DestinationsOceaniaAustralia10 Best Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids: A Family Guide
10 Best Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids: A Family Guide

10 Best Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids: A Family Guide

Embark on a delightful exploration of Melbourne, a city brimming with activities that cater to the curious minds of children. This guide highlights the best things to do in Melbourne with kids, ensuring your family adventure is filled with joy and wonder. From interactive galleries to lush gardens, Melbourne is a playground for all ages.

10 Best Things to Do in Melbourne with Kids

Melbourne is not just a cultural hub but also a playground for families, offering a diverse range of activities that cater to children’s curiosity and parents’ peace of mind. The city’s family-friendly attractions are designed to provide educational experiences in a fun and interactive environment. Here’s an in-depth look at some of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids:

1. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

jellyfish in SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium Australia
The jellyfish in SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium.

The SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is a must-visit for families. Home to a vast array of marine life, the aquarium offers experiences like meeting King and Gentoo penguins in the Antarctic habitat and coming face-to-face with a massive saltwater crocodile. The Ocean Invaders exhibit provides an enchanting look into the world of jellyfish, while the Jelly Lab allows visitors to learn about the lifecycle of these fascinating creatures. With its educational tours and experiences, the aquarium stands out as one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids.

2. Melbourne Zoo

wet kangaroos Melbourne Zoo australia
Wet kangaroos in the Melbourne Zoo.

No visit to Melbourne with kids is complete without a trip to the Melbourne Zoo. Journey through a world of wildlife right in the heart of the city. The zoo offers a chance to see native Australian animals as well as exotic species from around the world. With engaging educational programs and interactive exhibits, it’s a place where conservation meets curiosity.

3. Phillip Island Tour

Phillip Island in Melbourne VIC Australia
A corner of Phillip Island in Melbourne.

Embark on a family adventure to Phillip Island, a haven of natural beauty and wildlife just a short drive from Melbourne. The island offers an array of activities that are perfect for kids, including the famous Penguin Parade, where you can watch adorable little penguins waddle across the beach at sunset. Explore the Koala Conservation Reserve, Churchill Island Heritage Farm, and the Antarctic Journey at the Nobbies Centre, where interactive exhibits bring the wonders of the Southern Ocean to life. With its pristine beaches and captivating wildlife encounters, a Phillip Island tour is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids.

4. ArtVo Immersive Gallery

ArtVo is a unique gallery where art and reality merge to create an immersive experience. With over 100 giant 3D artworks spread across 11 themed zones, children are encouraged to interact with the art, posing and taking photos that bring the scenes to life. It’s a place where imagination takes flight, and every photograph becomes a masterpiece of memories. It’s a place where teenagers and young ones alike can engage with art in a new and exciting way.

5. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

Melbourne's LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is located in Chadstone - The Fashion Capital
Melbourne’s LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is located in Chadstone – The Fashion Capital.

For families with budding builders and LEGO enthusiasts, the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a dream come true. Just a 30-minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD, this indoor playground features 12 family play zones, a 4D cinema, and a Creative Workshop where kids can learn from master builders. It’s an interactive experience that encourages creativity and teamwork, making it a highlight on our list.

6. Scienceworks Museum

Wheelchair racers in the Scienceworks Museum
Wheelchair racers in the Scienceworks Museum. Image source: Alpha on Flickr.

Scienceworks Museum is a place where curious minds can explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Interactive exhibits, like the Lightning Room and the Sportsworks area, allow kids to learn about electricity, physics, and the human body through hands-on experiences. The planetarium offers a stellar journey through the cosmos, making it a must-visit for young astronomers.

7. Melbourne Museum and the Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery

blue whale skeleton melbourne museum australia
A blue whale skeleton in Melbourne Museum. Image credit to Binayak Dasgupta on Flickr.

The Melbourne Museum is a treasure trove of discoveries for children of all ages. The museum’s exhibits range from the prehistoric creatures in the Dinosaur Walk to the living rainforest in the Forest Gallery. The Pauline Gandel Children’s Gallery is specifically designed for younger visitors, offering interactive and sensory experiences that stimulate learning and imagination.

8. Myuna Farm

Myuna Farm is a delightful community and children’s farm located in Melbourne’s southeast. It offers a hands-on experience where families can interact with a variety of farm animals and native wildlife. Children can feed the sheep, deer, etc., and even ride a pony. The farm also features camels, kangaroos, alpacas, and reptiles, providing a comprehensive educational experience about Australian farming and sustainability1. With activities like tractor rides and a playground near the café, Myuna Farm is an excellent choice for a day out with the kids, making it one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids.

9. Fitzroy Gardens’ Fairy Tree and Miniature Village

model Tudor Village in Fitzroy Gardens
A model of Tudor Village in Fitzroy Gardens. Source of image: Lee Kelleher on Flickr.

End your adventure at Fitzroy Gardens, home to the enchanting Fairy Tree and the delightful Miniature Village. These whimsical attractions capture the imagination of children, providing a storybook ending to your day. The gardens also offer ample space for picnics and play, making it a relaxing spot for families to unwind.

10. Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

view to Melbourne City from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria
The view to Melbourne City from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is an oasis of calm and natural beauty in the heart of Melbourne. With its Children’s Garden, kids can explore plant life, play in the bamboo forest, and splash in the water features. The gardens offer a variety of educational programs and are a perfect spot for a family picnic, making it one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids.

These ten activities are just a glimpse of what Melbourne has to offer for families. Each one provides a unique experience that will leave kids with lasting memories and a desire to discover more.

Final Thoughts on Melbourne’s Child-Friendly Delights

Our curated list of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids comes to a close, but the excitement for your family’s Melbourne adventure is just beginning. Each activity we’ve shared promises to enrich your children’s travel experience with fun, educational, and awe-inspiring moments. Melbourne awaits to offer your family the ultimate urban adventure—where every corner turned is a new discovery.

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