visit and perfect for adventure I will add this on my bucket list thanks to this!

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    Great sample itinerary! I haven’t heard about Ha Giang yet. I hope I can visit it. Bookmarking this article for future travels.

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