DestinationsAsiaMy 3 Days in Dalat in June 2022
My 3 Days in Dalat in June 2022

My 3 Days in Dalat in June 2022

I spend more time traveling to Dalat in the summer because of the hot weather in Ho Chi Minh City. Indeed, Dalat’s cold and comfortable atmosphere attracts visitors all year round, including me. Besides, Dalat continuously has new places for food and experience as points of interest. It truly knows how to both attract new visitors and keep the old ones. Just in time, I came back from Dalat recently, let me show you what I have done in 3 days in Dalat city. I and my family did a food tour and there are places that you will like.

My 1st Day Started on Friday

Honestly, I rarely go to Dalat on the weekend. It is too crowded at that time so I could hardly enjoy the environment in just 3 days in Dalat. However, this time was different. There was a show that I and my family wanted to join on Saturday. Hence, I broke my rule of not going on the weekend, I and my family started to travel to Dalat on Friday. We went to Dalat city from Bien Hoa city. The trip started at 11:00 a.m. and was expected to get to Dalat at 4:30 or 5:00 p.m.

Vietnamese Dishes at Noon

Since having a child, I love driving the car to different travel destinations with my family. I can stop anywhere across the way so my kid can take a rest and have more experience at places.

On the way to Dalat City, we stopped at a restaurant in Dinh Quan district, Dong Nai province. As Dong Nai is the biggest province in Vietnam, I forget the exact point of the restaurant. But from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat City, the restaurant is on the right after passing a bridge. It’s a good restaurant with affordable prices for lunch, and especially a clean toilet. Of course, the food is good too.

Vietnamese lunch
The lunch we had was at a Vietnamese restaurant in Dinh Quan District.

The First Night with Quán Ốc 33

Unexpectedly, we reached Dalat at around 7:00 p.m. Yes, it was about 2 hours later than our first expectation. The road was crowded with many people who traveled to Dalat city too. We were a bit tired, but it didn’t stop our excitement of looking for a good place for dinner. We then headed to one of our favorite restaurants in the city with delicious dishes of beef and snail.

snail with meat at quán ốc 33 hai ba trung street dalat
It’s the snail that made the name of Quán Ốc 33 restaurant.
grilled beef at Quan Oc 33 restaurant Hai Ba Trung street
The delicious grilled beef at the restaurant. The address is 33 Hai Ba Trung, or you can find the same restaurants around 172 Hai Ba Trung Street.

Our night ended with the well-known avocado ice cream in Nguyen Van Troi Street. If you are the type of person who loves to have something cold like ice cream on a cold day, then this dessert should be on your list. You can buy the ice cream to enjoy at Xuan Huong Lake. That will be an x3 cold.

The 2nd Day – The Main Day Wandering Dalat City

During the 3 days in Dalat, we had the whole second day in the city for many experiences and activities. As this trip was decided to be a food tour, the plan was full of restaurants and coffee shops. And it was Bun Bo that began my day.

My Breakfast with Bun Bo Thien Trang

Actually, my cousin introduced me to this restaurant. My first impression was there were so many people coming to the place for breakfast. As there were so many customers, the restaurant served only one kind of Bun Bo with the same toppings. Indeed, they just counted the number of people in the group and brought enough bowls for their customers.

bun bo thien trang for my breakfast in 3 days in dalat
It’s Bún Bò Thiên Trang at 2b Hồ Tùng Mậu street, Ward 10.

That’s one thing why I don’t want to travel to Dalat on the weekend. There were so many people sitting around that I and my family didn’t have space to enjoy the bowl of Bun Bo. Please don’t ask me how it tasted! I didn’t have time to really enjoy my breakfast. We just finished our dishes quickly and went to a coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere of Dalat.

The Choco Chocolate and Coffee Shop

It’s The Choco coffee shop, located right at Dalat Railway Station. They make really good drinks. As my expectation for a coffee land, I had a really good milk coffee cup there. It even made me forget the bad experience I had at breakfast.

Additionally, The Choco is well-known for handmade chocolate in different flavors. Indeed, you can have a try of their chocolate. You don’t have to buy after trying, but most people cannot resist the flavor, and then they end up leaving the shop with at least a box of chocolate on hand, lol.

inside the choco coffee shop
Inside The Choco chocolate and coffee shop. You can try different chocolate flavors while ordering your drinks.
inside the choco coffee shop with wooden furniture and yellow lights
The space is cozy with wooden furniture, flowers, and yellow lights.

I like this coffee shop’s space too. It’s big on the outside with a parking lot for tens of cars. In the back, the coffee shop connects with the area of Dalat Railway Station, which is one of the top attractions in the city. The inside space with a wooden decoration brings the true feeling of mountainous land. It was about 10:00 a.m. with a high temperature but I was still comfortable at the place. Yes, the coffee shop is now my top recommendation for a destination in Dalat City to visit. Honestly, I would rate this the top place in my 3 days in Dalat.

My family is playing in the choco coffee shop dalat
My daughter was extremely happy playing with the family in the coffee shop.
Dalat Railway Station behind The Choco coffee shop
The back of the coffee shop connects with Dalat Railway Station’s area. You can get in to take photos with the train and the background.

Banh Uot Long Ga for a Hot Noon

My mom and my child got back to the hotel to sleep. My cousin went to Nha Bo slope for her friend’s challenge on Tiktok. I and my wife came to the area of Tang Bat Ho Street to find something for lunch. We picked Bánh Ướt Lòng Gà, a bit cold dish for a hot day. Honestly, it wasn’t good to my taste. I was not sure if the flavor changed or something happened to the ingredients, but it wasn’t as good as my first time eating it.

bánh ướt lòng gà and sugarcane juice in my 3 days in Dalat
I and my wife’s lunch with Bánh Ướt Lòng Gà and sugarcane juice at Chíp Chíp restaurant – No. 4 Tăng Bạt Hổ Street, Ward 1.

