DestinationsDunedin – One Week Off And The Journey Begins (Part 2)
Dunedin – One Week Off And The Journey Begins (Part 2)

Dunedin – One Week Off And The Journey Begins (Part 2)

Waiting for the bus to come from 11 to 2 pm is not so easy to me as I am an impatient girl. InterCity’s office can keep some heavy luggages for a temporary time and you can wander around to have a look.

At first, I still wonder where I can have a short visit in this area. All I see is collapsed buildings, closed stores and construction site. Just like a hidden treasure, I suddenly found out at the left corner and everything was shown up incredibly. There are blocks with coffee shops along the way in antique style. Every step discovery will be filled up with a peaceful 80s atmosphere. The antique blocks are located in this corner only and you can also see there are few stores still opening after earthquakes. However, it does not matter as long as this corner fills your soul with renaissance and peace.

It is time to get on the bus. We are now heading to a long journey from Christchurch to Dunedin. I am sure there are numerous interesting things waiting for me to discover in this journey.

Dunedin-part2- TheBroadLife-2
Pastel coloured this place…
Dunedin-part2- TheBroadLife-4
Hot coffee outside this winter is a favourite here.
Dunedin-part2- TheBroadLife-1
Part of the wall with these rare bright colours.
Dunedin-part2- TheBroadLife-5
Sometimes, it is nice to live in the past for a moment…
Dunedin-part2- TheBroadLife-3
Hop on the tramp if you want to get around the city.
Dunedin-part2- TheBroadLife-6
Perfect reflection from “The last word” wine store.

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