Day 2 at Cambodia – Khmer FOOD!


It was a really long day on bus so this post is about things and stories that I met on rest stops. And you can read here my story of the first day in Cambodia in case you missed it.

This is the central market at Phnom Penh, I have gone to it very soon to take time going to Siem Reap. It was about 7:30 am and many booths still were not open. So I decided to go a round and take a few pictures about this market. There are many things you can buy as gifts or as souvenir. You can pay by US dollar, Riel (Cambodia currency) or Vietnam Dong. But one thing to remember, you have to bargain with the sellers when buying anything because they rise the price quite highly (I think you can pay about 50 – 60% from what they say).

After visited the market, I put my ass back on the bus’ seat and went to the first rest stop, a town named Skuon or famous with the name Spiderville. It’s quite famous with tourists because it’s on the way from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, so missing it won’t make your tour full when visiting this country. At the Spiderville, obviously they have very unique and special foods of Cambodia, fried spiders and also other bug-foods. If you want to enjoy, it’s about 10k VND (or $0.5 US). Some people tell that spider meat is delicious and the taste is like crabmeat. But I’m sure that I don’t want to eat those.

At the market they also have really good boiled eggs (this one I can eat :-D) in case you are hungry while on a long way.

It was not take me so much time at the second rest stop. It’s a coffee shop with a nice view on a big field.


The third rest stop is a historic, traditional area of Cambodia.

It used to be an important bridge in Cambodia. In the war with Khmer Rouge, this bridge was the main way for suppliers of both sides. A lot of wars happened there as well as a lot of people have fallen. So on the two sides of the bridge, we can see some bowls for incense. Now, people have use another path for moving and keep this place as a witness of history.

If you notice in the pictures, you can see the Naga sculpture in many places at Cambodia. That’s symbol is related to an old and traditional story of how this country is made:

Long time ago, the King of Chanla Kingdom had a prince named Kampu. However, after he has been born, the Kingdom was not good. It faced many un-luck situations for years. And the people of Chanla claimed for the appear and raise of the Prince Kampu; they want the Prince dead. Because of the love of the King, he wanted Kampu to go out of the country to reduce the heat of people.

Prince Kampu had went to Indonesia where he met the daughter of Naga – the snake King. The Princess is a charming, smart, gentle but assertive person; that’s why Prince Kampu had loved her in the first sight and wanted to marry her. With the brilliant skills, Prince Kampu had passed all the tough tests of King Naga and marry the princess.

Nevertheless, Prince Kampu is a human and he lives on the ground. In contrast, the princess lives deep down under the water. It was hard for them to live together. Therefore, King Naga had drunk an enormous water to make the land and water closed together. And the land now become Cambodia as the name of the Prince Kampu.

Besides the history, at the bridge there are some people sell foods which are made from Cambodia palm tree. And trust me, it’s really delicious (unlike the bug and spider food 😉 )

That was the last rest stop in the way from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Hope it’s good to read while I’m writing Day 3 at Cambodia: Siem Reap and Angkor. Let’s go to the next story with a lot of beautiful and imposing images!

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