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Nha Rong Harbor in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nha Rong Harbor – Where Keepsakes Saigon’s Memories

I am a Saigon-lover who falls in love with the historical relics of the city. And this time, I'm gonna introduce to...
Travel Cambodia 7 Days Itinerary

Travel Cambodia 7 Days Itinerary

I remember about my trips when staying at home too long during the Coronavirus. Yes, those were the awesome old days. Suddenly,...
How much have you changed challenge

It’s #howmuchhaveyouchangedchallenge – Let’s See What The Broad Life Changed!

#howmuchhaveyouchangedchallenge is a great challenge! Yes, it's actually another interesting challenge that I found out about just right after the #5countrieschallenge. I...
Cafe Apartment, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Discover the Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Maybe you have known that Vietnam is one of the biggest coffee exporting nations in the world. However, have you ever heard...
5 countries challenge - the broad life

Let’s Do 5 Countries Challenge – #5countrieschallenge

Perhaps this is the first hashtag challenge for travelers. Or maybe, I don't know if there are any suitable challenges that I...
Hotpot Chains in Saigon

Exploring 9 Chains of Hotpot in Saigon

I want to quickly take you through the introduction of this post. Then the rain outside my room actually brings to me...
Saigon Opera House at night

Saigon Opera House – The Home of Municipal Music

As I’ve said in many previous posts about Ho Chi Minh city, this metropolis owns loads of magnificent architectures. Each of them...
Coffee shops in Saigon, Vietnam (Part 1)

10 Beautiful Coffee Shops in Saigon You Need to Know

One of the interesting things people always eager to jump in a talk when it comes to Vietnam is coffee. Yup, as...
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