Destinations10 Best Dubai Attractions for First Time Visitors
10 Best Dubai Attractions for First Time Visitors

10 Best Dubai Attractions for First Time Visitors

Is this your first trip to Dubai? You’re in for a terrific treat! It’s hard to recommend all the Dubai attractions to a first-timer because we want you to see and enjoy everything Dubai offers, which is a lot. Still, we’ve curated 10 wonderful attractions that as first-timers, you simply must enjoy in this city of marvels. So what are we waiting for? Let’s begin and check out where you want to go and what you want to do on your very first Dubai adventure!

1. The Marvelous Burj Khalifa!

Burj Khalifa landmark

The top Dubai attractions all the time. No visit to Dubai can be complete without a trip to check out the incredible Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world with its amazing shape and glittering glass windows is a sight to see. Be sure to take the fastest elevator in the world to the 125th-floor observatory deck. From here, you can see all of Dubai plus the desert, all the way to the sea and beyond. You’ll be standing at a height of nearly 500 meters and there are several floors above you. The Burj stands proud at 828 meters. Look down upon the incredible Dubai Fountains from the observatory deck. It’s a stunning show with the water jets shooting up for 155 meters.

Book Your Ticket to the Burj Khalifa and See Dubai from the Sky

Are you ready to experience the thrill of visiting the world’s tallest building? If so, don’t miss this amazing opportunity to book your ticket to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. You’ll get to enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the 124th and 125th floors, as well as access to the exclusive lounge on the 148th floor. You’ll also learn about the history and architecture of this iconic tower, which stands a staggering 828 meters high. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see Dubai from a different perspective, so don’t wait any longer. Book your ticket today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

2. The Exquisite Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Below the Burj Khalifa is the splendid Dubai Mall with its 1200-plus retail outlets. Allow yourself some time to explore this exquisite mall and all its attractions. The Dubai Mall houses the incredibly exciting VR Park, which offers the best virtual reality experience in all of the UAE. There’s also the Underwater Zoo and Aquarium in the basement, where you can walk through a transparent acrylic tunnel, surrounded by colorful marine life. Be sure to taste some great food at the Dubai Mall’s food court, which has over 150 eateries. One of the major attractions at the mall is the Gold Souq, whose glitter can be seen from quite a distance.

3. The Incredible Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Firstly launched on Valentine’s Day in 2013, The Dubai Miracle Garden is a feast for the eyes and for the soul since then. Spend a restful afternoon in this magnificent garden of exquisite flowers and plants that are shaped to resemble global landmarks, people, arches, hearts, and more. Each year, the formations are changed to provide constant excitement to visitors. Flowering plants are shaped to look like giant teddy bears, airplanes, fairy tale houses, castles, cartoon characters, and a series of lovely arches to walk through.

Just a quick note that Dubai Miracle Garden doesn’t open from Jun to Oct. Therefore, please make sure you carefully get enough info for your plan to travel to Dubai in the summer. Book your Miracle Garden ticket in advance while planning your Dubai trip to make sure you don’t miss any attractions!

4. The Lovely Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow

The Dubai Garden Glow is an extravagant park that opens in November every year and closes in February. Here you’ll find a fantastic land of dinosaurs, all realistic animatronics that move, growl, and scare you to death. There’s also a fabulous garden of lights full of eco-friendly artwork made out of millions of small bottles and CDs. There’s also a stunning Ice Park, with huge, perfect ice sculptures. Then there’s the ‘largest glow-in-dark garden’ that’s been made out of tons of energy-saving bulbs and yards and yards of recycled luminous fabric. It’ll be a trip into a modern-day fairyland that will mesmerize you the moment you step in. Try to arrange your visiting time and book your ticket in advance so you don’t miss this top Dubai attractions.

5. Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Dessert Safari in the most populated city in UAE

During your overnight safari, you’ll get to enjoy the best of the day desert and the night desert. You’ll get to enjoy an amazing sunset when the setting sun’s orange glow overwhelms the sky. You’ll get to enjoy a remarkable Emirati and continental feast in the tent, to the accompaniment of belly dancing, Tanura dancing, and henna tattooing. After this you’ll get the chance to spend a wonderful night under the stars, soaking in the romance of the night desert.

