Reviews4 Things You Should Know before Choosing a Toiletry Bag
4 Things You Should Know before Choosing a Toiletry Bag

4 Things You Should Know before Choosing a Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag, toiletry kit, travel kit, or toiletry case is one of the must-have items that any travellers need to take on their trips. It does not only keep your small hygiene products but also categorizes them logically so that it is time-saving for you to find out those things. However, choosing a toiletry bag that suits your demands might drive you crazy in such a massive toiletry bag market in those days. Don’t worry, this post will help you find out which one is suitable for your needs.

Ok, So Why Do You Need to Own a Toiletry Bag?

A toiletry bag can carry a lot of personal items

As I said before, making use of a toiletry bag could help you save much time to pick out your shampoo or your favourite mask without fishing in a pool of a suitcase. You will have more time to enjoy your trip and stay away from some stupid questions such as do I bring enough shampoo for a 5-day trip? or where is my cleanser when you have taken off all your clothes in the bathroom? Moreover, sticking with a toiletry bag can save you from whimsical situations like all of your cosmetic products messing up and steep in your belongings after a long day on the plane. You should not wish it happen, trust me. So, when you have an idea of packing for a trip, remember to have your toiletry bag by your side.

Here are the factors that you should consider when choosing a toiletry bag:

1. Size

Basically, travellers always believe that a small toiletry bag is perfect for their travels. However, this concept doesn’t work well, sometimes. If you have a long day trip or travel with your family, the small toiletry case might not carry enough the things you need. This might result in hassles and bring you uncomfortable feelings throughout your vacation. Therefore, you should choose a toiletry bag with a size living up to days you take on a trip or how many people going with you.

1.1. Family Size

A big toiletry bag with different compartments for family use
A big toiletry bag with different compartments for family use

A big size toiletry bag for family. It is where keeps your family bathroom things all in one place. Hence, your family could travel without too many toiletry bags along. Most of all, the dimensions are 30x15x21 cm or 25x15x17 cm. A typical family bag would have around 5 compartments accompanied with designed pockets that fit for a variety of bottles, tubes or boxes of any members.

a toiletry bag for personal use
Toiletry bag for personal use

1.2. Personal Size

The basic bag for those who have a plan to travel alone, and just want to pack basic things. You can choose a Dopp kit or a multiple pocket bag as long as it has enough vacancies to keep your hygiene products. A tip to bring your favorite products without bringing big bottles is to use travel size bottles. They would pave more space in your toiletry bag.

2. Material

As same as the criteria of design, the material is also a big point you need to consider when choosing a toiletry bag. In terms of traveling, I suggest you should buy toiletry bags whose materials have these features: durable, waterproof, and easy to clean. Some of these materials could be plastic, water-resistant fabric, leather and canvas. However, nothing is perfect, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to your aims.

2.1. Plastic

An example of a plastic toiletry bag
An example of a plastic toiletry bag

A plastic bag is easy to clean, water-resistant, and transparent. It’s perfect for traveling abroad. However, it is easy to fade if you carry the bag under direct the sun. In other words, you have to take care of your bag regularly to make it looked good.

Plastic is mostly applied in making the TSA-approved travel kit as it’s transparent. The TSA can easily check it from an outside look.

2.2. Water-resistant Fabric

Durable Waterproof Material of Nomatic Travel Bag - The Broad Life Reviews
An example of water-resistant fabric

The most popular material in making a bag! It is tough, waterproof, countless colors and style to choose. Some even have cool patterns that make the bags more modern-looking. Yet, it can tear in age.

I particularly like this the most. My top choice, honestly. Apparently, you can easily bring it anywhere without worrying about water damaging your bag or stuff inside.

2.3. Leather

An example of a leather material
An example of a leather material

The leather toiletry bag is very durable, easy to clean, and looks fashionable too. However, it can get damaged if it gets wet.

Trust me, I like this material also. I even had a small shop hand-making leather stuff. Nevertheless, probably you may not want to bring this to where there is a lot of water. It’s easier to be damaged. You will have to change quite many bags if you do so.

2.4. Canvas

Canvas material
An example of a canvas material

This material is likely to be seen as the queen among other toiletry bag-making materials because it is sold everywhere at any style, colours, and prices. Many toiletry kits that are made by this canvas materials have images, or even printed pictures on the fabric.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep the canvas toiletry bag away from fluids such as watercolour, tomato sauce, soy sauce, etc. unless you want to ditch your favourite one.

3. Design

There are countless choices of styles in the design of toiletry bags that you could take your mind. These designs will be determined by how many pockets, compartments, or design of the toiletry bag.

3.1. Multiple Pocket Toiletry Bag

A kind of multiple pocket toiletry bag

If you are planning for a trip with a lot of small things accompanied, you should choose the toiletry kits that have different compartments. Those kinds of toiletry bags could help you keeping bottles, tubes, pill organizers, small phone accessories, etc. Of course, there are bags of different sizes and forms for you to choose from, depending on your needs for organizing stuff. As a result, your preparation will be well-optimized, and you can save more time finding out your things right in the first time.

In case you want to buy a multiple pocket toiletry bag, I have some ideas for you to quickly choose:

3.2. Dopp Kit or 1-compartment Bag

a leather dopp kit, 1-compartment toiletry bag

On the other hand, if you just want to bring some necessary daily things such as shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. Or a combo of make-up tools. Or, you just want to take out the travel kit, dropping out all the items, and pick the one you want. You even don’t have to remember which compartment you put that item in. That is when a one-compartment bag or a Dopp kit will be your ultimate choice.

