DestinationsAsiaDa Nang Travel Guide 2024: Everything You Need to Know
Da Nang Travel Guide 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Da Nang Travel Guide 2024: Everything You Need to Know

Da Nang is a city that has it all: stunning beaches, majestic mountains, rich culture, and delicious cuisine. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, history, or entertainment, Da Nang has something for everyone. In this Da Nang Travel Guide 2024, you’ll find everything you need to know to plan your perfect trip to this amazing destination. You’ll learn about the climate and the best time to visit, how to get there, where to stay, what to see and do, what to eat, and what to buy as a gift. By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to pack your bags and explore the wonders of Da Nang.

1. Where is Da Nang in Vietnam?

Da Nang City is located in the Central region, equally divided between the capital Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City. Da Nang is also the center of three world cultural heritages: Hue Imperial City, Hoi An ancient town, and My Son Sanctuary. The north of Da Nang borders Thua Thien Hue province, the west and south border Quang Nam province, and the east borders the East Sea.

2. Climate in Da Nang and the Best Time to Visit

Da Nang is a transitional place between the Northern and Southern climates, with the dominant tropical climate in the South. Each year, there are two distinct seasons: the dry season from January to July and the rainy season from August to December. Sometimes there are cold spells in winter but they do not last long and the weather is not very cold.

  • Late December to late March: The weather is cool and pleasant, most ideal for spring trips. Prices for hotel and food services at this time are said to be the most stable of the year. Just a note that you should bring a thin jacket because it can be chilly in the evening, and sometimes there is spring rain.
  • Early April to mid-September: This is the best time to travel to Da Nang. Yet, it is also the peak summer tourism season, quite crowded and expensive. Besides that, April is the season when forest trees change their yellow and red leaves on the Son Tra peninsula.
  • Mid-September to late December: The weather is no longer hot, it starts to rain sporadically but does not last long. Also, the peak season has passed, so air tickets, accommodation services, and meals are more reasonably priced.

3. How to Go to Da Nang

Tourists often travel by plane from Hanoi and from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang. Ticket prices range from 1,300,000 – to 3,000,000 VND round trip, depending on the time of booking. Flight time is about 1 hour.

With more time, you can take the train to experience the scenery along the way, especially the section through Hai Van Pass if you come from the north. Train tickets from Hanoi or from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang cost about 630,000 VND ($26) to 1,900,000 VND ($78.5) one-way, corresponding to air-conditioned soft seats and four air-conditioned sleeper beds. Travel time is about 17 to 18 hours.

If you plan to drive your car, you need to spend at least a week on your trip to Da Nang. You should also have two drivers take turns driving or you can stop at places across the way. For example, from Hanoi, it is ideal to depart at noon or early afternoon and stay one night in Nghe An. If you go later, sleep in Thanh Hoa, and the next morning depart for Da Nang. Additionally, you can stop in Quang Binh in the afternoon to rest and explore more.

In Da Nang, you should rent motorbikes or cars to move flexibly. Renting a car is quite convenient. It can be delivered at the airport or hotel for an average price of 100,000 VND ($4) for motorbikes and about 1,000,000 VND ($41) for cars per day.

4. Accommodation in Da Nang

Tourism in Da Nang is developing rapidly. Along the coastal road, you can easily find hotels with many different prices. Besides that, Da Nang has many other forms of accommodation such as homestays, apartments, and dormitories located in the center. Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose the appropriate option. However, you should book your stay in advance to avoid being sold out on weekends and peak seasons.

Because the weather in the Central region is quite cold at night at the beginning of the year, you should choose self-contained rooms with full amenities such as a private bathroom, water heater, hair dryer, iron, and laundry service… Room prices at 4-star hotels start from about 500,000 VND per night.

