DestinationsAsiaCambodiaLet’s Do 5 Countries Challenge – #5countrieschallenge
Let’s Do 5 Countries Challenge – #5countrieschallenge

Let’s Do 5 Countries Challenge – #5countrieschallenge

Perhaps this is the first hashtag challenge for travelers. Or maybe, I don’t know if there are any suitable challenges that I haven’t joined. Anyways, this #5countrieschallenge is a really fit one from which I can remember my good old days when I wandered from this sea to that lands.

Ok, let’s follow me to the 5 countries that I have the most beautiful memories of!


Pier at Nature Beach resort, koh rong island in my 5 countries challenge
My photo at Koh Rong island that I used to create The Broad Life’s current featured image.
The photo that started everything on this travel blog.

One of the first countries that starts my journey of traveling around the world. Actually, I have wandered around my country, Vietnam, and Thailand before when I was so younger. Nevertheless, Cambodia marked a trip that I went to myself with some totally new friends, who I haven’t known before without a tour.

At that time, I had less experience in planning a trip. Also, my preparation to travel to Cambodia wasn’t so careful. I didn’t know how to use the resources properly to book the hotel, transport, and note down where to eat, visit, etc.

As a result, we planned to go to Koh Rong island but finally, we arrived at Nature Beach, a resort-island within Sihanouk province. My group spent a night there without things for entertainment, exploration, or even many local foods to try. Moreover, we had to go to bed early because there was nearly nothing to do at late night, haha.

Until the day later when we transit the ship at the main Kohrong island, it was when we realized there was something wrong happened, haha. Additionally, the way going back home in Vietnam faced problems that we didn’t expect. Such a significantly memorable trip for me!

More Photos from the Cambodia Trip


Canada - 5 countries challenge
I rowed a boat on Lake Louis.

Canada is the most further destination I have ever gone to as well as my second home country. That’s why I choose Canada to be on this list of 5 countries challenge. Yes, I will tell you the details right now.

I went to Canada the first time back in 2014 to visit my sister. The flight took around 27 hours from my country to the maple land. At that time, Canada brought to me a totally new in everything, from the culture, environment, landscape to the people, place, etc. The country truly attracted me to go studying, working, and finally spending a life there.

Later in 2017, I arrived in Canada the second time for my post-grad degree, which was also the beginning of my life in the country. Unfortunately, because of some reason, I quit school and started a short trip from Toronto to Banff National Park. Yes, the trip turned out to be one of the greatest decisions in my life as I had a chance to discover the second biggest country in the world. Evenly, that journey brought me a lot of beautiful memories and experience that I will surely blog about that soon in The Broad Life. Please don’t forget to check it out!

More Photos When Traveling to Canada


Thailand, 2018 in my 5 countries challenge
Me in Thailand in 2018.

Thailand is my first-ever international destination as well as the lastest trip with my family’s best friend. Indeed, alongside other countries listed in these 5 countries challenge, Thailand stores a lot of beautiful memories to me too.

I still remember the tour with my sister and cousins to the country. Honestly, I don’t know why my family allowed me, a young 14-year-olds kid, to join a tour to another country with other kids. We were all no more than 18 years old at that moment. Nevertheless, it turned out to be our greatest journey together. And it further created a strong family bond among us. Years later, we kept spending our summer to go on vacation together. But unlike the first time going to Thailand, we had our parents to go with us, LOL.

Back in 2018, my parents and I traveled to Thailand on a 4-day itinerary with my dad’s best friend. Annually, we kept traveling together on every Tet holiday. Nonetheless, we never knew that trip to Thailand was our last one together. A few months later, my dad’s best friend passed away, leaving a lot of beautiful memories to us stored in Thailand. A friend that we will never forget!

More Photos in Thailand


Singapore in 5 countries challenge of the broad life
Me and my wife at Fort Canning Park. I’m a little bit fat at this time haha.

I will never forget a period in my life that I travel to Singapore many times. It was when my wife, who was my girlfriend at that time, studied at the university there. We took turns flying back and forth from Vietnam to Singapore so many times.

