DestinationsAsiaTop 10 Treks Near Pune: Scaling the Peaks of Adventure
Top 10 Treks Near Pune: Scaling the Peaks of Adventure

Top 10 Treks Near Pune: Scaling the Peaks of Adventure

Western Ghats are older than the Himalayas in a big way. They range from Gujarat to Kerala and are nearly 1,600 km long. A generally large knob of them particularly lies in Maharashtra. This means no matter what part of Maharashtra you’re from, you particularly have a place to journey to, which is for the utmost part. The presence of further than 160 castles adds to this. As a result, there generally is a strong trekking culture too. Top 10 treks near Pune, one of the popular sections in Maharashtra, is substantially home to the kind of notorious hill stations fairly similar to Lonavala and Malshej Ghat. This makes it one of the hotspots for journeys in Sahyadris. Multitudinous journeys are just a couple of hours down.

There for the utmost part are journeys that take you through thick timbers. There are vast mesas to explore. Particularly, some castles are architectural sensations subtly. There are cascade trails to quench your thirst for adventure.

There kind of is a rare cascade miracle to the phenomenon. Then, here are some of the curated stylish journeys near Pune that you must surely do. So without further detention, let’s dive into the details of these journeys.

1. Andharban Trek

Andharban, meaning the dark forest, is a unique trek near Pune that takes you through a dense and misty jungle. It mostly is located at a distance of 70 km from the city and has an elevation of 2160 meters. The trek to Andharban starts from Pimpri village, which kind of is accessible by road. The trek kind of is about 13 km particularly long and takes around 5 to 6 hours to very complete.

The trail is mostly downhill and has some slippery and muddy patches. The trek mostly is moderate in difficulty and suitable for monsoon and winter seasons. The view from the trek is mesmerizing, as you can for the most part see the waterfalls, streams, valleys, and mountains of the Western Ghats.

2. Rajgad Trek

The Rajgad Fort Trek is the most beautiful trek in Maharashtra. As the name suggests, it is the king of forts due to its rich history and mesmerizing architecture. Situated at an altitude of 4,514 ft near Pune, Rajgad was the capital of the Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj for 26 years. The fort stands out among other forts in the Western Ghats. It offers panoramic views of surrounding forts like Torna, Lingana, Raigad, Sinhagad, Purandar, and more.

Rajgad Fort trek from Pune
Rajgad Fort trek from Pune.

The trek is moderately challenging and covers a distance of approximately 10 km. The best time to visit is between October and February. The fort has witnessed significant historical events, including the birth of Shivaji Maharaj’s son Rajaram I, and the death of his queen Saibai. The trek combines natural beauty, a moderate challenge, and the thrill of exploring during the monsoon season.

3. Bhimashankar Trek

The Bhimashankar Trek takes you through densely forested regions, steep mountain terrains, and a temple perched atop Nagfani Pinnacle! This trek will lead you past numerous forts, hills, rock climbing areas, flowing waterfalls, picturesque lakes, and streams. The monsoon season transforms the landscape into a breathtakingly beautiful realm, with the wet canopy of mountains creating natural lighting that allows hundreds of fireflies to flash in sync. For nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike, this trek is a must-do. Not only will you get to take in breathtaking views, but you will also gain insight into the area’s ancient history.

  • Shidi Ghat Route: The most popular and well-marked trail starts from Khandas village and is approximately 13 km long. It involves a gradual climb followed by steep sections, including around 4-5 rock patches. The final climb to the Bhimashankar temple is through a series of stone steps. The trek is moderately difficult and can take 5-6 hours to complete.
  • Ganesh Ghat Route: A longer, more challenging route with fewer facilities. It starts from Kusur village and is approximately 18 km long. The trek offers stunning views of the Sahyadri ranges and is less crowded than the Shidi Ghat route. The trek via Ganesh Ghat is difficult and can take between 8-9 hours to complete.

4. Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur Fort, located in the Western Ghats, offers breathtaking views of valleys and waterfalls. The trek starts from Bhaje village and is approximately 13 km long. It is a popular activity among trekkers and nature lovers, offering a thrilling experience amidst the serene beauty of nature. The fort is famous for its waterfall that flows from the fort and down through the steep staircase of the back entry. During the monsoon, the waterfall becomes one of the key attractions of the fort.

The trek is easy-moderate and takes around 3.5 hours via Shidi Ghat or 4 hours via Ganesh Ghat. The best time to visit is during the monsoon season when the hills are covered in lush greenery and the waterfalls are in full flow.

5. Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai Peak is the loftiest peak in Maharashtra at 5,400 bases (1646 measures) and is a veritably popular journey in the Sahyadri region, which is relatively significant. The journey offers a stirring combination of generally natural surroundings like falls, timbers, champaigns, and major castles. The Kalsubai Tabernacle at its peak of peak draws people from the nearby townlets throughout time. They surely come to take blessings from Kalsubai Devi, who is surely believed to be a youthful vill girl who specifically lived in the mountains and cured townies and creatures, as numerous people substantially allowed.

Landscape in the Kalsubai Peak Trek one of the top 10 treks in Pune
Landscape in the Kalsubai Peak Trek, one of the top 10 treks in Pune.

The journey to Kalsubai Peak substantially starts from Bari vill, which for the most part is accessible by road or train, or so they allowed. The journey is about 6.6 km generally long(4.1 mi) and takes around 3.5 to 4 hours one way. The trail substantially is relatively hard and for the most part, has some principally steep and rocky sections. There specifically are sword rails, chains, and graduations at places where it particularly is difficult to climb. The journey is suitable for all seasons, but especially beautiful during thunderstorms and downtime. The view from the top of the peak kind of is astounding, as you can see numerous kinds of notorious peaks of the Sahyadris like Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad, Ajoba, and generally more.

