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Koh Phi Phi | The Reborn Islands

Big ships to Koh Phi Phi

The big ships mostly is travel agents’. They carry thousands of visitors to the island everyday. The ships usually take visitors go around the area for taking pictures, swimming in the very blue ocean, sunbathing in the very white beaches or having party on the ship.

Nearly 10 years after a tsunami destroyed all the islands, Koh Phi Phi, an island belonged to Thailand, is now reborn and shining than ever. There are a lot of activities for entertaining, especially when the night come. (I extremely want to enjoy everything here)

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to stay here for many days (even 1 day 😢). The tour that I registered only took the visitors here for lunch. And that was the only time in the day that can did a quick wandering around the island. Even so, what appear in my eyes and stored in my mind was an awesome place for relaxing and running away from the crowding, annoying city.

Will come back soon. Yeah I will. Definitely 👍🏻 And I will write a full review of the island on the blog.


Locals use their ships to catch fishes or sea animals then supply to the restaurants in the island.

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