On top of that, there are famous 5-star resorts and hotels in Da Nang. For example, there are InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa, Pullman, Furama Resort Danang, Four Points by Sheraton Danang, Novotel, Hilton, Fusion Suites, Danang Golden Bay Hotel… Room prices range from 1,200,000 to 10,000,000 VND per night.

5. Da Nang Top Attractions

5.1. Da Nang Attractions in Suburban

Beautiful places outside Da Nang City include Son Tra peninsula, Ngu Hanh Son Mountain, Nam O Reef, and Hai Van Pass.

Son Tra Peninsula

Considered the precious gem of Da Nang, Son Tra peninsula possesses a large primeval forest and many beautiful beaches such as Tien Sa, Da Den (Black Rock), But Beach… The road on the peninsula winds through the mountains. The location can see the entire city from above such as Ban Co Peak, Linh Ung Pagoda, Vong Canh house, Son Tra lighthouse, “Indochina god’s eye” radar station.

Coming here, you can participate in many exciting activities. For instance, scuba diving to see coral, fishing with fishermen, admiring the city from a helicopter, on top of Ban Co… In particular, Linh Ung Pagoda is located on top of the hill. It is one of the most sacred pagodas in Vietnam and also a destination you should not miss. Especially, this is also where the tallest statue of the Lady Buddha in Vietnam is located, facing the sea. Inside the statue, there are 17 floors. Each floor has an altar of 21 Buddha statues with different shapes, postures, and facial expressions.

Vietnam's tallest Lady Buddha statue in Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang
Vietnam’s tallest Lady Buddha statue in Linh Ung Pagoda on Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang.
A view from Son Tra Peninsula to the Lady Buddha statue and Da Nang city center
A view from Son Tra Peninsula to the Lady Buddha statue and Da Nang city center.
Attractions in Son Tra Peninsula

On the peninsula, there are side roads leading to many beautiful beaches such as But Beach, Nam Beach, Da Den Beach, Da Beach, Mui Nghe… In addition, in this area, there are also thousand-year-old Son Tra banyan trees and banyan trees “the deer” with a unique shape suitable for photography.

Da Den (Black Rock) is one of the beautiful Da Nang beaches
Da Den (Black Rock) is one of the beautiful Da Nang beaches.

The peninsula is also home to hundreds of animal species. Among them, the red-shanked douc langur is known as the “primate queen” on the Son Tra peninsula, with a population of about 300 – 400 animals, strictly preserved. To spot these flocks of langurs and observe the colors emitted from their fur, visitors need to listen carefully when they cry or jump from branch to branch.

Note, visitors need to preserve the natural landscape and not feed wild animals. Routes banned from using scooters include the section from Hoang Sa Road to the thousand-year banyan tree; the intersection of Yet Kieu Road to Ban Co peak – Bai Bac; Yet Kieu to Suoi Om intersection and vice versa. These are the three main routes that people and tourists often take to visit the Son Tra peninsula. Motorcycles with manual clutch and transmission can travel normally.

In addition, the Son Tra peninsula is also attractive with its pristine beaches. Nestled in a beautiful strait, But Beach is a place where the sea, mountains, and forests meet. There is also Bac Beach, a newly developed destination for Da Nang tourism, located in the bay north of Son Tra. The waters around the peninsula have many beautiful coral reefs, but littering and the unconscious behavior of some coral divers such as stepping on, kicking, and breaking… cause serious damage.

Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream)

Suoi Tien is one of the large streams originating from the top of Son Tra. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations like a fairyland with white waterfalls, rocks in many unique shapes, and fragrant wildflowers blooming. Coming to Suoi Tien, you will be immersed in beautiful and colorful nature.

Ba Na Hills

French-theme village on Ba Na Hills
The French-theme village on Ba Na Hills.

This tourist destination is about 40 km from Da Nang. You can experience the chilly air and four-season weather during the day when visiting prominent attractions such as Linh Ung Pagoda, Debay Wine Cellars, Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, and especially the Golden Bridge… Overnight in the French village is also an interesting experience for visitors to Ba Na Hills.

