ReviewsAccommodation4 Wonderful Resorts around Hanoi with Heated Swimming Pool to Relax
4 Wonderful Resorts around Hanoi with Heated Swimming Pool to Relax

4 Wonderful Resorts around Hanoi with Heated Swimming Pool to Relax

It’s great to have time relaxing, especially when there are spaces where we can enjoy moments outdoor with activities. Indeed, to those who live or travel to the capital city of Vietnam, there are resorts around Hanoi with a heated swimming pool that even brings more relaxation. If you are looking for a place to spend your weekend, or to cool down after excitedly exploring the North of Vietnam, below are some suggestions for resorts around Hanoi with heated swimming pools to relax.

1. Thao Vien Resort

– Address: Trung Son Tram, Son Tay, Hanoi.

aerial view of Thao Vien Resort in Hanoi with heated swimming pool
The whole Thao Vien resort’s campus with a view from the above.

Thao Vien Resort with international 4-star standard, where visitors can immerse themselves in the green space, close to nature. Particularly, this resort complex has a campus of more than 20 hectares, fully equipped with facilities. It’s enough to meet all needs of the resort, cuisine, conference, and entertainment with international standards.

Not only has beautiful scenery, but Thao Vien Resort also offers visitors valuable experiences with a variety of high-quality services: massage, herbal bath, hot mineral bath, modern heated swimming pool system,… On top of that, the system of rooms is designed in harmony with beautiful nature. All the values that Thao Vien Resort will surely bring to you the unique moments of relaxing with family and friends here.

2. Doi Co Thom Resort

– Address: Luong Son, Hoa Binh.

doi co thom resort in Hoa Binh with a heated swimming pool
An aerial view of Doi Co Thom Resort. Image source: Doi Co Thom Resort’s Facebook.

40km from Hanoi, the resort is located on a green grass hill, with a view of the lake, stream, and mountain. The villas here have youthful white tones, standing out on the green grass of the mountains and forests of the northern midland and mountainous region. With a large capacity, this place can meet the needs of many delegations from couples, families, or companies organizing team building.

doi co thom resort hanoi with heated swimming pool
The heated swimming pool is one of the top attractions in Doi Co Thom resort.
Image source: Doi Co Thom Resort’s Facebook.
a group of friends having dinner at doi co thom resort
The resort has outdoor spaces for you to spend beautiful moments with friends and family.
Image source: Doi Co Thom Resort’s Facebook.

The resort’s luxury villas have a modern, luxurious design, and are fully equipped with amenities. Visitors can also experience many services such as a large grass field, photo corner on the edge of the forest, heated swimming pool, hot water massage aeration pool, tobacco sauna, karaoke, billiards, etc.

3. An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs

– Address: Kim Boi, Hoa Binh.

heated swimming pool resort around Hanoi An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs
An outdoor swimming pool at An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs.
Image credit to An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs.

An Lac Resort has a campus with its back leaning against the mountain, facing the river, a space full of flowers with an area of ​​​​up to 13,000 m2. The system of rooms is built in the style of the rustic Muong ethnic group, which is close and harmonious with the design of modern entertainment facilities.

Located in Kim Boi, Hoa Binh, which is famous for its natural mineral water, An Lac also has a hot mineral water supply system. You will be immersed in a chemical-free swimming pool, formed from mineral springs. Besides, the resort also provides free mineral hot tub service.

a hot mineral bath at An Lac
A hot mineral bath at An Lac.
Image source: An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs.
people are playing at the stream
Visitors enjoy activities in surrounded nature of the resort. Image credit to An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs.

Coming to An Lac Eco Farm & Hot Springs, you will be able to spend beautiful moments with friends and family with so many activities. In the resort’s eco-system, they have retreat yoga and related activities for wellness. Also, you can learn more about the culture of the Muong ethnic group and explore the Thang Thien waterfall nearby.

4. Asean Resort

– Address: Binh Yen, Thach That, Hanoi.

Asean Resort's campus
A corner of Asean Resort’s campus. Image credit to

This resort is really an ideal resort. With a total area of ​​up to 17 hectares, visitors coming here will feel a green space, close to nature, enjoy the poetic scenery, and enjoy high-class beauty services. Most of the rooms at Asean Resort are luxury villas, designed with terraces and porches.

outdoor swimming pool at Asean resort
Outdoor swimming pool at Asean Resort.
Image source:
four-season heated swimming pool  at Asean resort
Asean Resort’s special four-season heated swimming pool. Image credit to

Asean Resort is famous for its wide range of entertainment services. The swimming pool system is designed as winding and unique including 3 main swimming pools: a summer swimming pool, a four-season heated swimming pool, and a children’s pool. Spa services are invested and have high quality. In addition to the large space of the lawn, the golf course system here also stretches.

I hope you enjoy and have periods of time relaxing with your friends and family at the heated swimming pool resorts around Hanoi.

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  • Nyxinked

    You had me at heated pool! What a gorgeous place! I could only dream of visiting somewhere like this someday.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      You have a list here. Just use it everytime you come to Hanoi, Vietnam. 😉

  • Nkem

    Vacation is calling! Wow. Asean resort looks like the one for me!

  • Ntensibe Edgar

    Hihi…have you ever been spoiled for choice? That is me now….these 4 pool resorts have me entirely. I guess I will have to visit them all. Thanks for sharing about them.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Enjoy! I believe you will have a whole relaxing time when staying at these 4 resorts.

  • Brooke Bolen

    This looks like a fabulous resort! On the bucket list!

  • TweenselMom (@TweenselMom)

    It’ll be nice to go to the place to unwind and relax. The weather is hot and perfect for a swim 🙂

    • Khoi Nguyen

      The weather might be cold in the North of Vietnam so you can enjoy the heated swimming pool.

  • Ave Hla

    I wouldn’t mind a relaxing weekend in an amazing resort right now. The weather here is dreary so a little bit of sunshine an a heated pool would be just what I need. The Asean and Thao Vien resorts look breathtaking.

  • Fransic verso

    These places look amazing and would love to visit one soon. Thank you for sharing.

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