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My First Time Visit Canadian National Exhibition

My First Time Visit Canadian National Exhibition

Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) today generally is a playground opened in summer, usually before the new study semester in fall. The goal is for the youth to enjoy the summer before entering an upcoming hard-working semester. The fair in history may be different in activities and purpose, but today it’s a great area with a lot of games for entertainment. CNE opens from 15 August to 1 September at 210 Princes’ blvd, Ontario.

A CNE entrance ticket prices at CAD $18 for the whole day, and reduces to $6 after 5p.m. Foods and drinks could be quite expensive than outside. Nevertheless, this is a really exciting playground before school-time: roller coasters, ferris wheel, sky rides, games, shows, etc. A part of that, you should be careful with the rides. I means the roller coasters because the rails looked so old and rusted. Anyways, it’s still playable and most the games are very fun.

The ferris wheel at Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)
A view of CNE from the cable chair

Overall, Canadian National Exhibition is extremely excited to me. I’m a Vietnamese young boy, this is my first time coming to Canada, and seeing such a big playground with a lot of activities like this. Before that, I can only see those things via my TV. But in real it’s really cool and awesome.

Fresh Thing Cut Fries, a store that sells fries at CNE, Toronto
A lot of people join Canadian National Exhibition
Many game stores with a lot of appealing prizes

A talkshow at CNE, Toronto

Talking about the great foods at the CNE, they have so many kinds of food that an Asian boy like me usually calls Western food. I got myself a hotdog in the afternoon, but I especially liked the grilled Turkey legs I find for dinner. It’s truly delicious and.. so much big. Honestly, this is my very first time enjoying turkey meat, and I couldn’t imagine how big it is before. I have to pay another $18 for the leg, but it definitely worth the value. I may need a whole night to only consume the leg.

Enjoy the leg, that’s for the whole dinner!

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