Off The PathIN FACT15 Interesting Thailand Facts You Need to Know Before Traveling to the Country
15 Interesting Thailand Facts You Need to Know Before Traveling to the Country

15 Interesting Thailand Facts You Need to Know Before Traveling to the Country

Being one of the top countries in Far East Asia and even the world for traveling, Thailand has a diverse list of things for travelers to explore. Of course, knowing more about a destination always make your trip more enjoyable and experience. Let’s go through 15 interesting Thailand facts in this post, and see what are those that make the country an attractive destination in the world.

About the Country, the Cities, and the People

The word Thai means free in their locals’ language. Therefore, the meaning of the name of the country Thailand is “Land of the Free”. Besides, there are other things about the country, its cities, and the citizen that certainly you will find them so much interesting:

1. The Emblem of Thailand

Interesting Thailand facts - The national symbol of Thailand - Garuda is used popularly on religious constructions
The national symbol of Thailand – Garuda is used popularly on religious constructions.

Garuda is considered a religious and belief symbol of the Royal Thai and the entire nation. According to legend, the Garuda is a god bird in Hinduism and the mount of the god Vishnu. It has a shape like a bird of prey with a human-similar head, 3 eyes, and a beak of the eagle. When visiting the Hindu religious buildings, you will have the opportunity to see the statues of Garuda.

You know, I’m even more excited about this when figuring out that Indonesia also uses Garuda as their national symbol. It’s Garuda Pancasila.

2. Thailand is a Country That Has Never Been Under Colonial Rule

Yes, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been under colonial rule. Back in the 19th century, when the British and French came to the region and colonized Thailand’s neighbor countries. Particularly, Laos and Cambodia were colonies of France, while Malaysia and Myanmar were British ones. At that same time, they just exerted pressure on Siam, which is Thailand nowadays. Indeed, the country was known as Siam from the mid-14th century until 1939 and again used this name between 1945 and 1949.

As a son of a country that went through different wars, this is one of the most interesting facts about Thailand to me, honestly.

3. Bangkok isn’t the Official Name of Thailand’s Capital

Chao Phraya river of Bangkok
On the Chao Phraya river of Bangkok.

It’s just an easy way for travelers or any person to call the capital city of Thailand. Yet, the residents call it Krung Thep Maha Nakho in Thai. And In fact, the full official name of the capital Bangkok is very long: “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayutthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udom Ratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanu Kamprasit”. I know you are trying to count, but let me do it for you. It’s 23 words!

Honestly, I hope that I can translate it 90% right. In general, it roughly means: “The city of the angels, the great city of immortal gods, the magnificent treasure city of god Indra, the golden throne of King Ayutthaya, the city of magnificent temples, the city of Royal’s palace and majestic realm, the house of Vishnu and all the gods”.

Bangkok also has its nickname “Venice of the East” because there are many surrounding canals as well as activities take place on the canals and rivers.

4. ~95% of Thai People are Buddhist

It’s true. According to Wikipedia (Apr 2021), approximately 95% of Thai people are Buddhist. In other words, it’s the second-largest population in the world that follows Buddhism, just after China. Even, men in Thailand have to be a monk at one point in their life. The period could be 6 months or 1 year at least.

You can easily find everywhere in Thailand works of Buddhist architectural style. Often referred to as “the land of smile”, Thailand was voted the 5th friendliest country in the world by Rouch Guides. When wandering around the country, you can get help or a welcome smile from a shopkeeper, driver, monk, or just an ordinary citizen.

The Royal Family and the Rules

The members of Thailand's Royal family in 2007
The members of Thailand’s Royal family. The image was taken in 2007.

Thailand is one of the countries in the world that follow a model-like constitutional monarchy in the United Kingdom. In which, the King reigns at the head of the country and the Prime Minister directs the activities of the government. There are also interesting facts of Thailand about the Royal and the rules:

5. “Mother’s Day” and “Father’s Day” are not for Mothers and Dads

Instead, these days are dedicated to honoring the spiritual father and mother of the Thailand people, the king and queen. Actually, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in Thailand are fixed every year following the birthday of Queen Mother Sirikit and her late husband, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).

