DestinationsAsiaTrang An Complex Ninh Binh – Beautiful Vietnam Landscape
Trang An Complex Ninh Binh – Beautiful Vietnam Landscape

Trang An Complex Ninh Binh – Beautiful Vietnam Landscape

I am a sleepy head. There is no doubt about it. And as a girl who can sleep through thunderstorms and my brother’s snores, I have no justification for that comment. But surprisingly, there is still one thing that can wake me up at 5 a.m. and get off my blanket despite the cold weather of Northern Vietnam in February. Yes, I’m talking about one of Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Trang An Complex, Ninh Binh.

About Trang An Complex – The Land of Peacefulness and of Kong

Trang An is a magical landscape that has a geological age of about 250 million years, located in the North of Vietnam just 2 hours from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The landscape of Trang An, Ninh Binh was created by the change in the earth, climate, and sea. Degradation Sea brought in hundreds of valleys, caves, and lagoons. Furthermore, the lagoon is home to many wetland ecosystems, limestone forests, archeological sites, and cultural and historical sites. You probably have already seen Trang An’s lagoons and mountains in the infamous movie Kong – Skull Island, which brought the great attention of many people to this Northern destination of beautiful Vietnam.

The picturesque landscape of Trang An, Ninh Binh
landscape at Trang An Complex

Transportation to Trang An Complex and Accommodation

Options for Moving to the Place

Transportation to Trang An, Ninh Binh is accessible in Hanoi. In fact, you can travel to Ninh Binh and visit Trang An either by bike or by bus, coach, etc. Most vehicles can be easily hired in Hanoi. Additionally, there are a lot of tourism agencies that sell travel packages and deals to Ninh Binh. I highly recommend you bargain when dealing prices with them.

Ideally, the cost of transportation to Ninh Binh from Hanoi should come in the range of VND 200,000/day for a bike and VND 600,000/day for a car. Also, you can rent vehicles in Ninh Binh to drive to Trang An. The fee range is also similar to the cost in Hanoi.

Budgeted Stays at Ninh Binh

By the way, the cost of accommodation is affordable too. Absolutely, it depends on the type of accommodation, as everywhere else in the world. In case you want to find some good budgeted choices, I figured out some for you below:

Trang An Complex Grottoes Tour

It’s a Must-do Experience

Nature at Trang An Complex

Back to the information about how Trang An was able to wake me up at 5 a.m. It was because if I had been late, I would not have a seat in 1 of the 2,000 boats that serve tourists in the place. Indeed, the most valuable experience at Trang An is to float through the place’s most picturesque landscapes by boat in the Trang An Grottoes tour, rowed by locals.

somewhere around Trang An complex
Beautiful landscape at Trang An complex.
a cave at Trang An Complex
Crossing a cave on the boat.

To witness Trang An’s infamous lagoons, river, and hidden historical shrines among the trees, you have to start from Trang An’s boat deck. There are 2,000 boats awaiting you and more than 12,000 tourists at peak times. I traveled to Ninh Binh, Trang An in the “Tet festival“ (Lunar New Year). Therefore, it is not the best time to travel to famous tourist attractions in Vietnam, because the number of people who travel there at the Tet festival is insane!

Actually, the Best Suitable Time and Places to Go

No worries, I have heard from the local inhabitants of Trang An that the best time of the year to visit Trang An is in July or August. Only then, the Trang An, Ninh Binh’s weather is very comfortable. It is not too hot or humid, and also not too cold and dry. The amount of visitors is also moderate, not over-crowded like when I traveled to Trang An in Tet.