Gieng Troi

beautiful landscape at Gieng Troi
The beautiful landscape at Gieng Troi.

Located in the Ba Na – Nui Chua conservation area, Gieng Troi has a wild landscape that is a source of inspiration for backpackers. There are different outdoor activities in the area such as trekking, climbing, camping, or bathing in streams.

Starting from the parking lot of the Ba Na cable car area, you have to conquer 7.5 km of winding, steep mountain passes, cross streams, and forests… After passing the first slope, the remaining journey is very easy to go. That’s why this place is like an isolated place. Two streams from the west of the Ba Na forest join in a canyon and then fall.

Marble Mountains

8 km from the center of Da Nang, Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains) is home to many sacred temples and a system of natural caves. Following the coastal road stretching as far as the eye can see towards Hoi An, opening to visitors’ eyes a giant “rockery” called Ngu Hanh Son. Names given to the mountains according to the theory of the five elements include Kim Son (Metal Mountain), Moc Son (Wood Mountain), Thuy Son (Water Mountain), Hoa Son (Fire Mountain), and Tho Son (Earth Mountain). Each mountain carries its different legendary stories and mysterious beauty.

The Marble Mountains in Da Nang, Vietnam. Source: Raita Futo on Flickr.

To go all the way from Quan Am Cave, Huyen Vi to Am Phu Cave, Hoa Nghiem, Linh Nha, Huyen Khong, Van Thong, Thien Long, Thien Phuoc Dia,… may take a few days. Although everything is not massive or majestic, it brings different levels of emotions thanks to its sacred and magical beauty.

Following the roads through the mountains in Marble Mountains. you will suddenly turn a corner into a certain cave or temple. At Kim Son, there are Quan Am pagodas and caves. Hoa Son has Linh Son pagoda and Huyen Vi cave, Pho Da Son pagoda and cave. Tho Son has Long Hoa and Hue Quang pagodas. Thuy Son has Tam Thai, Linh Ung, Tam Ton, Tu Tam pagodas,…

Most of the temples here have their backs against the mountain. Although they are not too high, they are quiet and sacred. With the cool breeze blowing in from the sea and the green space of mountains and trees, you will easily feel a world of peace and serenity.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is about an hour by motorbike from the center of Da Nang. The pass is 21 km long, with the highest peak 496 m above sea level. Hai Van means “sea of clouds”. This place was once commented on by Jeremy Clarkson, host of the reality TV show Top Gear (UK), as “one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world”.

travel hai van pass vietnam by motorcycle
Exploring Hai Van Pass by motorbike is an amazing experience.

There are currently two roads through Hai Van Pass: the road tunnel through Hai Van Pass (not for motorbikes) and the Hai Van Pass road.

  • The road tunnel through Hai Van Pass is open daily, with a fee. Tunnel closing time is from 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. every day to clean, repair, and maintain its items. If you follow the tunnel, you will not be able to admire the scenery or visit famous places on Hai Van Pass.
  • Hai Van Pass is open daily, free of charge. You should choose this route if you want to experience the feeling of conquering the past and enjoying the scenery. Just a note that you must slow down whenever there is fog.

At the beginning of the year, visitors can take “cloud hunting” photos at the famous bend, Hai Van Quan Peak, the “cloud garden” opposite Hai Van Quan, or go down to Van Village to swim in the sea. The ideal time to visit is sunrise or sunset.

Nam O Reef

people are playing at Nam O Reef
People are playing at Nam O Reef.

Located about 17 km from the center, Nam O Reef is in Hoa Hiep Nam ward, Lien Chieu district, Da Nang city. The name Nam O refers to the southern gate of Dai Viet country from 700 years ago. This is a densely populated place, mainly practicing fishing gear. Nam O is also famous for making traditional firecrackers and fish sauce.