Because it is designed with 1 primary, large compartment, the Dopp kit is super space-saving for your backpack. Furthermore, this kind of toilet kit is pretty much portable as most of that is small. Hence, you can bring it everywhere, easily. From these merits, I personally think that a Dopp kit will be suitable for trekking, or camping because of the convenience it brings to.

Here I have some great choices of Dopp kit in case you are looking for one, have a try:

3.3. A Roll-up, Hanging Toiletry Bag

A typical roll-up, hanging toiletry bag

Another toiletry case you can consider is the roll-up toiletry bag. It also has multiple pockets for several items, I mean, a lot of small items. Nonetheless, it’s quite compact since it can be rolled up into a unique form, which will save your space when you put it in luggage or backpack. Moreover, a big plus for this design is that it has a hanger, so you easily hang the bag in the bathroom or anywhere else you want.

It’s very convenient and suitable for use by both men and women. So if you are looking for one for your next trips, here are some of my suggestions:

3.4. Travel Pouch Drawstring Bag

Travel Pouch Drawstring Bag, a type of toiletry bag

As for make-up lovers, this bag is for you! I mean, you might not find out other bags that could show up all your make up items in just an open as the way drawstring bag does. It is simply a large round bag with some strings to keep everything inside not falling out. It is easy to use, time-saving for girls who wake up late and don’t want to rummage every corner of the toiletry bag to get her make-up tools. Btw, this kind of bag is pretty cheap, just from $7 to about $30. If you want to get one, here are some of my suggestions:

4. Is Your Toiletry Bag Approved at the Airport?

For guys who don’t know, TSA or transportation security administration is an issued rule to check what you bring along is allowed or not on the plane. TSA’s job may be an obsession with many people at the airport, it would be worst if your toiletry bag is a thing that renders you late for the desirable trip. So, why don’t you have yourself a TSA- friendly toiletry bag as soon as possible? The biggest plus point a TSA approved toiletry bag carries is transparency. You can easily manage all liquids, substances you bring along just by watching from outside of the bag! Thus, the price for a TSA approved bag is also affordable, just about $5. It is good preparation for an abroad trip, isn’t it!

If you are looking for some TSA-approved toiletry bags, here you are:

Overall, I hope this sharing and recommendations will help you find it easier to have your desirable toiletry bag. If you have any tips about choosing a perfect toiletry bag you want to share, feel free to let me and other guys know.

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  • valerie

    The toiletry bag is something I always overlook when packing my bag for trips. I usually use one with a built-in hanger, but I love the one on your list with the drawstring design. It’s cute and it closes up quickly.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah the drawstring one is somehow a little bit special than the others. It’s particularly designed for make-up tools.
      Have you got one?

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    I never thought twice about a toiletry bag! Typically when I travel, I just put my things in a plastic bag and call it a day!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Wow that’s fast, but I think a toiletry bag will help you a lot on your trip by its convenience. Perhaps you should try for your next journey

  • littlemisadvencha

    the quality of the material should really be looked into. and i agree with all these considerations. thank you for sharing!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Which material do you like the best? Perhaps you can support some people choosing their best one

  • Sara |

    We have one that’s worked well for us for years! All great points to share. Thank you! 🙂

  • TheSuperMomLife

    Well, I didn’t realize there was so much involved in choosing a toiletry bag. I just buy one that is functional and pretty.

  • StacieinAtlanta

    Good design is the number one priority in my mind. It doesn’t matter if the bag looks good if it isn’t all that functional.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I somehow share a similar priority with you. A toiletry bag with good design may be the definitely one that I choose

  • The JOYOUS Living | Influencer (@thejoyousliving)

    Gosh. I never thought of TSA requirements for toiletry bags. perhaps i packed mine in my checked luggage? but i think i’ll get one of those transparent bags just in case for next time. thanks.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yes I see a lot of people are new with the TSA.
      I think it’s good to prepare one TSA-approved bag just in case when you are travelling

  • katrina Kroeplin

    those are great tips. there is a little something for everyone and traveling is def a factor when you buy a bag.

  • emman damian

    I love big sizes so I can put more toiletries. Design is secondary. I’m into quality and utility.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      A hanging, roll-up toiletry bag will be the best choice for you

  • Iamgeetha blog

    Toiletry bag must have on travels. Thanks for sharing!

  • stephenrht

    Love the look of the leather bags, if I’m able to travel again this year, I’ll have to buy one

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah the leather bag is truly cool in design, and good also in utility. You should have one for your trips

  • Jessica Collazo

    I need a bag like that for my purse, the thing is that my bag is a little bit small but I need one.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Maybe you should find a canvas toiletry bag. The material’s utility is good for small space as you can easily to grab and package it

  • Daniel Sierra

    I am a big fan of toiletry bags. I used to travel a lot and the hanging toiletry bags are my favorite, you just get it out and hang it on your hotel bathroom and you have everything on hand. Danm I miss traveling haha

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah toiletry bag is definitely very convenient to use. I miss the time using them while traveling haha. Can’t wait to get on the trip!

  • knycx

    Thanks and who knows there are so many things to be aware of for a bag! I had a lot from my flights and I have them in all types and sizes – knycx journeying

  • forkwardthinkingfoodinista

    There are some really good tips here for sure. I always think there’s so much to consider with make up bags

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Glad that you like the tips. And I hope it can help you finding the right toiletry bag for your need 🙂

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