DestinationsAsiaTao Dan Park – Saigon’s Lungs
Tao Dan Park – Saigon’s Lungs

Tao Dan Park – Saigon’s Lungs

For anyone who want a deep, fresh breath in the smog and noisy Saigon, Tao Dan could be one of the parks that you can visit. It’s an old park that was built by French on 1869. Nowadays, it’s a public place that people can go for exercising with many activities. Sometimes, that park is used to held events.cong-vien-tao-danThis is my favorite park here in Saigon. A best places not only to wander around but to exercise after a stress day working. Furthermore, with a camera, you can easily take many photos because this park has a lot of beautiful scenes.

Recently, I usually come to this park for jogging in the afternoon. As many other people doing the same, you can feel the motivation and happy by not doing it alone. Along the way, you can see a lot of activities like Tai Chi, aerobics, badminton, dancing, jogging, body building, etc. which make a vibrant picture inside a quiet park.


An area with tools that assist for body building

tap-the-duc-tao-dan32 tap-the-duc-tao-dan1


Locals exercise at Tao Dan. Most of people come there do walking and jogging.


An old couple are dancing.

Tao Dan park also has places for children to enjoy their summer, especially with a very hot weather nowadays.


In-house playground and ice-cream, soft drink corner

cau-tuot-tao-dan2 khu-choi-tre-em-tao-dan vui-choi-nuoc-tao-dan2 vui-choi-nuoc-tao-dan

Some beautiful scenes that I took photos

mini-park leu-cay-tao-dan
Decorated mini parks inside Tao Dan

den-tho-vua-hung-tao-dan ho-nuoc-tao-dan
Monument of Hung King inside Tao Dan and the water fountain in front

gia-dinh-tao-dan cay-kieng-tao-dan
A family relaxes in the park


I think this is a replicated Khmer temple

There is a cafe shop inside Tao Dan in case you are thirsty …

ca-phe-tao-dan-phia-sau ca-phe-tao-dan-mat-truoc

or if you are hungry, you can try Vietnamese popiah and raw vegetable with dry beef.


Vietnamese popiah and raw vegetable with dry beef

If you plan to go to Tao Dan when visit Vietnam, the park is located in district 1, surrounded by the 4 roads Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Cach mang thang 8, and Nguyen Du, Saigon, Vietnam.


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