Experience the Desert Culture and Adventure with a Red Dunes and Camel Safari

If you’re looking for an authentic and adventurous way to explore the desert, you’ll love this red dunes and camel safari with an overnight camp in Dubai. You’ll get to ride a camel, enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner, watch traditional entertainment, and sleep under the stars in a comfortable tent. You’ll also have the chance to try sandboarding, henna painting, and shisha smoking. This is a perfect way to experience the culture and beauty of the Arabian desert, so don’t miss this opportunity. Book your safari today and get ready for an amazing night!

6. Palm Jumeirah Islands

Palm Jumeirah Islands

There are many ways to enjoy the remarkable Palm Jumeirah Islands. You can take the monorail to the island and explore it via taxi. Or, you can take a helicopter flight over Dubai and make several slow passes over the islands. When you’re on the Palm Jumeirah Islands, be sure to visit the exquisite Atlantis Hotel at one end and the Burj al-Arab at the other. These two magnificent works of artful architecture will blow your mind. Also, visit the Aquaventure Waterpark that’s near the Atlantis Hotel for some cool water rides.

7. Dubai Dhow Cruise

Dhow Dinner Cruise in the most populated city in UAE

When you’re in Dubai, don’t forget to sign up for an exciting dhow cruise along the Dubai Marina or the Dubai Creek, or Dubai Canal, or all three. These water bodies are lined on both sides with incredible architecture, bridges, manmade waterfalls, and much more. Sign up for an evening dhow cruise and you can enjoy the sight of the city lit up with colored LED lights. Onboard the dhow, there are cultural entertainment and plenty of fine food and music to entertain you.

8. Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk and Dubai Marina

Jumeirah Beach Residence Walk and Dubai Marina

The manmade Dubai Marina is fenced by a number of beautiful skyscrapers whose lights illuminate the sky. As you walk along the Jumeirah Beach Walk, admire the city’s splendid architecture, and the fancy uber-expensive cars and yachts parked along the marina. Check out the pricey cafés, restaurants, and top Dubai nightclubs in the area. JBR is perhaps the most luxurious area in Dubai, suffused with riches. It’s a great place to spend some quality time in the evening.

9. Ski Dubai

Dubai Attractions - Ski Dubai

Yes, Ski Dubai appeals to be a real-to-goodness ski resort in the middle of the desert. Constantly maintained at -6 degrees Celsius, this fabulous indoor ski resort is several football fields large. There are several ski slopes to pander to each skier’s expertise level. There’s the world’s longest Diamond Run, at 400 meters as well. Be sure to check out the cute penguin park, the ice cave, the snow park, and other attractions at Ski Dubai. It’s one of the best Dubai attractions, buy your ticket now to make sure you don’t miss it!

10. The Dubai Creek

Dubai Attractions - Dubai Creek

There’s no point in visiting a city and going back without understanding its roots. Explore the Al Fahidi Historic Neighbourhood, its old houses and wind towers were actually made of black coral. The Dubai Creek is a saltwater estuary, where the Bani Yas tribe settled. The Creek facilitated transport to Dubai’s pearl diving and fishing industries. Today, the area is awash with history. Be sure to visit the Dubai Museum and the spice markets of Bur Dubai. Cross the Dubai Creek in an abra and explore the Deira side with its textile souks.

Save Money and Time with the Dubai Explorer Pass

Dubai is a city of wonders, where you can find everything from the world’s tallest building to the largest indoor theme park. But visiting all these amazing attractions can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if you have to buy individual tickets and wait in long queues. That’s why you need the Dubai Explorer Pass, which gives you access to 3, 4, 5, or 7 of the city’s top attractions for one low price. You can choose from over 40 options, including the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Aquarium, the Desert Safari, and more. You’ll also get a guidebook with maps, tips, and discounts on dining and shopping. The pass is valid for 60 days from the first use, so you can explore Dubai at your own pace and convenience. Whether you want to enjoy the stunning views, the thrilling rides, or the cultural experiences, you’ll find something for everyone with the Dubai Explorer Pass. This is a great way to save money and time while enjoying the best of Dubai, so don’t hesitate. Book your Dubai Explorer Pass today and get ready for an amazing trip!


With this agenda, you’ll be well satisfied with your Dubai trip. There’s more to see in Dubai through – the Dubai Frame for one. Enjoy all our curated Dubai attractions on your first trip and check back with us for more itineraries.

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Neha Singh - Dubai Attractions Contributor

Neha Singh
Dubai Contributor
An avid trekker, explorer, and a true foodie; Neha finds happiness in small endeavors of life and loves to pen them down as a cherished memory. A firm believer that “we have just one life to live and so much to do”, Neha lives every moment to the fullest.

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