Ninh Binh and Trang An Landscape Complex consists of many different spots to discover. If you are the one who seek serenity and tranquility feelings that are hard to get in the city, you can visit Trang An Grottoes tour, Ninh Binh, and Trang An – Tam Coc – Bich Dong Scenic Landscape. On the other hand, if you want to pursue your quest to learn Vietnamese History, you should visit the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, and the Hoa Lu Special-Use Forest, or embark on a spiritual path at Bai Dinh Pagoda where many ASEAN regional-record artifacts exist. Just an extra tip, Bai Dinh Pagoda is the largest one in Vietnam that also holds many records in Southeast Asia.

a corner of Bai Dinh pagoda at Trang An Complex

Final Words

Ninh Binh, Trang An gave me the most amazing feelings. I felt small among the vastness of nature and felt giant among the historical structure that was built on the vertical cliffs of Ancient Trang An’s mountains by my ancestors. Besides that, I felt serenity in the foggy weather of Ninh Binh in spring and felt astonished listening to the historical events that happened in this Northern land of beautiful Vietnam.

Reminiscing about the beautiful landscape of Trang An makes me want to become a poet, let’s finish this off with small poetry in the style of 6-word poem:

Trang An, once went, never forget.

the way to Bai Dinh Pagoda, Ninh Binh
Buddha statues at Bai Dinh Pagoda
a golden Buddha statue at Bai Dinh Pagoda


Trang An Complex, Ninh Binh
Trang An Complex, Ninh Binh

"I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list". When you are reading the words I wrote here on The Broad Life, you are reading the purest excitement and the happiest memory that I have before, during, and after every chances that I got to travel. Maybe, as I grow, my chances to become a true “wander luster” will also grow, and hopefully, you will stay with me through my development, through how I caught my opportunities to travel, through how I feel and how I learn things. We meet each-other at 22 at my first ever blog. Let’s see how long our friendship will be.


  • Phúc Trần

    A very nice article that bring me more info about Ninh Binh. Already put to my bucket list! 🙂

  • downthehobbitholeblogone1

    I love that it’s only a couple of hours away from the capitol. Sounds like a must see! Your pictures look like it’s straight out of a movie! Sooooo beautiful!

  • Ben

    Wow. Ninh Binh is gorgeous. I love those geographical formations and all the trees. I’d love to visit one day.

  • Elizabeth O

    It is so, so beautiful there! I would love to explore those grottos, the surrounding area, and the town. It looks like a wonderful place to reconnect with the world.

  • Brianne

    Ninh Binh is absolutely gorgeous. Those cliffs and grottos are just magical. I’d love to see it and experience it for myself one day.

  • Carrie Ann | Should Be Cruising

    I think I’d force myself to get up at 5 AM in the cold to see Trang An, too. It really does look like a magical landscape! I bet the grottoes tour was amazing.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      That’s actually amazing and magical! Surely you will enjoy it a lot.

  • Heather

    I hope to one day visit Vietnam. I heard that it’s such a beautiful place.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah, you can see Trang An complex – Ninh Binh as a great example of beautiful Vietnam.

  • Anngelic

    As a photographer, traveling to vietnam would be nothing short of a dream!
    I can’t wait to get back out there 🙂

  • Hayley

    Ninh Binh looks incredible. Its historical structure is really appealing.

  • Marysa

    Vietnam looks absolutely amazing to visit. Sounds like there are so many things to do, and I have heard the food is wonderful as well.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Absolutely, you can read my blog on Vietnam food to see how wonderful it is.

  • knycx

    The landscape and pictures look stunning and thanks for introducing this place in Vietnam! I have been to Ha Long Bay and glad to know that it was not the only place with such incredible features.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Ha Long Bay is incredible too. And from HLB you can take a short trip to Ninh Binh easily. Come and enjoy!

  • Steven Morrissette

    It’s a really pretty place. Would love to visit Vietnam on day in my life.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      You should put Vietnam on top of your bucket list. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more info.

  • milaroko

    Vietnam definitely is a beautiful land. All pictures I see are pure magic.

  • Monidipa Dutta

    The place looks so great. Such great captures I must say that and your description is lovely.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Actually, Ninh Binh is one of the most lovely places in Vietnam.
      You shouldn’t miss that when traveling to the country.

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