This is a long rocky beach with many strange shapes covered with green moss located on the beach. Sunset and sunrise are two times when many people go to the rapids to get satisfactory photos. In this area, there are also specialties of Nam O fish salad and famous Nam O fish sauce that have been passed down through many generations of coastal villages here.

Ghenh Bang

ghenh bang da nang photos
One of the beautiful photos of Ghenh Bang in Da Nang.

Ghenh Bang has been a famous destination among Da Nang backpackers for about 3 years now. This place is located on Son Tra peninsula, about 15 km from Da Nang city center, in the direction of Hoang Sa road. Ghenh Bang along with Gun Cape, Nghe Cape, Golden Sand Beach, and Da Den Beach… have created natural landscapes that attract tourists to explore.

With a road to the sea about 2 km long, Ghenh Bang has flat sandy beaches, large and small rocks protruding into the sea, coral beaches… Visitors to Ghenh Bang often prepare firewood, snacks, and drinking water for camping or day picnics.

Traditional Craft Villages

a lady is making mats at Cam Ne Mat Village
A lady is making mats at Cam Ne Mat Village.
  • 14 km southwest of Da Nang center, Cam Ne Mat Village belongs to Hoa Tien commune, Hoa Vang district. This place has long been famous for traditional flower mats, which were once present in the Nguyen dynasty.
  • Tuy Loan Rice Paper Craft Village is located in Hoa Phong commune, Hoang Vang district, about 15 km from the city center. This over 500-year-old village is suitable for a journey to explore the history of Da Nang. Particularly, the village is famous for making rice paper and Quang noodles.
  • Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village is located at the foot of the Marble Mountains. The nearly 400-year-old traditional craft village is famous for its beautiful and sophisticated stone handicraft products, created by the skilled hands of artisans.

Hoa Trung Lake

a photo of Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang Vietnam
A photo of Hoa Trung Lake in Da Nang, Vietnam.

This is an artificial lake, providing water for daily life and farming for people in Hoa Lien and Hoa Son communes, Lien Chieu district. The lake is surrounded by floating islands, which are suitable for tourists who like to explore, camp, and picnic. You should prepare adequate food and water for camping overnight by the lake, but be careful to clean up and bring trash home.

Hoa Trung Lake is 20 km from Da Nang city center. It takes about 40 minutes to get here by motorbike. From the city, you go along Au Co Street (Hoa Khanh market), follow Ba Na’s direction, and find Hoa Ninh parish. Then, you turn left to see the concrete road and keep going all the way. You will see a trail only 30 cm wide. If you have difficulty finding your way, ask the locals.

Ecotourism Destinations

Suggested destinations are Hoa Bac Commune Ecotourism Area, Lai Thieu Ecotourism Area, Suoi Hoa Ecological Area, Suoi Luong – Hai Van Park Ecological Area, Hoa Phu Thanh Tourist Area, Ecotourism Area Thai Ngam Doi, Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs Park, Phuoc Nhon Hot Mineral Tourist Area… Most of the ecological areas provide entertainment, dining, accommodation, etc. You must pay an entrance fee.

5.2. Da Nang Attractions within the City

The Bridges

Da Nang is known as the city of bridges in Vietnam. Dragon Bridge, Han River Swing Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, and Love Bridge are attractions that you should sightsee and check-in. Furthermore, right near the Love Bridge is a statue of a carp turning into a dragon.

Dragon Bridge
The Dragon Bridge is breathing fire and water.

It’s one of the most ornate bridges in the world. In particular, Dragon Bridge is more crowded on three weekend nights when there are dragon performances that spray water and fire. From 9 p.m., many tourists and people gathered on the bridge, on both sides of the Han River, or in nearby high-rise buildings.

Vehicles traveling at both ends of the bridge were stopped for 15 minutes during the show. You should choose a suitable standing direction to watch the performance. If you stand near the dragon, don’t forget to wear a raincoat or umbrella to avoid getting wet when the dragon sprays water.

