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Frying Pan Lake, IN FACT, is the World’s Largest Hot Spring

Do you have any idea about the largest hot spring in the world? I'm sure an image of a Japanese hot spring...

Visiting 10 Famous Cat Statues Around the World

Let's talk about the cat! Yes, I'm celebrating the Lunar New Year in Vietnam - The Year of the Cat. So I...
bora bora tropical island to visit

10 Most Beautiful Tropical Islands to Visit This Year

What is the type of your favorite destination for a vacation? Some people love achieving the mountains' peaks. On the other hand,...
dragon dance in lunar new year in vietnam 2020

Lunar New Year in Vietnam is Coming

Yeah, the biggest occasion as well as the time that everyone in Vietnam waits is coming. Indeed, for Vietnamese people, Lunar New...
Lake Pontchartrain Causeway one of the longest sea bridges in the world

Top 10 Longest Sea Bridges in the World

A bridge has so much meaning to human beings. Not just a symbol of connection, the bridge contributed hugely to the development...
mechoui best moroccan food

Moroccan Food: Top 10 Dishes That You Must Try

Morocco is known as the precious jewel of North Africa with its unique architecture, poetic beauty, vast nature, and many mysterious stories....
congo new year celebration

In Fact, the People of Congo Only Enjoy ONE New Year...

That's both right and wrong. In Vietnam, people say "Wait until the Congo New Year" to mean something that is very difficult...
14 best places for new year's eve celebration

14 Best Places for New Year’s Eve Celebration in the World

Are you ready for partying during the holiday season? Do you want to celebrate New Year's Eve differently from the past years?...
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