DestinationsAsiaTa Nang – Phan Dung, One of The Most Beautiful Routes for Trekking in Vietnam
Ta Nang – Phan Dung, One of The Most Beautiful Routes for Trekking in Vietnam

Ta Nang – Phan Dung, One of The Most Beautiful Routes for Trekking in Vietnam


Nearly a week after I went to Koh Rong Island, my friends asked me to do Vietnam trekking at one of the most beautiful routes, Ta Nang – Phan Dung. Of course, there was nothing to say, I was in with the team without hesitation.

After the trip to Bu Gia Map, I didn’t think that any Vietnam trekking routes would be a barrier to me. However, Ta Nang – Phan Dung path was a real challenge. That route was really hard to pass but the reward was extremely worth my while. Before the trip, I did think of how camping at night at the top of the mountain was but I cannot think of how awesome it was. A real fascinating experience that I have ever had. A really must thing to do in Vietnam.

Ta Nang – Phan Dung


Ta Nang – Phan Dung is a 2-day trip with 40 km route that challenges any hard trekkers. The destination is at around Lam Dong, in the middle of Dalat and Phan Thiet – two well-known travel places in Vietnam. The spot was quite drought when we got there. It would be ideal if you could go there in the rainy season as the landscape will be covered more green by plant development.

Prior to The Excited Trek

Preparing for any trek is always necessary to make the adventure safe and enjoyable. Below is the list that I think you should bring with you for this trip:

  • A good pair of shoes are designed particularly for trekking purposes. It will be a nightmare if you bring running shoes to climb up and slide down the hills.
  • A sleeping bag or a warm blanket. Night on the top is surely windy and cold.
  • Water is vital. You should bring enough needed water for the whole trip. If not, there is a river inside the jungle on the way out but I’m not sure if you are willing to drink it (it’s drinkable).
  • A small travel backpack to carry the necessary stuff. You don’t need to bring clothes for bathing or anything. And if you have porters, they will carry stuff for you. Nevertheless, on the way out to Phan Dung, you have to do it yourself.
  • Obviously, you need food for energy to finish the trip. So consider this one also.
  • A Tent is necessary for the camping at night. Furthermore, you should bring a small camping blanket if possible to cover your back when lying down. A lot of small rocks on the mountain’s surface.
  • A flashlight for night use and a knife just in case.

How My Vietnam Trekking Tour Was

Thanks to the very careful team leader, we had very good support for the journey. He runs this Vietnam trekking tour usually so he knows how to sort out things easily. He has ordered 2 porters to help my team (12 people) carry the stuff needed. And above all, he brought a lot of foods that can make us gain weight even though the trekking was so hard.

This is our schedule for the trip that you can consider:

» Apr 1

21:30 to 22:00 – have been at the gathering point, packed stuff on the truck, and started going to Ta Nang.

» Apr 2

3:30 – arrived at the team leader’s house for breakfast and prepared for the upcoming adventure.

5:00 – arrived at Ta Nang’s starting point. Let’s rock!

7:30 – got to the Bougainvillea House. There were cattle at the house including chickens, pigs, and a herd of buffaloes. Especially those buffaloes, they were always standing dead and staring at anyone who held up the phone.

11:20 to 13:00 – at the second rest stop for lunch and a quick nap before a long way to the final destination.

16:30 – finally at the camping point. We then started making the tents and preparing for dinner. But first, let’s take some photos!

19:00 – dinner was great with a fire camp, roasted duck, grilled chicken, corn, beers, and music.

21:00 – the party on the top was ending soon and the team went to sleep.

» Apr 3

5:00 to 6:59 – had breakfast and packed belongings for the way out to Phan Dung.

7:00 to 9:30 – trekked to Tiger Lake, the first rest stop on the way escaping the jungle (It is a lake where a tiger drank water; the locals saw that and called it Tiger Lake).

9:30 to 10:30 – we had some meals at the Tiger Lake to gain energy for the way out. That day was harder than the previous day.

11:20 – finished the trek at noon. We waited at the final point for the porters to carry us out of the jungle. The path that porters took us was about 20′ and it was super sunny.

After that, we got to the beach Ke Ga, Phan Thiet to relax and took the path after a hard time trekking.

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Vietnam's Top Beautiful Trekking Path - Ta Nang - Phan Dung - The Broad Life

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  • khoinguyen

    If you are curious about the menu that ‘made’ us gain weight, here it is:

    – Apr 2:
    .Breakfast: congee, boiled egg, boiled peanuts, banana, and milk.
    .Lunch: chicken cooked with ginger sauce and rice, and golden melon.
    .On the way: snack, fruit, juice, milk, and tonic water.
    .Dinner: roasted duck, grilled chicken, dumplings, grilled potato and corn, and beer (of course ;))

    – Apr 3:
    .Breakfast: instant noodle with sausage and Vietnamese pork roll, banh gai, coffee, and milk.
    .At Tiger Lake: stuffed sticky rice cake, Vietnamese pork roll, Chinese sausage, milk.
    .Lunch at Ke Ga: water spinach sauteed with garlic, sauteed squid, fried egg, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour fish broth, rice, and drinks.

  • Amy | Toothbrush Travels

    Definitely a beautiful trekking path!

  • jonairepublica

    Hello Khoi Nguyen its me again 🙂 im trekking to Ta Nang this weekend with 3 other friends. I was wondering if u tried drinking the water from the river? And is the campsite near the water? 🙂 thank u

    • khoinguyen

      Hi Jonairepublica,
      I didn’t drink the water from the river because I was worried it could cause problem to my stomach 🙁
      My campsite wasn’t near the water. Actually it was in the top of a mountain. Depend on the path that you choose you may find some good spots for campsite (there are many paths at Ta Nang).
      Enjoy your trekking 🙂

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