Han River Bridge
Da Nang Han River Bridge at night
Da Nang’s Han River Bridge at night.

This is the first swing bridge in Vietnam. Han River Bridge has a length of 487.7 m and a width of 12.9 m with 11 spans, including two cable-stayed spans. Especially, the bridge part located on the pier in the middle of the river can turn 90 degrees parallel to the flow direction to allow large ships to pass. The project is also a symbol of the combination and consensus between the government and the people, built by the people of Da Nang.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the largest suspension bridge in Vietnam. The bridge is 1,856 m long and 18 m wide. It has two abutments at both ends of the bridge, and two cable towers plugged into the river bed.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Tran Thi Ly Bridge is named after the heroine in the resistance war against the Americans from Quang Nam. The bridge is located south of Dragon Bridge, about 1.5 km. Previously, there was an old bridge with the same name. Yet, it has been replaced by the new bridge today.

My Khe Beach

My Khe Beach in Da Nang
A view of My Khe Beach in Da Nang.

My Khe Beach was voted by Forbes magazine as one of the 6 most attractive beaches on the planet. It’s also in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia in 2021 by TripAdvisor. The beach stretches 900 meters on Pham Van Dong Street, in Son Tra District. Watching the sunrise on My Khe beach, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the lives of local fishermen.

City Children’s Cultural Palace

Da Nang Children’s Cultural Palace is a popular check-in point for young people thanks to its design based on the idea of the Tangram puzzle game. This work received the 2016 National Architecture Gold Award, awarded by the Vietnam Association of Architects. This destination is located on 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District. The palace has 3 floors including multi-functional areas, entertainment areas, classrooms, libraries, halls…


an artifact in the Museum of Cham Sculpture in Da Nang Vietnam
An artifact in the Museum of Cham Sculpture in Da Nang, Vietnam. Image credit to Daniel Mennerich on Flickr.
  • The Museum of Cham Sculpture is located at No. 2, Street 2/9, Hai Chau District. This is the only museum of Cham culture, preserving relics of the ancient Champa Kingdom. The museum is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. The entrance tickets cost 60,000 VND per visit. There is an automatic interpretation service and viewing of artifact information using applications and 4D scanning technology.
  • Da Nang Fine Arts Museum is located at 78 Le Duan, Hai Chau district. The museum preserves and displays more than 1,000 works of modern fine art, folk art artifacts, and traditional handicraft products. Opening hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. The ticket price is 20,000 VND per trip (50% discount for students).
  • The Buddhist Museum is located on the campus of Avalokiteśvara Pagoda, at 48 Su Van Hanh, Ngu Hanh Son District. Coming here, you can admire more than 200 ancient Buddhist artifacts. The museum is open from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, free to visit.

Da Nang Cathedral

pink chicken church danang vietnam
The pink Chicken Church in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Tourane Church (French colonial period), also known as Sacred Heart of Jesus Church or Cathedral Church, was started in February 1923 on empty land on Rue du Musée Street (now Tran Phu Street, Da Nang). It was designed and built by Father Vallet. Local people often call the project by a familiar name, Chicken Church. It’s because, on the roof of the church, there is a typical gray chicken statue.

Mural Alley

Da Nang Mural Village Project at 75 Nguyen Van Linh Street (near Dragon Bridge, Hai Chau District). The mural village is located in an alley, but right at the entrance are signs introducing the destination. Visitors will park their cars outside to walk inside.

Local Markets

Con Market
cho con market da nang
Con Market in Da Nang.

