3 Best Types of Neck Pillow for Travelers


Neck pillow or C-shaped, U-shaped pillow is becoming more necessary nowadays. Especially to the people who need a pillow for neck pain or assistant for day sleep while moving around the globe, a neck pillow is much more important. As the item is now developed with various types, materials, and features, it simply brings us more different choices for the best suitable one to our needs. Overall, there are 3 common types of neck pillow for travelers. And this post will help you figure out your best fit one!

1. Latex Neck Pillow

Neck pillow for travelers made from latex

Many people love the U-shaped pillow made from latex. This one is very suitable for use in many purposes, especially when you are working, reading book, or even sleeping while sitting.

  • Moderate elasticity for the best comfortable
  • Water-proof, anti-mold, easy cleans and keep good condition
  • Could be deform but easy to get back to the normal state
  • Various design, easy to fit each user’s body. The form may depended on the structure of the latex
  • Especially long lasting
  • Usually heavy than other types
  • Not really ventilate as latex is a solid block, it prevents air or sweat to permeate

2. Foam Particles Neck Pillow

foam particle neck pillow for travelersUnlike memory foam, which is usually made in a block, the foam particle is a small ball made by foam. By putting a lot of foam particles inside the pillow, it brings a special softness to users. Outside, the pillowcase is usually made from stretchable fabric so the particles inside can move easier. Furthermore, the foam particles pillow is well-known with its varied designs, prices to fit anyone.

  • The small particles move inside the pillow that bring softness and comfortable to users
  • Usually the particles are created from high quality EPS foam, which make it sustainable and water-proof
  • The pillowcase is usually made by combining a side of stretchable fabric and a side of warm terrycloth
  • Kinda lightweight. Therefore, it can be easily carry into airplanes
  • Cleans easily. You can just put it on your washing machine
  • Cannot reduce the size
  • Foam particles neck pillow only has 1 designed form, unlike the latex one

3. Inflatable Neck Pillow for Travelers

inflatable neck pillow for travelers  inflatable u-shaped pillow for travelers

The inflatable u-shaped pillow is mainly designed to save space when packing stuffs. Especially to carry into cars or planes. Simply you just need to blow into the pillow to use. At anytime you don’t use, just deflate it. Then you can fold the pillow up and package it easily without wasting any space in your luggage.

  • It saves space in your luggage a lot!
  • Very lightweight also!
  • It isn’t really soft, ventilated
  • It also isn’t durable, easily damaged especially by sharp or heavy things


There are some distinctive neck pillow for travelers that designed to support user in the best way. It could be belonged to the 3 types mentioned above, some may not. However, with its special design and feature supported, I believe all the travelers should have one. Or, at least, try once!

The Trtl Neck Pillow

Trtl neck pillow for travelersYou may be right, or wrong, saying the Trtl Pillow is a scarf. I also stated the same at the first glance. Without the title or product description, I could be wrong saying it a scarf.  Even it is a part of the whole product. Anyway, this very special Trtl could be the top choice of neck pillow for travelers.

The Trtl is designed using super soft fleece and foam to make it softest and comfortable for user. With the size 18x18x9cm after folded, and lightweight, the pillow can be packaged easily. Or you can hang it on your bag. It also can be cleaned by washing machine.

The Trtl is an outstanding invention with the strengthened ribs is the main component. Users just need to keep the ribs at the right position on your neck, then wrap the scarf around. You then have the best neck pillow for travelers that hold your head in the right position for any sleep.


Travelrest, inflatable neck pillow for travelersThis product is an exceptional invention of the inflatable pillow. It’s created primarily to support users’ sleep while in plane or car, as all the other neck pillows. Nevertheless, Travelrest is distinguished itself with the special design that laterally support the full body. Furthermore, the pillow even prevents the user’s body from falling forward, which is the preferred feature that almost the u-shaped pillows do not have.

The pillow can be inflated quickly and deflate instantly, which is pretty ease of use. When in deflate, the pillow can be rolled over. With the total of about 200 gram, the pillow can be packaged easily into any luggages or bags. Or you can even attach it on luggages and backpacks’ handle.

By having an impressive feature alongside convenient design, the Travelrest pillow is really worth a try. And you can find it easily on Amazon.

I love to try many travel items that could extremely support my experience while on different trips. The 2 pillows above are just a small part of many effective and essential travel products that I have tried. From that, I made an ideal list of those travel items that I believe it will support a lot to any travelers. You could check out my wish list of travel kit and pick a companion for your journey, many are in good deals!


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  1. Great recommendations for neck pillows. I’ve been looking to buy one this time especially after the very uncomfortable train ride from Bangkok to Surat Thani.

  2. That’s a great list of neck pillows for you have actually mentioned the pros and also the cons of them. By looking at them, I feel I will still go for the inflatable pillow because it does not take much space. I agree that it will not be as soft as the other pillows but it will definitely help in managing luggage space.

  3. I don’t think I’ve seen very many of the inflatable kind, I have always been a bit reluctant to buy one of these because I would have to carry it around the airport. But the inflatable one could be the perfect solution to that! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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