Alongside, some people still celebrate the international Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to show their love to the parents.

6. Royal Offenses Can be Imprisoned

Thailand follows a constitutional monarchy, with most Thai people revering the king and queen. To illustrate, in my trip traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya, I saw the image of Thailand’s king and queen almost everywhere. Evenly, many families hang a picture of the king at home. Yes, slandering the royal family can put you in jail.

Moreover, in the previous time, no one was allowed to touch royal members. Even in the 19th century, a queen drowned when her boat capsized and no one dared to come to save her due to this strict law. You can find this story about “the Wrecked Queen” Sunanda Kumariratana.

7. It is Against the Law to Step on Money

Stepping on money in any country is not good, but if you do it in Thailand, you are breaking the law. Because the king is highly revered in Thailand, the country’s bills with the king’s picture are also highly respected. Therefore, if you drop or see a note or coin falling on the street, carefully pick it up with your hand.

The above and these facts about Thailand are not simply a reminder, but also a note for you to know and respect the locals’ etiquette when traveling to the country.

8. Drive and Go on the Left Side of the Road and the Colorful Taxis

Chinatown, the first spot that our bus stopped after going from Pattaya to Bangkok.
Bangkok’s Chinatown.

Unlike most countries in the world, in Thailand, people walk on the left side of the road. So, for those who come from countries that participating in traffic on the right, you may have a little difficulty if you want to rent a self-drive car. The driver’s seat is on the right side of the car too.

In addition, Thailand also deserves the name “rainbow country of taxis” as taxis in the country of the Golden Temple are painted with colorful colors such as red, pink, orange, green or green, or red. With a view from the above, you can see places in Thailand as big pictures with so many colors on them.

9. Shirtless in Public in a City is Against the Law

Although Thailand is a popular tourist destination, be careful with clothing. In truth, the police do not impose a fine on locals or tourists sunbathing on the beach, but you will face a large fine for getting shirtless when you are in the city.

The rule especially applies to the drivers. Therefore, you could see the taxi or bus drivers wearing quite well and politely.

The Same Thing Applies to Underwear

Yes, this could be one of the funniest Thailand facts about this country that you might not know is that it is illegal to go out without underwear. However, many people still don’t know how to check this.

Attractions and Traditional, Cultural Festivals

I save the best for last. Yes, here are the main reasons that attract tourist to the country:

10. The Rocket Festivals

A bizarre event in the northern provinces of Thailand is the Rocket Festivals. In which, participants will make their own celestial rockets from bamboo, paper, or plastics, then fill them with explosives. After that, the players take them to test with other competitors. There are different prizes for the highest-flying rocket, the most attractive rocket, and the most impressive vapor trail.

This festival celebrates in May. You can find it in some provinces but the northeast region of Isaan would be the most well-known.

11. The Largest Water Festival in the World

People at Ayutthaya enjoy Songkran Water Festival
People at Ayutthaya enjoy Songkran Water Festival.

Songkran is one of the largest and famous water festivals in the world. It takes place in April – the hottest month in Thailand. At this period, many places across the country all celebrate this occasion. This is also the time to clean the house to welcome the Thai New Year. Therefore, if you decide to travel to Thailand at this time for the event, make sure you prepare enough toys and clothes for the water fights. Enjoy!

12. Yi Peng Lantern Festival

Yi Peng lantern festival
Yi Peng Lantern Festival.

The Yi Peng Lantern Festival is a long-standing traditional festival of the Thai people. It is usually held on the full moon night of December on the Thai calendar, which is around mid-November of the normal calendar.

The locals here “believe that it is the time when the rivers are richest and the moon is brightest – a perfect time to express gratitude and good luck for the new year”.

