famous mountain ranges in the world

Explore the 8 Most Famous Mountain Ranges in the World

The experiences in the mountains are always the top attractions to the adventurers. Indeed, you can deepen yourself in nature to learn more varied flora and fauna in their habitats, meet the...
a hyena cub

Cute African Animals – An Awesome Gallery of The Adorable Wildlife

Yes, you don't read the title wrong. Even in the wildlife of Africa, there are appearances of cuteness. In my African animal list from A to Z, you can see the most...
african animals list in alphabet from a to z

The Ultimate African Animals List from A to Z You Will Find Interesting

The African continent has produced abundant wildlife, which inhabits deserts, savannas, great valleys, and jungles. Indeed, Africa is home to the largest land animal, the African elephant, and the tallest animal, the...
mount kilimanjaro climb uhuru peak

All You Need to Know to Conquer Kilimanjaro – The Highest Mountain in Africa

Africa has always been a prominent tourist destination attracting many young people visit. On top of that, it is impossible not to mention the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. For those who...

IN FACT, Top 10 Most Remote Destinations in the World

If the popular tourist destinations aren't attractive to you anymore, the hidden gems in this blog will surely catch your attention. Although they are remote and difficult to reach, these landmarks still...
trekking Kilimanjaro mountains in Africa

Top 10 Trekking Routes in the Beautiful Mountains in Africa

There are challenging peaks that can be found from Morocco's Atlas Mountains all the way to South Africa's Drakensberg. To illustrate, the highest mountain on the continent, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa's...
Trekking in the Jebel Toubkal of High Atlas Mountains Morocco

All You Need to Know for Trekking in the Wonderful Atlas Mountains Morocco

Morocco is blessed with some of the most beautiful and dramatic mountains in the world. Especially, there is the Atlas Mountains, one of the natural wonders of Morocco. Yet, many of the...
sheep on atlas mountains africa

All About the Wonderful Atlas Mountains You Need to Know for Your Next Trip

Have you ever dreamed of ascent mountain peaks in the world? Me too! But since my health is not good enough to reach the top, stepping into those mountain ranges is enough...
high atlas mountains in morocco

The Top 7 Natural Wonders of Morocco that You Should Visit

Morocco is well-known for its imperial cities, and tradition-filled culture. It isn't just that. With a diverse geography, from golden sand dunes to high mountain peaks, Morocco is an ideal destination...
deadly lake natron calcified flamingo

The Beautiful Lake Natron Will Deadly Turn You to Stone, Won’t It?

Lake Natron is one of the famous lakes with extremely mysterious and magical beauty by its bright red color. For thousands of years, any animal that stumbles into the 'lake of death'...

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