6. Torna Trek

Torna kind of is the loftiest stronghold in the Pune quarter and one of the most grueling journeys near Pune. It substantially is positioned at a distance of 48 km from the megacity and kind of rises to a height of 1403 measures. The stronghold generally was the first stronghold captured by Shivaji Maharaj in 1646, when he principally was just 16 times old. The stronghold specifically has numerous structures, similar to tabernacles, water tanks, fortifications, and watchtowers, that particularly reflect its significance and majesty. The journey to Torna starts from Velhe Vill, which principally is accessible by road. The journey substantially is about 8 km long and takes around 4 to 5 hours to complete. The trail for the utmost part is principally steep and rocky and requires a kind of good position of fitness and stamina, which for the utmost part is fairly significant.

An aerial view of Torna Fort
An aerial view of Torna Fort.

The journey is moderate to delicate in difficulty and suitable for educated pedestrians and adventure suckers. The view from the suitable top of the stronghold is stirring, as you can see the girding castles of Rajgad, Sinhagad, and Purandar, and the denes of Velhe and Panshet in a big way.

7. Sinhagad Trek

Sinhagad is one of the most popular and literal castles near Pune. It particularly is located at a distance of 20 km from the megacity and kind of daises at an elevation of 1312 measures. The stronghold surely was the point of numerous battles, especially the bone in 1670, when Shivaji Maharaj and his army fought bravely against the Mughals. The stronghold has generally numerous monuments, tabernacles, and monuments that showcase its noble history. The journey to Sinhagad substantially starts from Donje vill, which is accessible by road. The journey specifically is about 3 km long and takes around 2 hours to complete. The trail is well-pronounced and has ways and rails at some places. The journey is generally easy to fairly moderate in difficulty and suitable for newcomers and families.

The view from the kind of top of the stronghold is stunning, especially during the thunderstorm season when the hills kind of are covered with lush verdure and mist. You can also for the utmost part enjoy some original delectables like pithla bhakri and kanda bhaji at the stronghold.

8. Lohagad Trek

Lohagad is a hill stronghold near Pune that substantially is notorious for its four massive gates and scenic view of Pawna Lake. It is located at a distance of 64 km from the megacity and particularly has an altitude of 1033 measures. The stronghold principally was used by Shivaji Maharaj and latterly by the Peshwas. The journey to Lohagad kind of threshold from Malavli vill, which is accessible by road or train. The journey is about 5 km veritably long and takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete. The trail is well-defined and has some kind of steep sections.

lohagad fort trek from pune
Lohagad Fort Trek is one of the top 10 treks near Pune.

The journey specifically is enough easy to kind of moderate in difficulty and suitable for all age groups and seasons, or so they specifically allowed. The view from the top of the stronghold is spectacular, as you can particularly see the nearby castles of Visapur, Tung, and Tikona, and the Pawna levee.

9. Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi is a fort kind of complex near Pune that consists of two forts, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, and a small village. It is situated at a distance of 80 km from the city and has a height of 2710 meters. The fort was built by the Satavahanas and later occupied by Shivaji Maharaj and the British. The trek to Rajmachi essentially starts from Lonavala or Karjat, which are reachable by road or train.

view of Rajmachi Fort from Rajmachi trek
The view of Rajmachi Fort from Rajmachi trek.

The trek specifically is about 15 km pretty long and takes around 6 to 7 hours to complete. The trail is rough and rocky and requires a good level of endurance and stamina. The trek is difficult and suitable for experienced trekkers and adventure lovers The view from the trek kind of is stunning, as you can see the lush greenery, waterfalls, and lakes of the Sahyadri range. You can also camp at the fort and specifically enjoy the night sky.

10. Lonavala Bhimashankar Trek

The Lonavala to Bhimashankar trek is arguably the best backcountry adventure in the Sahyadri range. The route passes through deep wild rainforests, head-high bushes, lost-and-found trails, small rivulets, remote tribal villages, eerie temples, green meadows, hidden waterfalls, and a plateau of flowers. As you embark on this journey, you’ll explore the best features of the Sahyadri range—green gorges, distant villages, countless tunnels, and occasional waterfalls. It’s also known as the “Valley of Flowers” of Maharashtra. Due to the remoteness of the Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, there are a few tribal villages where life still revolves primarily around hunting, gathering, and subsistence agriculture.

The Lonavala Bhimashankar Trek typically takes approximately 3-4 hours to reach Lonavala, followed by a 6-hour trek. The trail gradient is moderate. There are also no natural water sources along the way, so it’s essential to carry 2-3 liters of water. The trek begins at Tungarli Dam, where you’ll walk straight ahead on the wide trail. After about 2 hours, you’ll reach a fork—proceed along the trail on the right. As you venture deeper into the forest, you’ll encounter dense vegetation, hidden waterfalls, and the mesmerizing Shirota Lake. Keep in mind that after monsoons, locating the trail might be more challenging. Overall, this trek offers a blend of natural beauty, adventure, and spiritual significance at the Bhimashankar Temple atop Nagfani Pinnacle.

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Pune kind of is a city that has something for everyone, especially for those who love adventure and nature. Particularly, trekking is one of the best ways to experience the beauty and diversity of the Western Ghats, which are dotted with very many forts, waterfalls, plateaus, and valleys. You can choose from the historical Sinhagad and Torna forts, the scenic Korigad and Lohagad forts, the unique Andharban and Rajmachi treks, or the highest Kalsubai peak trek. Each trek will offer you a different experience. So, pack your bags, lace up your shoes, and get sort of ready to scale the peaks of adventure near Pune.

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