CollaborationGiveaway Program – GPSMyCity X The Broad Life
Giveaway Program – GPSMyCity X The Broad Life

Giveaway Program – GPSMyCity X The Broad Life

Have you ever heard of travel article apps? Yes, this new concept is going to bring you a whole new experience while traveling. The latest app for this concept is provided by GPSMyCity. As our collaboration is starting today, I’m happy to offer everyone a giveaway.

But first, let’s learn more about the app!


What’s GPSMyCity – Travel Article Apps?

It simply can be understood as an app that contains articles for over 1000 cities in the world. Wherever you go, there are articles that fully give you the information at the destinations. The app can be downloaded for free on iOS devices. And at the time that you download, you have all the necessary info about where to go, where to eat, how to do, etc. of 1000+ worldwide cities right in your pocket.

The app also goes with an upgrade version in which you can have more benefits including:

Detailed Walk Route Map – the best way to enjoy the trip with full experience written in the article. With a clear direction shown on the map, you can have your travel planned from a to z at every destination.


GPS-Guided City Walk – GPS attached in the map that will show you the right direction to the final spot. There is no more loss happen to you in the new places.


Work Offline – Forget about Wifi, Internet, Roaming, or Data Plan; the app ease your life with an offline version allowing you to use it easily anywhere, anytime.


Multiple Walks in Each City – 1 simple click and all the gems in the city will appear. You don’t have to do any detailed research before the trip, just open your app, show the gems, and go to the place to ‘collect’.


Here’s Your Giveaway

There are 2 ways to read my articles in the app. You can either click on the links added at the end of the article or download GPSMyCity from AppStore, or Google Play. Then open it, and browse the article in the cities you want.

There is going to be an upgrade option for anyone who wants to enjoy the trip as I wrote in the article. Note: I can have some shares from the fee for upgrading to keep up my blog. Thank you for your support!

Currently, I have a long list of 12 articles being featured on GPSMyCity:

#PostRead on GPSMyCity
1A Guide to Dalat CityGPSMyCity travel app logo
23 Days at Cambodia – Day 1: To Phnom PenhGPSMyCity travel app logo
3Day 3 at Cambodia: Ancient Siem Reap!GPSMyCity travel app logo
4How to Travel Hoi An Ancient TownGPSMyCity travel app logo
5A Guide to Travel Quy NhonGPSMyCity travel app logo
6Saigon Foods, 12 Must-eat DishesGPSMyCity travel app logo
7A Full Guide to Travel Cameron Highlands, MalaysiaGPSMyCity travel app logo
8Hanoi Food Tour in One DayGPSMyCity travel app logo
93 Dishes of Dalat Food Everyone Must TryGPSMyCity travel app logo
104 Great Places of Mineral and Mud Bath in Nha TrangGPSMyCity travel app logo
11 12 Must-Try Nha Trang FoodsGPSMyCity travel app logo
12Food Marathon at Taipei Night MarketGPSMyCity travel app logo
13A Guide to Travel Ho Chi Minh CityGPSMyCity travel app logo
1448h Traveling Quy Nhon CityGPSMyCity travel app logo
1510 Beautiful Saigon Coffee ShopsGPSMyCity travel app logo
1612 Must-try Afternoon Snacks in Ho Chi Minh CityGPSMyCity travel app logo

Grab Your Giveaway – The Broad Life X GPSMyCity

The below article will be available for free upgrade in 1 week period (Mar 8 – 14), follow me and get yours now!

12 Best Afternoon Snacks in Ho Chi Minh City You Must Try
Ho Chi Minh City afternoon snacks

Afternoon snacks in Ho Chi Minh City


Free Giveaway - The Broad Life X GPSMyCity

Khoi Nguyen builds The Broad Life with a desire to inspire people go exploring the world and live a more interesting, experience, and adventurous life. This blog shares the stories, pictures, and experiences at destinations where he has traveled to.


  • Ntensibe Edgar Michael

    Hhhhhmmmm….I will surely give it a try! I have suffered with Google Maps long enough.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah this app’s definitely worth a try. I’m sure you will like it!

  • Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I will let my son know about this app. He will be traveling to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea mid-next year so I think this will the perfect app for him to have in his travels.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m sure this app could help your son a lots to discover hidden gems at places

  • Matt Taylor

    Wow, that is such a cool idea for an app! I will definitely have to try it out. It looks pretty awesome!

  • EmmanDamian

    Such a cool giveaway! I hope I can try GPSMyCity! Looks so nice!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Another cool Giveaway is going to run on Mar 8, 2021.
      You shouldn’t forget to join.

  • The JOYOUS Living | Influencer (@thejoyousliving)

    sounds like a fabulous tool. so many cities are walking only and i’m sure this tool will be a great help for many.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Definitely, this tool supports travelers a lot in getting to tourist destinations or hidden hems when visiting a new city.

  • kidneyfornikki

    So this is like a virtual tour guide? How cool! Are they going to continue to add cities or is the 1000 the goal?

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yes, you can think of this app as a virtual tour guide.
      There will be more and more cities to be added to the list. The Earth will be the only limit.
      We are going to have a Giveaway on the app on Mar 8-14 2021, you shouldn’t miss that.

  • Lily

    This is a cool travel app. It’s like your own tour guide in an app.

  • Rose A (@mail4rosey)

    That’s cool that you can plan it all A to Z. I like this concept.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      It’s great that you like the app and its concept.
      Btw, don’t forget to join the Giveaway of GPSMyCity on Mar 8-14 2021.

  • clydequin93

    I didn’t even know that this exists! This is really a cool idea for travelers.

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