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map of travel Vietnam, The Broad Life Vietnam is a beautiful country with a lot of appealing scenes and landscapes. The country has 64 provinces with its different and diverse cultures and traditions, and has itself a long and glorious history. Entirely travel Vietnam is always on top of any Vietnamese wanderer’s bucket list.

Khoi was born in the gorgeous Vietnam and he also have that to-do thing on top of his bucket list. Anytime he is free, he will try to wander around a new destination in the country. You may find that posts about travel Vietnam are more than other countries. It’s because traveling to other places inland is easier than travel abroad, and there are many things to do in Vietnam. Hopefully he can explore all the corners of provinces in the country.

Before coming to Canada in the end of 2016, Khoi did a 14 days travel from North to Central Vietnam. That’s a very remarkable trip really that he want to share with everyone.

Nha Rong Harbor in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nha Rong Harbor – Where Keepsakes Saigon’s Memories

I am a Saigon-lover who falls in love with the historical relics of the city. And this time, I'm gonna introduce to you another historical site you should not miss on your...
Cafe Apartment, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Discover the Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Maybe you have known that Vietnam is one of the biggest coffee exporting nations in the world. However, have you ever heard that we do have a cool, unique apartment that gathers...
Hotpot Chains in Saigon

Exploring 9 Chains of Hotpot in Saigon

I want to quickly take you through the introduction of this post. Then the rain outside my room actually brings to me the desire to have a hotpot. Ok, here are must-tried...
Saigon Opera House at night

Saigon Opera House – The Home of Municipal Music

As I’ve said in many previous posts about Ho Chi Minh city, this metropolis owns loads of magnificent architectures. Each of them has told different fancy stories to beautify the whole city....
Coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam (Part 1)

10 Beautiful Coffee Shops in Saigon You Need to Know

One of the interesting things people always eager to jump in a talk when it comes to Vietnam is coffee. Yup, as you might know, that Vietnam is famous for exporting coffee...
3 Days Ha Giang Itinerary with Motorbike

3 Days Ha Giang Itinerary with Full Experiences

People compared Ha Giang to a young girl, each season is beautiful in a very different way. Indeed, any visitor who has the opportunity to take part in a Ha Giang itinerary...
Afternoon snacks in Ho Chi Minh City - The Broad Life

12 Best Afternoon Snacks in Ho Chi Minh City You Must Try

Ho Chi Minh City is renowned as the heaven of delicious food for over years. In the blog of Saigon Food: 12 Must-Eat Dishes and Where to Find Them, I recommend you...
Story of a Magic Table in Dalat

The Story of a Magic Table in Dalat

Besides the dreamy and gentle beauty, Dalat is also famous for its mystical and somewhat idealistic stories. Indeed, from spiritual myths still passed on among the locals to objects with strange abilities,...
The swimming pool at Pandanus Resort, Mui Ne, Vietnam

It’s a Memorable 3 Days 2 Nights Mui Ne Itinerary

"Not all the journey is forever, but the memory lasts long". Not sure if this is someone's travel quote, but it reminds me of a very memorable trip with my last company....
Fishing village on Cu Lao Xanh Island, Quy Nhon City, Vietnam

48h in Quy Nhon City, What to Do?

A hidden gem of Middle Vietnam, Quy Nhon city brings to you the amazing tastes of the sea, mountains, and beautiful roads alongside the beaches with sunshine. Hence, many people choose Quy...

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