DestinationsAsia48h in Quy Nhon City, What to Do?
48h in Quy Nhon City, What to Do?

48h in Quy Nhon City, What to Do?

A hidden gem of Middle Vietnam, Quy Nhon City brings to you the amazing taste of the sea, mountains, and beautiful roads alongside the beaches with sunshine. Hence, many people choose Quy Nhon to spend their long vacation with their beloved ones. While the others would love to stay a night in the city as a rest stop on the route Nha Trang – Da Nang.

In case you only have 48 hours but want to thoroughly enjoy the whole land, here’s my suggested itinerary for your trip.

Day 1

8:00 – Having Breakfast at Quy Nhon

Asking noodle with pork offal or Bánh Hỏi Lòng Heo in Quy Nhon city
It’s a dish of Bánh Hỏi Lòng Heo in Quy Nhon city.

Quy Nhon City is a paradise of good and cheap foods. Among many dishes that you can choose for your breakfast, Bánh Canh Chả Cá (Rice noodle soup with grilled fish) and Bánh Hỏi Lòng Heo (Asking noodles with pork offal) are outstanding. You can go to Bún Cá Phượng Tèo, or Bà O to enjoy the rice noodle soup. Or come to Quán Mẫn at 76 Tran Phu Street or Cô Năm at 41 Nguyen Chanh Street for the asking noodle with pork offal.

9:00 – To Ky Co

Located nearly 25km from Quy Nhon city center, Ky Co is a very special beach. The coastline is curve-shaped as a crescent, with 1 side looking at the sea and the other 3 sides all facing the mountain. Therefore, you have 2 paths to come to this paradise beach:

  • The first choice, you can take a motorbike or taxi to Eo Gio, it gonna take you about 200k or more for a taxi. Then, another 20 minutes of going by canoe to the beach.
  • On the other hand, young and strong travelers who love to experience can choose to go by road. Starting from the Suoi Ca bridge, going along the mountainside of Phuong Mai to the South.

Coming to Ky Co, don’t forget to play the outdoor activities while immersing yourself in the beautiful landscape mixed with the sky, the ocean, and the mountain.

11:00 – Diving at Seo Islet

The ‘hottest’ spot to see the coral is at Nhon Ly ward. It’s about 5km from Ky Co, so you can go straight to the islet by canoe.

At Seo Islet, you can sit on the glass-bottom boat to watch the coral, or dive to see it directly. Just a note, you should be careful and conscious of protecting the sea creatures when enjoying your trip here.

12:00 – Seafood for the Lunch

The area of Nhon Ly has a list of different seafood restaurants for you such as Leng Keng 2, Hoang Thao, Huong Duong, Hoa Bien, etc. Otherwise, you can ask the locals to tell you the best one.

Normally, I would rate the quality of the restaurant if they serve fresh seafood, and the price is affordable. Just make sure you take a look around and ask about the price. After all, please come back to this post and tell me which restaurant is your favorite.

15:00 – Eo Gio

Eo Gio, Nhon Ly, Vietnam

Still in Nhon Ly, so it’s not hard for you to reach this place. The name Eo Gio originated called based on the geographic shape of this land. To illustrate, imagine you are holding a tree with both your hands, this is how a small strait here is covered by two mountains. Yes, it’s similar to nature’s whole round of hands embracing the beautiful beach here.

Additionally, the strong sea waves and wind here have affected in creation of 19 bird caves in the area, making it the second place in the country with the most bird nests.

16:00 – Visiting Ngoc Hoa Monastery

The sacred monastery is just next to Eo Gio. Carried a grave shape but somehow softness as in Buddhism’s culture, the place is outstanding with its massive architecture.

18:00 – Dinner with Quy Nhon’s Specialty

Dancing Shrimp Pancake, or Bánh Xèo Tôm Nhảy
The Dancing Shrimp Pancake is to be wrapped with vegetables in a rice pancake.