Located on Ong Ich Khiem Street right in the city center, Con Market is one of the oldest and largest markets in the coastal city. Con Market is considered a snack paradise with many restaurants that are always crowded, selling a variety of foods, from breakfast to lunch, and especially afternoon snacks. In particular, Banh Beo, rice paper rolled with pork, Quang noodles, snails, and sweet soup… are popular with prices starting from 10,000 VND. In addition to food, specialties bought as gifts are also sold a lot such as fish sauce, squid simmered with tamarind, beef patties, shrimp…

Han Market

Han Market is located right in the city center, near the Han River bridge, adjacent to Hung Vuong, Tran Phu, Tran Hung Dao, and Bach Dang streets on 4 sides. The market dates back to the 40s of the last century. However, with a convenient location for both road and waterway traffic, this place is increasingly developed and bustling.

Other Markets

The city has many seafood markets, but the most attractive is still the area located along Vo Nguyen Giap Street and the coastal streets of Son Tra District, Da Nang. Here the stalls display all kinds of newly caught seafood, from oysters, snails, and crabs, to very fresh fish, shrimp, squid, etc.

In addition, Da Nang has bustling night markets. To elaborate, Helio night market (2/9 Street, Hai Chau), Son Tra night market (Ly Nam De Street intersects with Mai Hac De, Son Tra), Thanh Khe night market West (Yen Khe 1 Street, Thanh Khe district), Le Duan night market (144 Le Duan, Hai Chau), Hoa Khanh night market (Nguyen Canh Chan street). This is a vibrant shopping and dining paradise at night for both residents and tourists.

6. Best Things to Do in Da Nang

See Da Nang from Helicopters and Planes

The helicopter departs from Nuoc Man Airport and flies around to see the Marble Mountains from above. After that, the helicopter circles back to Dragon Bridge, along the Han River for visitors to see the Han River Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge, and the city’s impressive high-rise architectural blocks.

a corner of Da Nang city with an aerial view
A corner of Da Nang City with an aerial view.

Arriving at Son Tra peninsula, the helicopter circles to the sea, and you can see the largest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam. Then, it circles back and flies along Da Nang Beach back to Nuoc Man Airport. The ticket price for a 12-minute tour is currently 2,140,000 VND per person.

Surfing, SUP

You can sign up for surfing and SUP lessons at the Da Nang Surf School on My Khe beach. This is the first school in Vietnam to have instructors certified by ISA (International Surfing Association). You need to prepare bathing clothes and sunscreen. The SUP rowing class is suitable for many people’s physical conditions.

Cruise on the Han River

The boat takes you from the tourist wharf down the Han River. You can view the city center at night and admire Da Nang’s unique bridges. The boat serves food, music, etc. depending on the needs of tourists. Moreover, some tours offer sightseeing experiences, dinner, and watching the Dragon Bridge breathe fire on the weekend. The ticket prices range from 150,000 to 500,000 VND per person.


a carp turning into a dragon nightlife in da nang vietnam
The statue of a carp turning into a dragon at night in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Da Nang has cool weather at night, even in the middle of summer. Going out to get some fresh air, you won’t feel hot. Additionally, the city is not too noisy or busy. The people are gentle and friendly. Furthermore, food and beverage services, restaurants, and bars are open late at night, making it convenient for visitors to eat and have drinks at night.

7. Best Food in Da Nang

Mi Quang

mi quang da nang - quang style noodle soup reviewed by the broad life

Mi Quang Da Nang, or Quang Style Noodles, do not have an “immutable” formula. However, it’s very diverse in flavors such as Quang noodles with shrimp and meat, Quang noodles with snakehead fish, Quang noodles with crab rolls, etc. Quang noodles are a dry dish and a bowl of noodles does not include any ingredients. Now there’s a shortage of roasted peanuts and crispy toasted sesame rice paper.

If you come to Da Nang on the first day of the lunar calendar, it will be difficult to find a bowl of meat noodles. Instead, there are vegetarian Quang noodles with main ingredients from tofu, mushrooms, and tubers.

A small bowl of Quang noodles costs about 15,000 VND, a large bowl costs about 20,000 – 30,000 VND, and special bowls can cost up to 60,000 VND.

