Ha Giang was the first destination in my ‘14-day travel from North to Central Vietnam‘. With me, this place is definitely ideal and awesome for backpackers to wander around. The reasons? Beautiful landscapes, good foods with cheap prices, and especially the experience of riding motorbikes on the passes surrounded by amazing sceneries. Also, Vietnam’s northernmost point is at Ha Giang.

Extract from my note: Arriving in Ha Giang City at 4:45AM, we had breakfast and rented motorbikes to wander around Ha Giang province … We had to go through Quan Ba town and Yen Minh town .. As we could not take our eyes of beautiful scenes on the way to Dong Van Town, we arrived at 6 p.m., later than expected. Along the way Dong Van town, there are many marvellous and picturesque landscape with the famous Buckwheat flower..

Next day, our plan was to visit H’Mong King’s Palace, and Lung Cu – the Northernmost point of Vietnam, then moving to Meo Vac town..

In day 3, except the good breakfast we had at Meo Vac and the enjoyable, memorable experience of riding motorbike on the passes at night without lights, we just were on the road all day long. Finally we arrived in  Ha Giang City around 9PM and directly went to a homestay in Tuy village to spend the rest of the night with delicious foods and special wine.

When to Go?

  • January and February for plum flowers, the peach flowers, and yellow rape flowers blossom.
  • April for Khau Vai love market.
  • September and October for ripen rice season.
  • November for Buckwheat flower season
  • December with snow (if you are lucky ^^!)

How to Go?

To have a full and awesome experience at Ha Giang, riding motorbike around is highly recommended. It’s better to have a round trip to enjoy the province. Here is my route: Hiring a motorbike at Ha Giang city and starting from the city → Quan Ba → Yen Minh → Dong Van → Meo Vac → Ha Giang city.


This is the address where I rent motorbikes for the trip – Group 15, Nguyen Trai Ward, Ha Giang City. Phone no. is 091 779 7269 or 097 815 9123.


Where to Go?

Dong Van

You have to pass Quan Ba, Yen Minh, and a lot of beautiful scenes with the total distance at around 150km to go to Dong Van. Always keep your camera ready, or you will regret missing the views that you didn’t capture.

  • Eat: Tam Giac Mach pie (at Thach Son Than), spices and fast foods sold at the market in front of H’Mong King’s Palace, stuffed pancake with egg, Au Tau congee, Thang Den, black chickens and stream fishes at restaurants at Dong Van Town.

Meo Vac

In order to come to Meo Vac, you have to go through Ma Pi Leng pass, one of the four top passes in North Vietnam. The pass is 20km long which is also named the “Happy Road”.

There are not so many places for visiting in Meo Vac but for foods… Yeah! you are going to the right destination.

  • Visit: hm… actually, wandering around the town is interested enough.
  • Eat: We went to Thanh Phuong restaurant most of the time for meals. It had a long list of foods cooked specially with North-mountain-area’s recipe. The restaurant’s address is no. 51, group 3, Meo Vac town, Ha Giang.
    There is a place which has Banh Cuon (stuffed pancake). It’s also a special food at Meo Vac and it’s different with the one we have in the South Vietnam.
    Furthermore, you should try the foods at street shops at the town too (I don’t really remember the place but you can see it while wandering around the small town).

Ha Giang City

The city is the start and also the last point of the trip around Ha Giang. However, at the time we come back, we chose to stay at Ban Tuy village rather than city centre for the rest time at Ha Giang province. Here is the phone no. in case you want to book the homestay that we stayed – 094 282 50 88 or check it out at Agoda here.

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  1. Ha Giang is such a beautiful, dreamy and peaceful place! It is less touristy compared to Sapa, therefore I could totally immerse myself in the authentic and interesting local life with minority people.
    Thank you for your informative and amazing blog post!

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