DestinationsLife at Dunedin (Part 4) – Otago University
Life at Dunedin (Part 4) – Otago University

Life at Dunedin (Part 4) – Otago University

Coming to Dunedin at night while it is raining outside, it is lucky to have a station in Otago University for me to get off.

The Night Before

Thanks to the light from Otago University, this rainy night becomes less dark to me. The temperature in Dunedin now is 5 degrees which makes me feel like I am in the freezer.

I shall tell you a brief description about this place before we get into the trip. Dunedin is located in the South Island of New Zealand. Most of the time, the weather is cold and not so sunny. Thus, you should prepare your scarfs and thick coats whenever in case this city becomes a freezer. In my opinion, Dunedin actually is not a crowded city. It is rare to see the long cheque of people waiting in the coffee shops or crowded malls.

Most of the architecture in Dunedin is in Victorian style. Therefore, it is an ideal place for those people who love history and learn architecture. It is also a proud for those students studying in Dunedin because of the reputation of the University of Otago, the oldest one in New Zealand. Indeed, Otago University is famous for its education’s quality and the only university in New Zealand offering Dentistry major.

I finally met K in this rainy night. Some night pictures here for you guys.

The Next Day

Well, getting up in the early morning with this cold weather is a challenge for me but not K, who is studying dentistry in Otago University and works in the early morning for whole week.

As I only have 2 days in Dunedin, I decide to visit Olveston Historic Home and Otago Museum. They are all famous places in Dunedin that I recommend you to go and have a look if you want to know more about Maori’s history, their culture and architectural styles.

Going to Otago University when the sun is rising
Going to school when the sun is rising.
Looking for School of Dentistry in Otago University
Looking for School of Dentistry.
Passing the road
Passing the road.
Going through places in Otago university
Going through places in university.
 the library of School of Dentistry in Otago University
Finally, we are now in the library of School of Dentistry.

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