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New Zealand

New Zealand belongs to the Australia continent. I hear it is a peaceful country with many natural scenes, friendly people, and a strong agricultural industry.

Honestly, I have never been there. Even I wished to have a chance to visit the country once. It’s not easy for me to get a visa to travel to New Zealand. However, there is a friend studying there and she’s willing to share her life in that beautiful country. Let’s follow her and The Broad Life to have a look at New Zealand through her stories and images at the country!

Fall in Hagley Park

Fall in Hagley Park is attractive with a lot of nostalgia scenes and beautiful flowers.

Life at Dunedin (Part 4) – Otago University

Coming to Dunedin at night while it is raining outside, it is lucky to have a station in Otago University for me to get off.Thanks to the light from the University, this rainy night...

Dunedin – One Week Off And The Journey Begins (Part 3)

Lonely highways got me to sleep until we arrived to Ashburton. Ashburton is a small town near Christchurch. Passengers have 30 minutes to take a break and I indulged myself with a hot latte.From...

Dunedin – One Week Off And The Journey Begins (Part 2)

Waiting for the bus to come from 11 to 2pm is not so easy to me as I am an impatient girl. InterCity's office can keep some heavy luggages for a temporary time and...

Dunedin – One Week Off and The Journey Begins (Part 1)

Waiting in the Intercity's officeI thought I was waiting for Nakedbus until I met Katinka and Tommy lolThis morning may not be considered...

Life at Lincoln, New Zealand

Life at New Zealand through the eyes of a Vietnamese student. She lives in Christchurch and study at Lincoln University, discovering George Forbes Memorial Building.
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