The dinner menu is definitely long with so many delicious foods. Some that you can try such as the Dancing Shrimp Pancake, Vermicelli with Tuna, and Jellyfish Salad, you name it.

Day 2

8:00 – What to Eat for the Breakfast?

I always want to start a day early, especially when I’m on my trip. By waking up early, I have more time to enjoy a coffee after finishing my breakfast. Particularly, in Quy Nhon city, there are many nice coffee shops with a sea view where you can both enjoy a nice cup of traditional Vietnamese coffee while enjoying the wind blowing from the ocean.

For breakfast, you may want to try the Shrimp Vermicelli at My Hanh restaurant. The most well-known ingredient of this is shrimp, which is only caught at Tra O Lake to keep its taste. A bowl’s price is very affordable at VND 18,000, not even equal to $1.

10:00 – Cu Lao Xanh Island or Xuan Hai Fishing Village

The fishing village at Cu Lao Xanh island, near Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh, Vietnam
The fishing village on Cu Lao Xanh Island.

An invaluable gift that nature gives to the land Quy Nhon. About 20km going by ship, you can enjoy the whole unlimited space of the sky, sea, and island. There is a lot of spots on the island for you to explore, including the idyllic life of the local. Furthermore, at sunset, the island is similar to a studio that provides different beautiful backgrounds for visitors to take photos or save the best memories on the island.

In case you don’t want to go to Cu Lao Xanh Island, there is Xuan Hai fishing village. Alongside the road, you can enjoy the natural picture mixed with mountains and the sea. At the fishing village, you can enjoy the fresh seafood cooked right by the aquafarm there.

15:00 – Playing Games at Seagate

7km away from Quy Nhon city center, on the route Quy Nhon – Ky Co – Kho Islet – Eo Gio, Seagate is an attractive tourist destination with a lot of exciting experiences. Designed as a theme park with the highlight of nature, mountains, and forests, there are a lot of games and activities suitable for any age. Surely it will cost you hours to fully enjoy everything here.

17:00 – Han Mac Tu’s Poetry Garden

Starting from a rocky slope called Mong Cam to the tourist area Ghenh Rang, you have a chance to walk across a winding road while engaging your soul with the romantic and picturesque nature around. Getting to the tomb of Han Mac Tu, you can see a lot of his poetries written on the rocks placed among the vast green space of pine trees surrounded.

Probably you may not want to visit this place too late. In my opinion, it’s a little bit creepy when going there after 18:00. Anyways, spending your night with a good dinner or a few glasses of beer is always a better choice.

Where to Stay in Quy Nhon City?

Hopefully, the hotels and homestays I introduced you to in my superior guide to traveling Quy Nhon are enough for your stay. Nevertheless, extra info is always extra good for planning a perfect trip. And here are some other truly nice places to spend your night in the city:

Anantara Quy Nhon Villas

Located on a silent and quiet seaside, Anantara Quy Nhon Villas totally has 26 private villas, all having their own pool, sharing a 7.2ha land. Half of the villas lie on the hill, coolly covered by the shadow of the green trees. Whereas, the other half is just a few steps from the beach.
Staying at Anantara Quy Nhon Villas is surely an exceptional experience, especially in how it takes care of customers. They have different packages of healthcare to choose from 1 day, 3 days, or 5 days. Besides that, this Quy Nhon resort also provides a long list of ‘see & do’ with the clearest instruction for any participants. Stay, and enjoy your beautiful days!

Crown Retreat Resort

You can find the resort on the lovely Trung Luong beach. Crown Retreat Resort Quy Nhon has 50 modern and premium bungalows designed fully in the style of a seaside, immersing the space entirely with the sun of the land and the sea.

Surely staying at Crown Retreat Resort Quy Nhon will bring you an unforgettable trip and a great chance to discover the well-known sights of the land Binh Dinh.

