The extended quarantine has been weighing in on travelers. We’re all eagerly waiting to leave our houses without worrying much. This lockdown is an excellent opportunity to plan your future trips, though. You can discover hidden gems around the world, which is still undiscovered by the hoard of tourists. This list combines the top seven epic places that you never thought you could travel too. Read on for some worthwhile additions to your bucket list.

1. Mauritius

Mauritius is well-known as one of the epic places in the world with beaches, reefs, and hiking trails

Mauritius is an Indian Ocean island nation well-known for its beaches, reefs, and hiking trails. The vast expanses of turquoise water make it an ideal destination for water sports. Moreover, the best part about Mauritius is that its beauty isn’t limited just to the beaches. Skydiving, hiking, or soaking in hot springs, Mauritius has got it all. Evenly, it’s home to the Seven Coloured Earth in Chamarel, where the natural sand forms dunes of a different color. Not yet, the fun doesn’t end here. You can also skydive over Cap Malheureux, taste the local food in the markets, and visit the Indian Ocean’s longest zipline.

The market offers beautiful traditional handicrafts for sale. If you’re traveling by car, consider investing in roof racks to carry all the souvenirs home safely. End your adventurous day with a stroll on the luminous beaches, gazing at the sunset.

2. Cyprus

A temple in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean, ruled by ancient empires. The abundant number of historical locations is evidence of that. Plus, Cyprus is blessed with nature’s best palette. You’ll find fierce mountains, sparkling coasts, and dense expanses of forests to explore. Furthermore, there are specialized hiking and cycling trails for tourists, all coupled with ancient remains of theaters, villas, and the Byzantine monastery. Alongside this, you can find several museums, galleries, and monuments.

Fans of ancient architecture will remain entertained throughout their journey. It is an intense blend of history, culture, and adventure. As one of the most epic places, Cyprus can be your cup of tea if that sounds like an exciting prospect.

3. Ecuador

Landscapes with rainforests, highlands, beaches, and mountains make Ecuador one of the epic places in the world

Ecuador is located on the west coast of South America. The diverse landscapes include rainforests, highlands, beaches, and mountains. So, isn’t that a very dynamic combination for an epic place? Imagine the number of activities you can do here! It’s the top pick for cheap travelers and trek-lovers. This little paradise offers mountaineering, surfing, diving, rafting, paragliding, and much more. The Galapagos islands were stunning enough to inspire Charles Darwin to write the theory of evolution.

Ecuador is also home to famous UNESCO world heritage sites like the Galapagos Islands and the city of Cuenca. If you’re lucky, you might even witness the humpback whales perform along the Ecuadorian coast.

4. Samoa

Samoa is an island, as well as one of the top epic places in the world by its beauty

Honestly, Samoa has significantly impressed me since the movie Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. If you’ve ever watched this movie, I’m so sure that you will be surprised by the beauty of the island as same as me.

In fact, Samoa is an island with a rich history of over 3000 years. The Samoan mythology says that the early inhabitants descended from the heavens to settle in these islands. If you step into this fairyland, you’ll realize exactly why they fall from above to stay here. To illustrate, you can visit plenty of waterfalls and slide through them. There are also a couple of blowholes you can throw coconuts in and watch them fly. If you want to live a traditional experience, you can even stay in a beach fale near the ocean. The highlight of Samoa is the spectacular 30-meter deep swimming hole, situated in the south coast of Upolu. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and playing in the lava fields!

5. Guatemala

Guatemala is famous with the architecture and temples of the Mayans

Located in the south of Mexico, Guatemala is home to 6th century B.C Mayan sites. The rich historical background pulls us to a different world altogether. You’ll fall in love with the architecture and temples of the Mayans. On top of that, the Tikal National Park, which is full of temples, plazas, and sites, dates back to over 1000 years. The park is also inhabited by jaguars, monkeys, and around 60 species of bats. Guatemala also has many active volcanoes and hosts hot springs you’ll love to take a dip in. You can go up these mountains to take a hike and surround yourself in the country’s rugged wilderness.

6. Laos

Laos is among the epic places in the world with its hot air balloons, waterfalls, and valleys

Rice fields, hot air balloons, and waterfalls are common in the relaxed valleys of Laos. Every traveler visiting Thailand shouldn’t skip adding Laos in their travel plans. It’s famous for being a yoga retreat and cave kayaking. You can even volunteer to help out on the organic farms. Kuang Si Falls is the ideal spot for a cold and refreshing dip in the water. If you love food fresh out of the fields, the cuisine will be a treat to your taste buds. It would be best if you tried zip lining over the vast expanses and natural beauty of this wildlife paradise. Laos also has a spectacular Buddha park in Vientiane that is saturated with several religious sculptures. No wonder people fly miles to meditate here.

7. Namibia

Wild zebra in Namibia's wildlife parks, among the epic places in the world to travel
Wild zebra in Namibia’s wildlife parks

Being one of the most epic places in the world for traveling, for the first time, people visiting Africa will enjoy Namibia because it’s got a little bit of everything that Africa’s famous for. Also known as the world’s oldest desert, Namibia is ironically not crowded at all times. Yet, tourism here is well developed and tourist-friendly. You can find a large number of activities to enjoy.

From off-road riding on dunes to Safari’s vast selection, there’s something to do for everyone. Namibia hosts a large number of wildlife parks that give great insight into the beauty of Africa. You’ll even find German architecture, harbors, and the iconic quiver trees, which are pretty standard here. If you want a relaxed crowd-free trip to Africa, Namibia should be a top pick.


The travel industry might have reached a standstill because of the pandemic, but it’s too early to give up. These destinations are an excellent pick for any traveler looking for adventures. As soon as the lockdown gets lifted and it’s safe to travel, the generic destinations will be crowded with tourists. Fortunately, these spots will give you the ideal space to relax and enjoy.

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The Broad Life's Pinterest Board - 7 epic places in the world you never thought of
7 epic places in the world you never thought of - The Broad Life's Pinterest Board


  1. Oh wow! These are all great ideas! I’ve traveled all over the globe, and your post title was right on. I NEVER thought about going to any of these.

  2. You are right to none of this place I think when I think of a holiday that I would like to do, perhaps with the exception of Cyprus … has always attracted me. Greek side.

  3. YES! I would love to travel to all of these places. Mauritius is the only place on that list that I hadn’t heard about.

    • Ecuador must be a great journey to you so you seemed really want to go back there.
      What was your nice experience in Ecuador?

    • Hope that this list brings you ideas to plan for your next journey! Safari seems like one of the best, absolutely.

  4. You are right that I would never think to go to these places on my own. Thank you for pointing out how wonderful they are, I can’t wait to get to them!

  5. I just knew the name Samao and Namibia but they were never a part of my list! Might consider them now!

  6. i actually wanted to go to ecuador for my exchange my jr year in high school but it didn’t work out. love these options.

    • Wow it sounds great that your school allows exchange in Ecuador.
      No problem you can go there yourself later soon.

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