There are many things that can never be done in life. Therefore, whatever can be done, why not do it right now!? Honestly, I would like to travel to Sapa, particularly the Topas Ecolodge since its price was only VND 1,500,000 a night. However, I haven’t had a chance to do so until this time, I put my very first step to visit Sapa.

Wandering Around Sapa City

It was my actual intention to do a real trip to Sapa. I preferred to relax at Topas Ecolodge more. However, it would be such a waste when coming to the land but not wandering around to know more about it. Hence, I had about a day and a night at Sapa city.

Places of Interest I Visited

Travel photography at O Quy Ho pass

O Quy Ho Pass

One of the four greatest passes in the North West mountain area of Vietnam. Yes, if you are a fan of travel photography, definitely O Quy Ho pass is a destination that you must go to. Indeed, at the place, there are already spots that support you to take the most beautiful pics. Sounds interesting to you yet?

Ginko Biloba in Sapa city

Sapa City

After returning from O Quy Ho, I rode a motorbike around to discover the city and headed to Nguyen Chi Thanh street. There were beautiful and unique images of old houses, the moss, and the pine. It made me thinking of a similar place, Dalat city. Also, it was my first time seeing the real Ginko Biloba.

Stone Church Sapa

Stone Church of Sapa

One of the must-check-in places when going to Sapa, the Stone Church. Some people call it the ancient symbol of the whole city. Hence, you shouldn’t forget to come here and take yourself some nice photos of the church.

I tried to wake up early at 5:30 am to come and take pictures easily because it would be crowded. Nonetheless, the plan didn’t work. The pic was taken at 8 am.

Cherry Plum Garden in Sapa

Cherry Plum Garden

In Nov, Cherry Plum blossoms making so many beautiful scenes around the city. Definitely, they will be good places for you to keep up your travel photography in Sapa.

Sun Plaza Sapa

Sun Plaza Sapa

A Europe-similar building right in the center of the city. In fact, it’s a complex construction that includes a plaza, a hotel, a ticket booth, and evenly a train station. Yes, they sell the ticket for the train that takes you directly to the Fansipan cable car station. On the way, you can see the whole beautiful Muong Hoa valley from the above.

Sun Plaza looked cool, isn’t it? And the hotel rooms there are even fancier. However, how do you think if there is a so modern construction built right in the center of a mountain city? Sometimes, I think artificial stuff isn’t so good in the wrong place.

Walking in Cat Cat village, Lao Cai, Vietnam.

Cat Cat Village

One of the most popular tourist destinations when traveling Sapa. Actually, Cat Cat is one of the three well-known villages in the area, alongside Ta Van and Ta Phin villages.

Nevertheless, similar to some places in Sapa, Cat Cat is boosted too much for tourism that it lost its nature and normal life of the ethnic minority there. People now are focusing on making money from tourists with services that even don’t come from the locals. Anyways, don’t skip this place, it still has good sights to visit and discover.

Where to Eat in Sapa

Sapa has so many greatest kinds of mountain cuisine that you can find. From the fish that raised on the mountain’s lakes to the black pork that taken care of by the ethnic minorities, they are all so delicious.

In fact, there are many vendors that sell BBQ and grilled meats around the city you can easily figure out. They are served with the unique sour vegetable of the land, which will significantly boost the taste of the meat in your mouth. I had the salmon salad and fried salmon rolls in O Quy Ho restaurant.

In addition, don’t forget to wander around and find the best cafes with amazing views. There are many of them in the city. Yes, enjoying both the good drink and the view of terrace fields is a kinda specialty of the land. Persimmon is good to try too so don’t miss it, particularly when you are already in its land.

Accommodation to Stay at Night

1991 Hotel Sapa's restaurant
Lilies in the Room of 1991 Hotel Sapa

I stayed in the 1991Sapa hotel which is recommended by many friends. They have a warm and cozy restaurant for cold days. Especially, I was surprised by the real lilies they used in the room. Actually, it was because I mostly saw the fake flowers in the hotel but the real ones. The room is cute and large too.

If you want to stay right in the center of the city and enjoy all the latest services with convenience, Hotel de la Coupole – MGallery in Sun Plaza is definitely the top choice. As described above, there are a mall, a ticket booth, a train station, and a hotel right in the same place. Furthermore, with its advantage in location, you can easily take a walk to wander around the city or go to restaurants, coffee shops. In my opinion, doing a city tour by walking around is both relaxing and enjoyable.

It’s All About Topas Ecolodge Sapa from This Point

Honestly, I intended to take pictures of the lodge carefully so I can do a great review post. However, I was so enjoyed at the lodge that the relaxation and comfort washed my brain. I forgot to capture the room nor its amenities. As a result, I will show you every piece of info I have on my hand about Topas Ecolodge Sapa in this part.

How I Went to Topas Ecolodge

My dirty shoes after I fell down into the mud
It was my dirty shoes after I fell down into the mud.

The lodge has transport to catch you from Sapa to the place. Nevertheless, I wanted to ride a motorbike myself so I can see the scenes on the way. Unfortunately, I fell down into the mud, making my favorite shoes extremely dirty.

Foods & Drinks at the Lodge

Dinner has Smoked Buffalo Meat Salad, Grilled Pork in Herbal with Rice, Spring Rolls, and Pineapple Rice in Topas Ecolodge
My dinner with 4 dishes.
My buffet for breakfast in Topas Ecolodge
My buffet for breakfast.

Of course, the lodge has to make sure you have enough food while staying. You will have different options of combos including an appetizer, a main dish, fruit, and water for each person. Because I went there with my friend, so our dinner had Smoked Buffalo Meat Salad, Grilled Pork in Herbal with Rice, Spring Rolls, and Pineapple Rice. The breakfast will be a buffet with varied choices. Yes, any choices of food are all good, but it’s more in western style.

Oh by the way, inside each room, it has a cute set of instant tea and coffee. You can take deep relaxation while enjoying a cup of your preferred drink and your favorite music.

Infinite Pool – The Best Part

Do you know, Topas Ecolodge Sapa is in the list of Unique Lodges of the World by National Geography. In my opinion, the infinite pool made the biggest contribution to the lodge to be on that list. Ok, I’m just kidding.

But the pool is truly stunning. Have you ever swim among the cloud? Or did you do swimming and enjoying the landscape of terrace fields and the mountains at the same time? Yes, Topas Ecolodge can give you those amazing experiences. Honestly, I don’t want to describe too much here so you can be surprised by the extraordinary things the lodge can bring to you. Perhaps I will have the photos to say some, then leave the rest for you to explore and be amazed.

Landscape – Another Best Part

Ever imagine you live in a fog all day? Perhaps the lodge will make it true for you. Because of its location on a pretty high mountain, possibly you may face the fog frequently. It actually makes a marvelous scene for the whole land, as you are living in the cloud. From any part of the lodge, you will find one of the most breathtaking landscapes you have ever seen.

Overall, I was so happy with my remarkable trip to Sapa and Topas Ecolodge. With the story and info I shared, I do believe that you will have a great trip to the land too. Enjoy traveling, and don’t forget to tell my how amazing your journey is!

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  1. Another reason to but Vietnam on my bucket list. This place looks incredible, I can see why it was in National Geographic. Great photos! That food looked amazing as well.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment! My blog covers a lot of Vietnam posts which you can follow and make a great trip to the country.

  2. This is the kind of ecolodge that we do want to experience! Don’t worry about those mud on your shoes. The memories you’ve got won’t be washed away.

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