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The Only 6 Choices of Accredited Dalat Homestay You Need to Know

The Only 6 Choices of Accredited Dalat Homestay You Need to Know

What’s going on?! Many visitors talk about their disappointment about Dalat homestay recently. People have bad experiences staying at the homestays, especially in the high season period. Indeed, Dalat city has many homestays but very few are quality as well as officially recognized by the city government. Surprisingly, there are only 6 accredited ones, and they will be all introduced below to bring you a good experience when traveling to Dalat.

Wait, Why We Only Have 6 Choices of Accredited Dalat Homestay?

About 2 years ago, the situation of scams related to the homestay, especially in Dalat, appeared more and more. Even, online scams are quite common, many tourists are still scammed into losing their deposits. Therefore, to put an end to this situation, Dalat city resolutely removed the word “homestay” of unqualified establishments.

Actually, there is no definition of the word homestay in the local words. According to the city’s regulations, a homestay must be a house with rooms for rent, visitors come to stay and experience the local lifestyle and culture. For example, the host and visitors planting, picking strawberries.

Now, many accommodations have rooms of only 40m2. And many of them are divided into several cells for 10 people to live in but have only one toilet. Such conditions do not guarantee hygiene and business conditions for accommodation services. Since then, the city has had its own regulations on homestays. Only a few qualified and appraised establishments will be recognized. In fact, there are only 6 accredited Dalat homestays currently.

The 6 Accredited Dalat Homestays

Berry Valley

Address: Thanh Mau, Ward 7.

berry valley houses

Berry Valley is located at the foot of the hill, surrounded by many trees. Definitely, it is an address you can refer to if you plan to travel to Dalat in the future. This homestay has 4 types of rooms for guests to choose such as garden view, double bed, and beautiful small wooden house,…

Especially, the wooden houses have a unique appearance. They are fully furnished with beds, shelves, tables, chairs, and toilets inside are the highlight of this property. Additionally, the location of the small houses apart from each other helps ensure absolute privacy for visitors.

Besides that, the homestay has a restaurant, a coffee shop, an amusement park, and a large strawberry garden for visitors to participate. There are many activities that you can experience at the homestay in addition to Dalat’s attractions. You will experience the feeling of strawberry picking and enjoy it on the spot.

Room rates at Berry Valley range from 500,000 to 800,000 VND/night for 2-4 guests.

Bunny Hill Farm Homestay

Address: Tu Phuoc, Ward 11.

rooms at bunny hill farm homestay

The green tourism associated with nature is increasingly popular with many tourists. Instead of choosing to rest in a hotel located in a crowded and bustling center, many people look to deserted places to mingle with nature and experience slow days.

Bunny Hill Farm & Homestay is such an open space for you to come. Indeed, the homestay is located in the suburbs of Dalat, the 10 km road is sometimes rough and difficult to go. For a safe and convenient trip, you should choose the right time and means of transportation.

In addition to the accommodation, you have the opportunity to experience interesting activities such as a day being a farmer, recreational fishing, pet coffee, or a barbecue in the evening.

Đạ Lạch Noah Farm

Address: Lot 43, Mimosa, Ward 3.

houses at da lach noah farm

Dalat is one of the places with the most modern and methodical agricultural farming model in the country. The land is characterized by a high mountain climate, cool all year round, favorable for the development of many varieties of trees.

This is also an advantage when Đạ Lạch Noah Farm chooses to develop in the form of agricultural tourism. Tourists have both a true gentle vacation and a chance to visit the model of farming and producing agricultural products. Moreover, enjoying the taste of dishes from the farm’s clean food is an unforgettable experience.

Room rates are at 600,000-1.8 million VND/ 4 guests. It’s suitable for families and groups of friends on a trip to bond and discovers many new things.

Đợi Một Người

Address: Group 65, Ward 3, Dalat City.

the main house of doi mot nguoi homestay
glass house above a lake in dalat

Đợi Một Người is located in the middle of a romantic pine forest, near the Prenn pass area. Although it is only about 7 km from the center of Dalat, the pass road has many steep and winding sections. Hence, you should check the map first and go at a moderate speed to observe.

This place is suitable for travelers who love a quiet and cozy style. The property has 4 private rooms with large glass doors overlooking the green landscape outside. The interior of the room is decorated with soft color tones.

On the occasions, the rooms here are always full. You should book your stay in advance to surely save a spot there. The homestay staff suggested an attic room, overlooking the Mimosa Pass, priced at about 1.3 million VND/night/2 guests.

In addition to accommodation, Đợi Một Người attracts young people to enjoy coffee and take photos to check-in. A special feature of this place is the glass room in the middle of the lake, where a workshop is held every weekend.

Là Nhà

Address: Van Hanh Street, Ward 8.

la nha homestay

Là Nhà also appears in the list of 6 accredited Dalat homestays. The accommodation includes single, family, and dormitory rooms, with diverse design styles including villas, bungalows, and cabins.

There are arranged tables and chairs in the green garden where visitors can sunbathe, read books, chat with friends. Not only loved for its beautiful space and many check-in corners but the 4,000 square meter area also has enough room for you to enjoy BBQ parties and group games. Furthermore, this venue has a shared kitchen space for you to cook delicious meals.

Nhà Tím Homestay

Address: Ngo Thi Nham, Ward 4.

Many visitors commented that Nhà Tím Homestay gives them a feeling of comfort and peace, away from work and busy life. Yes, the homestay space is simply decorated but cozy and quiet. In each room, the owner chooses a separate decoration. On top of that, the biggest plus point of this Dalat homestay lies in the attentive service, openness, and friendliness of the owner.

If you love quiet, don’t forget to enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the cold weather at the back of the house.

In the End

Many of the unqualified accommodations are required to remove the word “homestay” from their name. It’s a great move from the city to help travelers enjoy a more interesting trip with ‘quality’ experiences. Make sure you do good research and prepare your plan carefully. Enjoy, and have a great trip to Dalat!


6 accredited homestays in dalat - the broad life's pinterest board
6 accredited dalat homestay - the broad life's pinterest board

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