13. Siamese Cats and Wishes in Wedding Ceremony

Siamese cat is native to Thailand. In Thailand, they are called ‘Wichien Maat’, which means “diamond gold”. In Thai tradition, bringing a pair of Siamese cats to the bride at the wedding is a blessing for a hundred years together of the couple.

14. The Temple of a Million Beer Bottles

Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, the temple made from 1.5 million Heineken and Chang beer bottles - a very interesting Thailand fact
Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew, the temple made from 1.5 million Heineken and Chang beer bottles.

In Khun Han district, Sisaket province, there is a temple made of 1.5 million beer bottles. Truly, the monks here have been collecting beer bottles since 1984 to build this temple called Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew. Most of the “building materials” are Heineken and Chang beer bottles. Yeah, I feel proud of the two beer brands. Even beer bottles and pagoda aren’t a good match, this such one of the most interesting Thailand facts I ever know.

15. There Is Even A School for Monkeys

Do you believe it? Thailand has a school dedicated to monkeys, called Monkey Training College. Here, the monkeys learned to perform and pick coconuts. In addition, this tourist country has a festival in which tons of fruits and vegetables are delivered to monkeys.


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  • Ben

    There are some amazingly interesting facts here. I can’t believe that the queen actually drowned because peopel were afraid to save her! Other cultures are so fascinating.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah, that story surprised me a lot when I heard that the first time.

  • Kuntala

    This was such an interesting read for me! Facts about culture like this are why I love traveling so much. It’s even more exciting than seeing new sights.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I agree with you. Learning cultures and traditions in different places in the world is something that attracts us for traveling.

  • Leah

    I’ve heard great things about Thailand. Two of my friends from high school actually lived there and taught english for several years up until the pandemic. The photos and videos they would send were always so incredible. I hope to visit one day soon and use some of these awesome tips!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thailand as one of the top tourist destinations in the world will surely amaze you with a lot of beautiful scenes and rich cultures, traditions.
      Enjoy your trip to the country!

  • anas

    I didnt know all these facts about thialand! Going to share it with freinds now. Thanks for it

  • Meki

    I visited Thailand years back, and I made sure to keep in mind to respect their royal leaders! I was so scared of even just having anything look/sound inappropriate when I’m in the vicinity of their photos. Great tips!

  • Dr. Elise Ho

    These really are very interesting facts. I especially like the knowledge that stepping on money is a crime. I believe that stepping on money is a sign of disrespect in all circumstances and that you must respect money if you wish to earn and keep money, This brings a different level though.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I totally agree with you. As a money-lover also, I respect all the bills in any country not just Thailand.

  • Claudia Blanton

    The lantern festival looks amazing. What I did not know was that Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. That surely makes a difference when traveling there. I will keep that in mind. Blessings

  • Tracy Isidore

    I always wanted to visit Thailand, it’s good to know not to step on money! Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed learning something new!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      It’s great to learn something new about the world every day, isn’t it?

  • Doris Jean

    This article was so interesting with fun cultural facts. I plan on visiting Thailand in the near future!

  • CA

    I have been to Bangkok almost 10 years ago and I had a blast. Shopping was very affordable in some places. I did not know that it has such a very long name in Thai. And only knew today that stepping on money is against the law. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Yudith Napitupulu

    Wow. The are fascinating facts. Never know that a temple made from million bottle of beer. I wish visit this temple someday.

  • Nikola Roza

    Thailand seems like a fascinanting country. Would love to visit someday and these tips will come in handy.

    Especially the one about not going shirtless in the city. I would’ve been fined for sure.

  • emman damian

    I have been to BKK before. It’s one of my favorite Asian cities. I really want to try attending the Yi Peng Lantern Festival and Songkran. So fun!

  • Blair Villanueva

    Thailand is been one of the great place to visit especially during King Bhumibol’s reign. I always enjoy every moments I visit the country, visiting museums, etc., and learning from the people.

  • milaroko

    I only can agree with these. I have visited Thailand like 10 times and loved every second!

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