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Before any trip, I spend a lot of time searching tools, info, and reading reviews to prepare myself carefully. Because I meet problems sometimes during traveling, I believe in knowing about the next destinations is necessary to reduce risks and to avoid issues. #Howto enjoy and experience the travel are important! Therefore, I want to share my knowledge of tools, apps, or anything which can help travelers enjoy their trips thoroughly. The ‘Reviews’ also share the hotels, homestays, etc., or restaurants at locations in full info that I experienced to support tourists in making their decisions. Additionally, there are tips shared in this section.

colosseum rome locals hate tourists

Top Reasons Why Locals Hate Tourists?

Certainly, tourism contributes to the development of a locality. However, it is also a double-edged sword that affects the inherent life of the people living there. Visitors should pay attention to civilized...
FLC Halong Bay Golf Club & Luxury Resort is one of the best Vietnam hotels that won an Asia Travel Award 2022

7 Best Vietnam Hotels Honored at Asia Travel Awards 2022

At the World Travel Awards 2022 Asia - Oceania Region, there are the best Vietnam hotels awarded in the categories. Let's learn more about these hotels with The Broad Life, and be...
weird laws in europe smoking

Weird Laws in Europe That Everyone Should Know

Do you know, from building sandcastles to wearing bikinis to taking home gravel, you can expect to face fines of hundreds of euros. Therefore, knowing the laws of the countries that you...
the best hotels in paris france

The Best Hotels in Paris to Actually Enjoy Your Trip

Paris is always one of the best travel destinations in the world for a vacation. Therefore, travel-related services are quite developed with so many choices that will surely cost time for you...
car seats for the littles travel

How to Carefully Prepare Car Seats For the Littles in a Road Trip

A family road trip is one of the best ways to see sights both on and way off the beaten path. All those miles on the road also give you plenty of...
3 days singapore food tour

The Best Singapore Food Tour in 3 Days Like a Local

Located at the gateway of Asia, Singapore's culinary culture has the interference of many parts of the world. Thus, if you have the opportunity to come to Singapore, do not forget to...
the best international travel insurance

One of the Best International Travel Insurance for Your Trip Safety

In the past, international travel insurance received little attention. Yet, now after Covid-19, it is an important factor for some countries to grant visa exemptions for you to go abroad for sightseeing,...
resorts in Hanoi with heated swimming pool

4 Wonderful Resorts around Hanoi with Heated Swimming Pool to Relax

It's great to have time relaxing, especially when there are spaces where we can enjoy moments outdoor with activities. Indeed, to those who live or travel to the capital city of...
best travel gifts and souvenirs to buy in vietnam

20 Best Travel Gifts & Souvenirs in Vietnam to Buy for Your Loved Ones

Buying a souvenir when traveling is a good way to memorize your great trip. Also, you can gift it to your beloved ones to show how they are in your mind everywhere...
travel to paris, france, eiffel tower

The 9 DON’T You Must Remember in Your First Time Travel to Paris

When traveling, many people are usually comfortable doing what they want without planning. As a result, failure to research in advance and prefer spontaneity will sometimes cause travelers trouble or waste...

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