ReviewsTrekking Experience for People with Weak Physical Strength
Trekking Experience for People with Weak Physical Strength

Trekking Experience for People with Weak Physical Strength

Experience trekking is extremely great! Indeed, it brings you good health, reduces stress, and especially takes you closer to nature, etc. However, it’s not easy for everyone to trek dozens of kilometers, particularly when you don’t have good strength. Don’t worry, with a few tips of trekking experience below, you can still trek to surpass yourself even if your physical strength is weak!

1. Build Endurance Before the Trekking Experience

Preparing endurance before trekking is very important. To build endurance, you should spend at least 5 minutes to 30 minutes per day doing light work-outs. Your body will get used to the movement hence you can avoid unexpected situations, such as cramps or quick exhaust when trekking.

2. Know When is Trekking Seasons Are

hiker on top of mountain beautiful day sun
A beautiful day brings you the best trekking experience.

You should go trekking when it is not too cold or too hot, such as autumn or spring. If it is too hot in summer, you will easily get heatstroke and quickly lose strength. When it is sunny, it may be a beautiful condition for hunting clouds and taking photos, but when it is shady, without rain, it is the best weather for trekking. If you still like to take pictures in the sun, you should choose a sunny day with scattered clouds. For first-time trekkers, it’s recommended to plan trekking for 2 days and 1 night for a more relaxing time.

3. Appropriate Clothing

The best outfit for any trekking experience is a quick-drying suit. Climbing shoes must have at least 0.5 to 1 size up because when climbing, all the force will be on the feet, which causes your feet to swell. Also, when climbing down, the force is on the tip of the toe, so if the shoes are too tight, your toes will be in pain. However, your shoes cannot be too wide, making it difficult to walk. Lastly, the shoes must be waterproof and have exceptional traction slip-resistant enough to grip even slick or wet surfaces.

You should wear light, comfortable, and moist-wick clothes with an elastic waistband for comfort and easy movement. To avoid scratches and crawling caused by collisions with small animals and plants, pants should belong over the ankle. Also, a pair of high-neck socks but not too tight, difficult for blood circulation. Gloves with good grip should be a must-have. If you trek on sunny days, you will sweat a lot, so you should prepare a headscarf to soak up and prevent hairs from covering your eyes, also protecting your forehead from some unexpected bumps.

4. Short Fingernails and Toenails for Better Trekking Experience

Anyone, especially who has weak physical strength, will sometimes need to use their hands to beat rough paths, so nails are easy to get dirty. Trimming nails neatly to ensure hygiene, avoid popping and breaking nails. Likewise, toenails need to be neat. Long toenails will interfere with the movement.

5. Rest When Need

take a rest when hiking mountain
Taking a rest is necessary for any trek, especially when it’s a hard trekking route like Ta Nang – Phan Dung.

When you feel tired, stop and breathe evenly to let your body recover. Limit sitting. If you sit, don’t sit for too long because the body is on the move, if you sit for too long, your legs will lose feeling and it will be harder to continue.

During the climb to the highest, whenever you feel like you cannot try anymore, stop and rest. Always think about the way down that awaits you. Because you have to be strong enough to return, you should save some energy to go back. Remember to use a cane for power support as a balancing tool. Once you are terrified of heights or have weak physical strength, on narrow roads, focus only on the steps and other people ahead of you. You must not look down, because it will cause dizziness. Maximize the use of branches and tree trunks on the side of the road if you see some. Don’t use rotten or dead branches or trees lying next to the cliff.

6. Prepare the Right Furniture

Please prepare small, compact, and light-weight foods, including candies, energy bars, or chocolate bars because they are essential for the trip, especially for weak physical people, hypoglycemia in particular, who need sweets to regain strength. Don’t eat too full, easy to urge to heavy stomach, difficult to walk. Keep the body as compact as possible. Avoid carrying too much. Bring only essential stuff such as backup chargers, phones, and flashlights. Bring a hot compress to use when the muscles need to relax in some cases.

For drinking, bring a small bottle of water to avoid drinking too much. When you drink too much water, the thirst is gone, but it leaves you nauseous and uncomfortable feeling with a full stomach.

7. Go with Great Teammates

a team reach the peak of bach moc luong tu mountain
It’s more enjoyable to trek with a great team, even if it’s your first trekking experience at Bach Moc Luong Tu.

Surely you will enjoy trekking with great company for support and having a good time. A porter should follow behind to trace, and another person with good physical strength to lead the road, especially for the difficult climbs.

When you have weak physical, the movement speed will not be as fast as experienced people. Your teammates must wait for you and support you mentally. It doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to go with a fast and experienced group. Always notify your teammates whenever you feel unwell to make sure you receive support and take a break.

8. Create a Motivation for Your Trekking Experience

For enthusiastic photographers, beautiful photos are the driving force for them to hit the road. Take time to take pictures, and at the same time, take a break. For many people, after taking beautiful pictures, the mood will be more excited, more motivated to continue. For many others, the highest climb is the motivation to push themselves to reach the top.


weak people trekking experience - the broad life pinterest board
trekking experience weak strength people - the broad life pinterest board

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  • thehealthfulideas

    Trekking is such a rewarding experience, especially when the views are amazing. It’s definitely something I want to do at some point. Thanks for the tips!

  • Ave

    I love trekking and remember that it was quite difficult in the beginning. But little by little and with some daily exercise the routes will be easier to take.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Definitely! It’s always hard in the beginning then you get more experience and everything’s easier.

  • Beth Pierce

    Appropriate clothing is important. I see a lot of people underestimating the weather and the path. They just wear sneakers.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah, many people focus more on the sneakers for the path, until they sleep under the cold night lol

  • Heather Klein Wolf

    I went trekking when I was pregnant and was definitely not prepared. Wish I had your tips prior to going!

  • Clarice

    I agree with you. I am not 100% physically fit to do trekking but taking short breaks and rest allows me to still go. Yes, we don’t really seat but being able to pause and recharge is making the difference. Thank you for sharing all these tips. Will apply them.

  • Jennifer Prince

    As simple as it sounds, clipping your toenails is brilliant! I’ve worn many a pair shoes where the nails have been a hinderance. Good point!

  • Ifeoluwa Anani

    I’m an adventurist ! These great tips for my next hike experience

  • Thena Franssen

    Great tips! Remembering to be safe is key as well but I love that you added the part about motivation. So true!

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