Pork Rolls

pork rolls in rice paper

A fairly simple dish, however, it is the careful selection of ingredients that makes the dish special. Pork is only taken from the butt or shoulder. The accompanying vegetables must be fresh and green such as lettuce, basil, fish mint, banana flower, cucumber, green banana, bean sprouts, etc. Seasoning sauce of meat rolls Pork is an irreplaceable dipping sauce. Pork rice paper sold in portions costs about 50,000 – 200,000 VND per portion.

Veal Meat at Mong Bridge

Da Nang people also call this dish the familiar name “Bò Tái Cầu Mống” (Mong Bridge rare beef). When the veal is taken out of the oven, it must have two layers of rare, well-cooked meat, with the skin cooked to the point of transparency while being both crispy and soft.

Dipping sauce made from whole anchovies with sugar, garlic, chili, ginger, and roasted sesame. When eaten, it is accompanied by herbs and rice paper, similar to pork rice paper rolls. Mong Bridge veal has prices ranging from 350,000 to 380,000 VND per kg.

Nam O Fish Salad

Nam O fish rolls dipping into Nam O fish sauce

The fish used to make this dish can be from sardines, anchovies, or tilapia,… Yet, the most delicious is still herring. The characteristic feature of Nam O fish salad is the dipping sauce made from boiled fish juice, mixed with Nam O fish sauce, chili, tapioca starch, and MSG. In addition to the usual accompanying vegetables, Nam O fish salad also has wild toadstools, bamboo shoots, brocade leaves, orchid hearts,… which only grow on Hai Van pass.

You can eat fish with vegetables and rice paper rolls or mix fish and vegetables with dipping sauce. In addition, the wet fish salad is attractive with fresh, sweet fish meat soaked in rich spicy broth, prepared from the famous Nam O fish sauce. Nam O fish salad costs about 80,000 VND per serving, enough for 2 people.

Banh Xeo with Spring Rolls

banh xeo and grilled beef in da nang vietnam

Delicious Banh Xeo shops are concentrated on Hoang Dieu, Trung Nu Vuong, Chau Thi Vinh Te, and Dong Da streets. The average price is from 20,000 to 100,000 VND per portion depending on the number of cakes and spring rolls.

Central region Banh Xeo is usually as small as a plate so it is crispy and fits better when rolled. The accompanying condiment is hot soy sauce, just the right taste for dipping the cake.

Seasoned Fish Noodle Soup

Bún Mắm Nêm at Da Nang City, Vietnam

This is a popular specialty that is easy to find in Da Nang. A full bowl of vermicelli has pork, pig ears, beef patties, spring rolls, herbs, papaya fibers or thinly sliced young jackfruit, and a cup of seasoning sauce. The indispensable spices of the Quang dish are the nutty taste of peanuts and the crunchy cake.

Enjoying vermicelli fish sauce at stalls, sidewalk stalls, or at the market will give you the most complete taste.

You can try noodles with fish sauce at Con Market or Han Market in the afternoon, priced from 15,000 to 30,000 VND per bowl.

Vermicelli with Grilled Meat

vermicelli with grilled meat

Like vermicelli with fish sauce, vermicelli with grilled meat is a familiar dish to Da Nang people. This dish is very easy to find, priced around 15,000 – 30,000 VND per bowl. Grilled pork vermicelli in Da Nang is served with soy sauce, a fatty and rich taste made from pork liver, ground meat, soy sauce, and some other ingredients.

Mixed Jackfruit Salad

mixed jackfruit salad in Da Nang Vietnam

Mixed jackfruit is a favorite dish of many people, the main ingredients are young jackfruit, pork skin, dried beef, along peanuts, mix well and then break off a piece of rice paper and scoop it up to eat. The price of each plate of mixed jackfruit is about 20,000 VND.