Seagate Bungalow Quy Nhon

Remember the Seagate theme park I introduced above? Yes, the area even has its own resort with bungalows for visitors. Mainly designed in a small space with a king or queen bed, and a sofa. the place is ideal for a small family or a couple who loves to spend time at Thi Nai Lagoon. Indeed, the wooden house will surely bring to you a romantic atmosphere with your beloved ones, especially at the sunset.

Seagate would be ideal for you to both enjoy the activities, games and staying right at a place. So, do you think of spending a night at Seagate Bungalow?

In Conclusion

Of course, the whole article is just a suggested itinerary that you can always depend on to plan your trip to Quy Nhon City. Definitely, making changes to the guide is necessary for you to fit all the activities in your situation or your journey around Vietnam. And of course, you can ask me for any info about the place to help you plan your journey. I hope that you will enjoy your time spent on Quy Nhon. See you at the other guides!

This article is now available online on GPSMyCity. You can free download it to read it offline and use it as your tour guide. Or upgrade with a small fee for a planned trip with all destinations shown as written in the article. I will have a small fee from your upgrade as support for my blog. Thank you in advance!


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  • Kingsley

    You have just taken the stress of having to plan 2 whole days in an unfamiliar place. So we’ll outlined. I’m beginning to see how rich and beautiful Vietnam is.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Welcome to beautiful Vietnam, and particularly to Quy Nhon!
      I hope you like the itinerary and it helps you plan your trip.

  • Cristina Petrini

    On the other side of the world, for those like me who live in Europe, it is still nice to dream, imagine and know this place and the activities to do. Maybe for a nice vacation?

  • Bill

    That place sounds awesome! I’m not sure I’d ever leave that beach, but if I did, it would be fore the food.

  • Brianne

    I would love to spend a day like that! Diving, then seafood for lunch, then seeing a monestary. And that’s only a little bit of your itinerary. AWesome.

  • Jessica Collazo

    This place looks absolutely stunning and beautiful. I would love to visit someday.

  • Ben

    I would just eat and eat and eat. I love Asian food, and everything you showed here looks amazing. I’d love to see Quy Nhon City one day.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Haha, many people I know all gain a lot of weight after visited Vietnam.

  • Matt Taylor

    I haven’t heard of that place before. That food looks amazing and the pictures are so great. I would love to visit someday. I need to put Vietnam on my bucketlist.

  • Gervin Khan

    First of all thanks for sharing your amazing itinerary. The place looks really mesmerizing and the scenery is very wonderful plus the food looks really delicious and enticing. Loved this post.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thank you a lot for your comment! It supports me a lot to keep blogging.

  • Meki (Redefining Us)

    Haven’t heard of the place too before! I’m digging all the food — they look so good! Especially those shrimp pancakes!

  • Fiona Cambouropoulos

    Now all we need is the go ahead to travel again, it looks like a great place to spend 48 hours, or longer.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Definitely this place worths more of your time! But yes, all we first need is the virus to stop to travel again.

  • Lucy Clarke

    Who wouldn’t relish a day like this? Ky Co island is so gorgeous and all that delicious food.. truly a marvelous travel experience.

  • Under flowery sky

    Wow love the views and the place is enriched with
    islet, monastery and so much to do..
    Thanks so much..

  • Marie

    This looks like a great place to visit to get a taste of a different culture from my normal life. The food looks amazing!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      And the landscapes are amazing too for you to get out of your normal life.

  • Piper Mortez

    This place looks incredible. Your photo’s are beautiful. When all the travel restrictions lift I’d like to visit. And the the dancing shrimp pancake looks delicious.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Don’t forget to save this post and put this place on top of your bucket list!

  • Emman Damian

    I have been to Hanoi but not yet in Quy Nhon City. This is the first time I heard about it. Great experience! Food looks so yummy!

  • romyraves

    I love all the specific details of your guide, especially all the great food recs

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thank you a lot for your comment! I hope this helpful for you to plan your trip to Quy Nhon.

  • Ntensibe Edgar

    Wow….where do I even start from? Wait….I know where….eating a lobster won’t be such a bad idea, will it?

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