ba buoi chicken rice in hoi an, vietnam

If you ever visit Hoi An, you shouldn’t miss trying Hoi An chicken rice, especially at Ba Buoi restaurant in Phan Chu Trinh street.

A General of Vietnamese Chicken Rice

At all the three parts of Vietnam, there are chicken with rice or sticky rice. In the North, Vietnamese has the boiled chicken with sticky rice, adding sliced lime leaves. In the South of Vietnam, we have chicken flushed by fried fat with rice. The chicken is usually fried or flushed with fried fat to make the skin crunchy. Additionally, the rice is usually made for a little bit burning smell. It’s all delicious. However, the best one that I have ever eaten is the boiled chicken with rice in the Middle of Vietnam, particularly in Hoi An ancient town.

Then the Special Ba Buoi Chicken Rice in Hoi An

In Hoi An, there are many chicken rice restaurants. Nevertheless, to me, the top one is always Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant, or we usually call Cơm Gà Bà Buội in Vietnamese. By the way, the restaurant locates at 22 Phan Chu Trinh street, Hoi An.

ba buoi chicken rice in hoi an, vietnamWhat make Ba Buoi restaurant special is the chicken. The restaurant uses chickens which are raised naturally. They are free to run around the garden and fed by natural food without any chemical composition such as grass, corn, vegetable. However, the growers still have to check their chickens carefully to make sure it passes certain standards for human use. All to make the meat good and ready for the best meals.

Ba Buoi restaurant also have their specialty in the savor. I’m so sure that you will be attracted at the first try. They also use the herbs from the well-known Tra Que village nearby, where they grow the herbs by their top technic naturally without any chemicals. That all contributes to the perfect taste of the whole meal at the restaurant. Specifically, basil and Vietnamese coriander are always serve with the main meal. Beside that, there is pickle made by carrot and papaya. Usually, to boost the sour of the chicken and rice, people squeeze a little bit lemon over, then mix everything to pump up the taste.

About the rice, simply it is cooked by the chicken boiled water, adding pounding turmeric.  All make the rice beautiful yellow and a bit sweet in taste. The chicken boiled water is also served as soup to customers.

I especially love the chicken offal. Perhaps it’s the top secret food of Ba Buoi restaurant that I cannot get how they made it. What I could say is, ‘don’t leave Ba Buoi restaurant without a try of chicken offal’! Also the sauce made from that, by the way.

Imaging you are wander around Hoi An and get hungry. Then you stop at Ba Buoi restaurant to enjoy the best chicken rice in Hoi An. That’s just simply the best thing I could imagine to make my day awesome. Trust me, there is nothing better than you fully load your energy with the best meal of chicken with rice to start or continue explore the ancient town. If you plan to visit Hoi An, this is the must-eat food that you must try besides Mi Quang and Cao Lau of the ancient town.


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