Anyway, if you go from the central market to Tang Bat Ho Street, you will see a green restaurant on the right. It was where I had my lunch. There are many other dishes to choose from besides the cold Bánh Ướt Lòng Gà. And I hope you will find something good there.

I then went to a billiard club to play with my cousin and her friend before the afternoon show.

Mây Lang Thang

This is a well-known show that is regularly on the hill of Dalat. Their stage is always amazing with nice decoration and a background that looks to the valley in the area. Especially, they have famous singers at every show, which is why the ticket price is quite high.

Unfortunately, the show wasn’t as good as I expected. It wasn’t hosted on a hill. The place has been upgraded, so they moved to an old villa in Tran Hung Dao Street for the show. Furthermore, it was rainy so people had to stay close together under cover, making the space so cramped and uncomfortable to enjoy the show. That was bad! I spent about $22 on the ticket and my first experience with Mây Lang Thang wasn’t as expected.

Mây Lang Thang show in the second day in my 3 days in Dalat
The show of Mây Lang Thang has moved to an old villa space because of the upgrading of the old stage.

However, I think Mây Lang Thang is doing good with the shows, just some unlucky things happened to me. Perhaps I will wait till they do on the hill and join another time.

We Celebrated My Mom’s Birthday at The Pallet

We prepared a cake, and flowers and booked a table at Tiệm Ăn Pallet – Lẩu Treo Gà Bay (The Pallet) to surprise my mom for her birthday. That night was good overall. But about the restaurant, I was a bit surprised seeing there weren’t many customers when we just got in. It was Saturday so I thought that the food there wasn’t good enough to attract people. Also, the slope that leads to the restaurant from the parking lot was hard to go, particularly when the rain was just over. Probably those things prevented people from coming to the restaurant, despite the food being quite fine.

We ordered the restaurant’s signature dish – Flying Chicken, a Strawberry Salad, a Hotpot, and two bottles of Soju. I was quite satisfied with the food here. Yes, they were as good as said in TikTok videos. Especially the Flying Chicken was impressively displayed and the taste was so good with marinated spices.

flying chicken at the pallet restaurant
He was extremely excited about the flying chicken.
birthday celebration in 3 days in Dalat
We surprised my mother with her birthday celebration at The Pallet restaurant.

The Last Day of 3 Days in Dalat Trip

We woke up early for our last breakfast and coffee in Dalat City before heading back to Ho Chi Minh City. We truly wanted something good to end our trip. Yes, a restaurant with a long menu was a good choice to order different dishes.

Bánh Mì HỒNG

From the hotel that I booked this time – Minh Chi Hotel, walking up to the left road, there was a restaurant Bánh Mì HỒng at 72 Yersin – on the right of the road that serves different local dishes. With the advantage of many family members, we ordered all the dishes the restaurant had. There was Bánh Căn, Bánh Mì Xíu Mại, Thịt Nướng, and Soya Milk. Overall, the food was really good for me for breakfast. We even ordered 20 meatballs (Xíu Mại) to bring home. Hence, I recommend this place if you are looking for a spot for breakfast in Dalat city.

banh mi xiu mai, grilled pork, and vietnamese sausage for breakfast
It’s Bánh Mì Xíu Mại, Grilled Pork, and Vietnamese Sausage for my breakfast on the last day.
Bánh Căn and bánh mì xíu mại
Here we have Bánh Căn and Bánh Mì Xíu Mại.

NEAR Coffee

Remember the show from Mây Lang Thang that I mentioned above? Yesterday after finishing the show, we found a nice coffee shop nearby. We decided to come back there for coffee on the last day in Dalat, it’s NEAR Coffee. If you also know about cryptocurrency, I know what you are thinking about the shop’s name, lol. Anyway, they truly had very nice decorations in the area with even a garden of cactus. My coffee was good too. You can also order some snacks or bread to slowly enjoy the environment. That’s truly how a visitor should enjoy the time in Dalat. And yes, this is another top pick for my 3 days in Dalat besides The Choco.

the old villa is turned into a coffee shop
The old villa has been turned into a nice coffee shop.
cacti garden in NEAR coffee shop that I visited in 3 days in Dalat
The coffee shop even has a garden of cacti in its area.
me and my daughter taking photo in a villa coffee shop in 3 days in dalat
Me and my daughter taking a photo with the mirror inside the villa café.
luxury decoration inside NEAR coffee shop
The luxury decoration inside the villa of the NEAR coffee shop.

We said goodbye to this beautiful city at around 10:00 a.m. but surely I would come back to Dalat one next day.


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food trip in 3 days in Dalat - the broad life pinterest board
3 days in dalat food tour - the broad life pinterest board


There is no city where I write as many posts as Dalat. Honestly, I really want to have a chance to stay in the city for a long time, or even live there. I promise you may feel the same when visiting the city. If you want to know more about the place before your trip to Dalat City, here are more blogs for you to read.

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    • Khoi Nguyen

      It’s a beautiful land where you can truly enjoy your life.

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    Your food photography is excellent! This is an excellent post on how to spend 3 days in Dalat!!! Perfect for first-time travelers.

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    You had an amazing 3-day trip in this place. I love all the food! I hope I can do the same.

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