Nyhavn Copenhagen Denmark most colorful cities in the world

10 Most Colorful Cities in the World

There are a lot of cities around the world with particular interesting points that attract visitors. Among those are cities with rows of houses painted in all kinds of colors. Each of...
weird laws in europe smoking

Weird Laws in Europe That Everyone Should Know

Do you know, from building sandcastles to wearing bikinis to taking home gravel, you can expect to face fines of hundreds of euros. Therefore, knowing the laws of the countries that you...
the best hotels in paris france

The Best Hotels in Paris to Actually Enjoy Your Trip

Paris is always one of the best travel destinations in the world for a vacation. Therefore, travel-related services are quite developed with so many choices that will surely cost time for you...
helix bridge singapore one of the ornate bridges in the world

8 Ornate Bridges in the World

There are many famous bridges in the world. On top of them, just some iconic bridges have unique designs and elaborate decorations that make up their outstanding beauty. If you are going...
travel paris france

A Wonderful Guide to Travel to Paris, France

It is impossible not to mention the capital Paris when referring to beautiful France. Yes, it's one of the most romantic cities in the world. Also, it is a popular tourist destination...
places to visit in france paris

The Best Places to Visit in France for First Time Visitors

Famous for its wines and cheeses, France is the most popular tourist destination in the world with over 82 million foreign tourists annually. Especially, French tourism attracts visitors to historic cities, peaceful...
university in Oxford city centre

An Ultimate Guide for Your First Time Ever Visiting Oxford City

If London is the dynamic and multicultural city of England, Oxford city is ancient with its very own intellectual beauty. Indeed, Oxford is not only a university city but also attractive by...
famous mountain ranges in the world

Explore the 8 Most Famous Mountain Ranges in the World

The experiences in the mountains are always the top attractions to the adventurers. Indeed, you can deepen yourself in nature to learn more varied flora and fauna in their habitats, meet the...
the best things to do in lake district england

The Best Things to Do in the Lake District England

Lake District has never been so attractive to me like this. Honestly, I was so surprised by the beauty of the region at the first glance when searching about it. Then, I...
grasmere lake district places to visit

A Guide to Visit Lake District and the Best Places to Stay

The Lake District in the heart of Cumbria is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with so many breathtaking vistas. Therefore, it's no surprise that the Lake District is the most visited national...

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