I have never thought that I would go to Singapore so many times that I explored nearly everything in the country. Evenly, my parents and friends didn’t know why I went to Singapore so frequently as a businessman, haha. One time, I and my wife got bored with going around the country. We decided to make a trip from Singapore to Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the lastest time going to Singapore, I have made a proposal. And YES, she is my wife now. So, why not put one of my most memorial destinations to my list of 5 countries challenge?

More Photos from the Journey to Singapore


Taiwan in 5 countries challenge of The Broad Life

A big shout out for Taiwan to be my latest trip just before coronavirus happens in the world. In addition, this was the first time I traveled to the country and spent about 1 week there.

It was actually a birthday gift that my wife gave me. In specific, we traveled to Taiwan in 5 days and mostly spent our time in Taipei. Perhaps I don’t need to say how excited I was at that time. Yes, a travel blogger like me felt extremely interesting in a new country I have never been to. In fact, Taipei and Taichung brought me more than I could expect. Me and my wife had our dream trip together.

Oh, one last thing related to Taipei, which I never think that one of my videos about Gold Foil Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea has hundreds of thousands of views. Don’t forget to have a watch!

More Photos When Travel Taiwan


5 countries challenge - the broad life's pinterest board
the broad life's pinterest board of 5 countries challenge

Khoi Nguyen builds The Broad Life with a desire to inspire people go exploring the world and live a more interesting, experience, and adventurous life. This blog shares the stories, pictures, and experiences at destinations where he has traveled to.


  • Matt Taylor

    Awesome! I have only been to really three countries, live in the US, Mexico, and the Philippines. I have been to a few others but those were only landing in the plane, waiting for 45 minutes and then leaving. It would be nice to travel more.

  • Brianne

    This sounds like so much fun! It would be so amazing to hit all those countries. Talk about a trip to remember.

  • Cristina Petrini

    Canada among other 4 eastern destinations seems almost out of tune but for this reason it attracts my attention within your ranking. Really interesting!

  • Surekha

    I have to take a trip like this with my husband when things open back up! It would be a great way to celebrate things getting back to normal.

  • Rm muk

    Canada my next target. Wish can go now and watch snow..

  • Julie Cao

    I am currently living in Canada and I am so glad you had a chance to live here and explore this beautiful country. I also visited Banff six years ago and it is a beautiful place.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah Banff actually is an amazing place that I really want to go back there.
      And living in Canada is so great too.

  • Heather

    I would love to do something like this. We can’t wait to travel to other countries… hopefully soon!

  • Knycx Journeying

    Lake Louise is absolutely beautiful and I have also row a canoe in there before too! Glad that you had a nice journeying and thanks for sharing with us – Knycx Journeying

  • Emily Fata

    Oh, how I would love to be able to travel to Thailand right about now! As soon as everything settles with this pandemic, I’m packing my bags and travelling somewhere amazing like this.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Let making your 5 countries challenge right when we are able to travel again.

  • kileen

    So many amazing countries to visit and explore! I would love to see and to visit Canada.

  • Ntensibe Edgar

    Nnniiiiccceeee…I love Cambodia! I have only been to two other countries; Kenya and Tanzania. I would love to visit more.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      So cool that you visited Kenya and Tanzania! I always want to visit those countries but haven’t had a chance 🙁

  • Aliceee Traveler

    I read with so much enthusiasm your memories from Thailand. I wish I could visit it soon

  • Nkem

    Wow you have had some beautiful experiences and memories. I really like the idea of this challenge. I hope you have even more wonderful memories travelling ahead of you!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thank you a lot for your comment! Would you like to do this challenge like me?

  • Hayley

    What an amazing challenge. Canada is definitely on my bucket list. Which destination would you say was your favourite?

  • Yudith

    I’ve been in Singapore, Malaysia and India. My plan for next year to visit Cambodia.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I haven’t been to India but really want to go there.
      Cambodia is a great country to travel. I’m making an itinerary that you can follow.
      Coming soon on my blog!

  • Shannon Gurnee

    I’ve never been to any of these places before, but it was cool learning about them! I would love to visit them someday. Thanks for sharing.

  • Janelle

    Thank you for sharing this. When I get a job and earn, I probably visit this top 5 countries have you mentioned.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      And please don’t forget to share your experiences in those countries, I would love to hear!

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