ReviewsHow to Get a Good Night Sleep in a Hotel
How to Get a Good Night Sleep in a Hotel

How to Get a Good Night Sleep in a Hotel

When traveling, if you do not sleep well, it will affect the quality of the trip quite a lot. Therefore, you should immediately save the tips to easily fall asleep more deeply. Actually, a good night sleep is truly effective and necessary not only when you are traveling but also for your daily life.

Noise or light are problems that cause people with insomnia to have headaches and find ways to overcome them, especially when traveling or spending the night in strange places such as hotels and motels. Even, many people can’t sleep with a small light shining into the room. Performing some simple tricks will help you to solve this problem.

Noise Problems

If you are sensitive to noise and that is what prevents you from falling asleep, choosing the location of your hotel room is also very important. When booking, you should call the hotel to ask them to arrange a quiet room. The location of this room should be away from the elevator or the street.

good night sleep in a hotel with a headphone and a good song

Alternatively, you can use noise-canceling earplugs or a white noise app on your phone.

Listening to a Repeated Tone

By considering a good night sleep is extremely important to maintain positive energy and health, I have researched different tips for deep sleep, including support from sound or tone. Nature sound is one of the examples, but have you ever heard about Solfeggio Frequencies or the 432Hz Healing Sound? Its repeated sounds are well applied in practicing meditation and yoga, and also aiding deep sleep.

If Solfeggio Frequencies or the 432Hz Healing Sound is a new idea to you, perhaps you want to try:

Cool the Room

Room temperature is also a factor affecting sleep. A cooler room is better for sleep. The benefits of a cool room are that it helps us fall asleep quickly, stables melatonin levels (melatonin is a hormone involved in regulating the body’s circadian rhythms and controlling sleep), and improves the quality of sleep.

Therefore, the first thing to do when you enter a hotel room is to cool the room. The ideal temperature is around 17-20 degrees for an adult. If you sleep with young children, you may increase the temperature even higher.

Create Complete Darkness

Once you’ve made sure your sleeping space is quiet and cool, you then deal with the lighting issues. A completely dark room surely helps you to have a deep sleep. There are tips for a good night sleep that you can use:

  • If light shines through the gap between the curtains, use one or two pants hangers (the clip-on type) to secure the curtains.
  • If there is light coming through the door, roll up a towel and place it under the door to block the light.
  • As for the flashing lights of the fire alarm, you can use a band-aid to stick it to the location where the light is emitted.

Finally, one of the simplest tips is to use a sleep mask. This item is useful both when sleeping in hotels and on planes and coaches. There are some really good sleep masks that you should check out:

renpho eyeris1 amazon best seller in sleep masks

Simulate the Feeling of Sleeping at Home

Doing things like smelling scents or hearing home-like sounds can make you feel more familiar and easier to fall asleep. For example, if you often use scented candles or pillows with your own scent, take it with you when you travel.

Reading a Book

Relaxing your mind is also a good way to fall into a deep sleep. Besides listening to a sound or a repeated tone, you can read a book, or combine both, to relax your mind. I usually bring a travel book to read before sleep. Indeed, I read books every time I want to sleep: at the hotel, on a beach, or on a plane. Not sure if you are the same, but my eyes close so fast every time I read books, haha. I have a separate post to introduce to you the best travel books of all time. I’m sure you will love reading it.

The Broad Life introduces to you great, inspirational books for your wanderlust. They aren’t just simple travel, each book recounts the author’s journey to discover and learn many awesome things from new civilizations and places.



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  • Stephanie Grillo

    Some really clever ideas in this article. Especially about keeping the room dark – this is important to my sleep.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Indeed, keeping a room dark when sleeping is even good for our health.

  • Yolanda

    This was such an awesome post. I have trouble sometimes shutting down my mind especially in new environments so I appreciate your suggestions. Definitely bookmarking this post for future reference

    • Khoi Nguyen

      You may want to try the sound. It helps when changing the environment.

  • Stephanie

    Surprisingly, I often sleep better in hotels than I do at home most of the time! I think at home I am worried about all the things I need to do and on vacation we are there to relax and I can. The only sleep issues we have is when my boys have to share a bed because they aren’t good at that yet!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      A good sleep while traveling is important to well keep our energy to explore the world. It’s great that you enjoy your sleep in hotels.

  • Chloe Arnold

    Yes!! I always LOVE a good hotel bed, but sometimes I still struggle to sleep. I also love to add a little lavender to my pillow. But a nice cold room is probably key for me!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      How can a little lavender help your sleep? I’m interested in that to add more tips to my post.

  • Rose A

    Smart to ask for a quiet room. Hotels, especially in the summer, cater to big groups, often with kids and they can run around pretty late.

  • Moments Inspire

    I love listening to frequency audios when I go to sleep even at home so I am sure those help a lot when traveling. Good information.

  • Kelly Bolen

    Great advice! I put the a/c on the lowest setting anytime we are at a hotel! It makes sleeping so much easier for some reason!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Just make sure the temperature is comfortable for you. The lowest setting is sometimes not suitable.

  • Clarice

    I am quite the opposite. I get to sleep better in hotels. Maybe because I am free from distractions and I tend to leave all my “things to do” at home.

    And yes, reading the book does the job for me and this is why I bring 1 or 2 whenever we travel.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      It sounds great that you can have good sleep in the hotels. That’s an important part to enjoy the trips.

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