This dish is concentrated in the “snack village” on Bui Thi Xuan Street, under Tran Thi Ly Bridge, or the old lady’s mixed jackfruit shop in the alley on Ly Thai To Street – there is no sign but it is always crowded with customers. If you are a tourist, you should arrive before 5 p.m. to have a seat and learn more about this dish.

Snail Dish

oc hut snail dish

Snails in Da Nang are often prepared in many flavors: from stir-fried with coconut, stir-fried with lemongrass and chili to boil, all are fragrant and hot. This dish is served with sour and spicy papaya strips according to Central taste. The price per portion ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 VND.

Salted Yogurt

yogurt and salt in da nang vietnam

Salted yogurt costs 1,000 VND a jar. It’s a type of snack sold in a section at the foot of Tran Thi Ly bridge.

The shop owner usually brings out a tray of about 10 jars of yogurt with a plate of white salt. The price is calculated based on how many jars of yogurt you eat. Da Nang salted yogurt is soft, and not too fatty. At first, you will feel the salty taste of the salt, then the sweetness of the yogurt that lingers in your throat.

8. What to Buy as a Gift?

Mr. Chanh’s cake, Ba De’s cake, Cam Le sesame dried cake, My Khe seaweed, Nam O fish sauce, fresh seafood or dried squid, dried fish, etc. are famous specialties of Da Nang, easy to find, buy, and pack in your luggage.

If you want to buy souvenirs, you can choose silk paintings, embroidery, oil paintings, decorative items made of stone, porcelain, wood,… or stone art artifacts from Marble Mountains, clothes from silk and silk fabric.

Enjoy and Have a Great Trip to Da Nang City!

Da Nang is a city that will surprise you with its beauty, diversity, and charm. It’s a place where you can experience the best of Vietnam, from its natural scenery to its cultural heritage. Da Nang is a city that will make you fall in love with its people, its food, and its spirit. Da Nang is a city that you’ll never forget.

We hope you enjoyed this Da Nang Travel Guide 2024 and found it useful for your trip. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you for reading and happy travels!

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da nang city travel guide - the broad life pinterest board
da nang city travel guide vietnam - the broad life pinterest board

Khoi Nguyen builds The Broad Life with a desire to inspire people go exploring the world and live a more interesting, experience, and adventurous life. This blog shares the stories, pictures, and experiences at destinations where he has traveled to.


  • Ave

    You have made me feel like I’ve already embarked on a mesmerizing journey through the stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, and rich culture of Da Nang. And oh, the food recommendations! My taste buds are already eager to savor the delights you have highlighted. I really hope to visit da nang one day.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m sure Da Nang will amaze you when you visit the city. It’s actually one of the best cities to live in the world.

  • Ben

    Da Nang looks like such an amazing area. I love the way the city reaches down to the water. You get the best of everything!

  • Isabellita Pabalan

    Absolutely thrilled to discover Da Nang’s diverse wonders in 2024!

  • Stephanie

    After reading this article and seeing all the amazing photos I am intrigued to visit Da Nang. Thanks for all the tips on where to stay, the food, activities, etc…

  • Karletta

    We lived in danang for a few months. Food amazing. People Wonderful and the family nights on dragon bridge were unforgettable

  • Ramil Hinolan

    I love how you’ve covered everything from the must-visit attractions to the local eats. It’s like a roadmap for creating the perfect itinerary.

  • luna s

    It sounds like it would be lovely to visit, i am always looking for new places to explore. i will have to add this to my list of places to visit.

  • Jennifer Prince

    I haven’t been to Vietnam yet, but this looks like such a fab place to go. If. I ever make it there, I’m definitely visiting Da Nang!

  • Ntensibe Edgar

    Oh wow….there is so much here in da nang. i wanna visit the traditional crafts market first and then, scour the streets for all that fish!

  • Shilpa Bindlish

    I have never been to this place but this detailed information guide is quite helpful when I will.

  • Fransic verso

    Great place, definitely looks worth going there but haven’t gone there yet. Thank you for sharing!

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