DestinationsEuropeBelgiumYour Guide to the Top 15 Restaurants in Waterloo
Your Guide to the Top 15 Restaurants in Waterloo

Your Guide to the Top 15 Restaurants in Waterloo

If you have not heard of the Battle of Waterloo, now is the time to read up on it. And then head to the historic city in Belgium where the battle was fought. Yes, Waterloo is where Napoleon was defeated in 1815. But while you are in this great city, take the time to try out some of the excellent restaurants in Waterloo.

Belgian cuisine is more than just some Belgian waffles. In fact, their most popular dish is moules-frites, which are mussels and fries. Their other national dish is carbonade flamande, a Flemish beef, and beer stew. Drop your suitcases or backpacks off at one of the local suitcase storage facilities and head to one of these fine eateries.

Local Cuisine

a dish of meatball in belgian cuisine
Must-try local cuisine in Waterloo’s restaurants.

– Le Pot’entiel

This local favorite has some of the best croquettes in Brussels. Le Pot’entiel is also famous for their steak tartare and inventive weekly recipes. The staff is friendly, the décor is cozy as well as elegant, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The prices are not bad either. Be sure to try the Liège waffles for dessert.

– Chez Leon

For the best moules-frites, try Chez Leon where the mussels are freshly caught and the frites (fries) are crispy and light. This family-style eatery is also known for its waterzooi (fish stew), trout meunière with lemon sauce, and eel in the green. They have some pretty amazing desserts here as well.

– Ballekes

Go to one of the three Ballekes locations and try the boulets liégeoise while you are in Brussels. You will never eat regular meatballs again! These meatballs are cooked in a sauce made with beef broth, onions, and syrup for an amazing taste. They may be served with cherries, golden raisins, or mushrooms too.

Seafood Spots

a seafood dish in one of restaurants in Waterloo
A good dish of shrimp in Waterloo.

– Au Cor de Chasse

Au Cor de Chasse is really a hidden gem of the whole Europe. The dishes are served up like works of art that you must take pictures of to share on social media. It is a Portuguese style menu so you can get a great variety of delicious tastes like grilled octopus and bacalhau (dried cod). And get the Baba au Rhum for dessert!

– Momo la Crevette

With specialties like seafood choucroute, monkfish with green pepper sauce, dorade fillets with pine nuts, and of course the giant prawns, Momo la Crevette is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The décor is delightful, and the servers are wonderful. Don’t miss their extensive wine list.

– Le Bugatti

At Le Bugatti, you will come for the seafood but stay for the amazing desserts. Of course, the sole is fantastic, and the shrimp croquettes are divine. The rabbit terrine is darn good, too. But the chocolate mousse is famous. Ask any of the locals about this place and they will talk about the homemade chocolate mousse.

Burger Joints

burger with a knife stabbed on
Restaurants in Waterloo serve delicious burgers.

– Mifa Burger

If you are craving a burger, try Mifa Burger. The locals claim it is the best burger in town, so you have to try it. With 20 varieties of burgers, you may have to come back several times. The Granny Cocotte has onion, bacon, gouda, and a fried egg and the Choco Choco has cocoa powder, gouda, and hot red sauce.

– Wood Wayne

For a more Mexican taste, Wood Wayne has burgers as well as burritos. They are so good that you may need a reservation on the weekends. The buns have the most unique and delightful flavor that makes every burger taste spectacular. Their steak is fabulous, too. And the atmosphere is friendly and fun.

– Be Burger Waterloo

Be Burger Waterloo has some of the juiciest burgers with the freshest meat. They even have vegan burgers. And you cannot get Belgian fries like these anywhere else. Try the Milan burger with gorgonzola sauce, the Bristol with cheddar cheese and onion rings, or the Anchorage, which is actually salmon.


a pizza being cut
Missing Italian cuisine? There are pizzerias in Waterloo.

– Ciao Pizza

With over 50 pizza varieties, there is something for everyone. The crispy and tasty crust at Ciao makes this pizzeria unique. The friendly staff members are happy to see you, so you feel like an old friend. Try the Ciao with buffalo cheese, scampi, and zucchini or the Cristal Noir with eggs, truffles, and pine nuts.

– La Piazza

For a handmade pizza that tastes as fresh as it looks, head to La Piazza. They have 32 varieties such as 4 Seasons, which has black olives, artichokes, and ham. The Love Pizza has mozzarella, peppers, eggplant, and zucchini. You can even get pizza with truffle cream and scamorza. They also have over two dozen pasta dishes.

– Le Crescendo

If you cannot decide whether you want pizza, burgers, or tacos, Le Crescendo has all of that and more. They have 17 flavors of pizza including chicken kebab, crescendo, and jambon. Their pasta is fantastic as well and everything is homemade when you order it. Don’t miss the brownie, cookies, or tiramisu for dessert.

Dessert Time

many muffin made by restaurants in waterloo
Restaurants in Waterloo have great desserts that you shouldn’t miss.

– M-Joy Cupcakes

If you are looking for something sweet, M-Joy Cupcakes is your place for homemade happiness. They feature over two dozen flavors including Belgian Speculoos buttercream icing and Malibu Dream with coconut and zesty lime. BBanoffee is a favorite with banana cake, toffee frosting, and melted vanilla fudge on top.

– Paul’s Bakery

Paul’s Bakery makes cakes to order, lots of special flavors of pastries, super waffles, and even some sandwiches, pizza, and other lunch foods. With nine flavors of egg tarts, you will have to try one. And the six flavors of eclairs are amazing. Everything is great at Paul’s and they even have garden seating.

– Le Caribou Glacier Artisanal

Time for ice cream? Le Caribou Glacier Artisanal is an ice cream parlor with 21 flavors. They have the usual vanilla and chocolate, but they also have unique flavors like rum raisin, almond milk, and Stracciatella, which is vanilla with chocolate flakes. They also have artisanal sorbet and custom cakes.

Once you have tried all the local cuisine you can handle, go back and try some more. Each restaurant in Brussels has its own way of cooking and serving each dish so you can eat the same thing at three different places and feel like you are eating three different foods. Don’t forget to try the Belgian chocolate!


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