Although built in the years BC, over the centuries, these historical landmarks still exist to this day and have become popular attractions. Let’s follow The Broad Life to explore the 6 famous landmarks, and plan a trip to visit them in your traveling journey!

Stonehenge – Wiltshire, UK

Constructed in: 2500 BC.

The most famous stone circle in the world, Stonehenge was built around 2500 BC in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. This monumental megalithic construction consists of earthen fortifications surrounding a ring of rock. Stonehenge and the surrounding area were designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986.

Van Fortress – Van, Turkey

Constructed in: 900-700 BC.

van fortress turkey
Van Fortress, also called the Castle of Van.

Built from the 9th to 7th centuries BC, Van Fortress overlooks the present-day city of the same name. The skilled architects of the ancient kingdom of Urartu used unusually advanced mathematical techniques to build the site. The main materials used to build the landmark were rubble, mud bricks, and cut stone. In addition, inside the building, there are 8 stone tombs with 9m high chambers. Surprisingly, the use of Van Fortress was more for regional control, rather than defending from outside attacks.

Caravan Bridge – Izmir, Turkey

Constructed in: 850 BC.

Caravan Bridge is one of the 6 famous landmarks in the world
Caravan Bridge is one of the 6 famous landmarks in the world. Image source: Destination Tips.

The Caravan Bridge in Izmir, formerly known as Smyrna, dates back almost 3 millennia. The bridge was first built in 850 BC to serve camel trains into the town. Besides that, it was the place where people unloaded and exchanged merchandise. The state also used the bridge to collect taxes on goods brought to the city. As a solid stone dome, the Guinness World Records recognized the structure as the oldest bridge in the world still in use.

Sanchi Stupa – Madhya Pradesh, India

Constructed in: 300 BC.

picture of sanchi stupa
A picture of Sanchi Stupa.

First built around 300 BC, the Sanchi Stupa went through remodeling to twice its previous size around 185 BC. The work was completed with the reuse of large stone slabs to form a dome. The Sanchi Stupa is 22 meters high. Currently, it is one of India’s oldest surviving stone structures. Although abandoned for about 600 years, the site was restored by pilgrims in the 20th century.

Ponte Fabricio – Rome, Italy

Constructed in: 62 BC.

ponte fabricio rome italia
The beautiful Ponte Fabricio bridge in Rome, Italy. Image credit to Alex DROP on Flickr.

Being one of the 6 famous landmarks built in BC, this Ponte Fabricio is the oldest bridge in Rome. Especially, the landmark isn’t much different since its construction in 62 BC. The Ponte Fabricio, or Pons Fabricius or Ponte dei Quattro Capi, was built to replace a burnt wooden bridge. With a length of 61m, Ponte Fabricio is the bridge between the mainland of Rome and the island of Tiber.

Theater of Marcellus – Rome, Italy

Constructed in: 13 BC.

Theater of Marcellus architecture today
A part of the Theater of Marcellus today becomes a residential building.

The Theater of Marcellus opened in 13 BC and became the largest theater of the Roman Empire at that time. Built of brick, concrete, tuff (a light, porous rock from volcanic ash), and limestone, the structure can accommodate up to 40,000 spectators. It is home to theater, music, and performance dance. Since its ancient heyday, the theater has changed a lot. For example, the upper floors have been converted into luxury apartments. Despite this, the Marcellus is still used as a venue for outdoor classical concerts during summer evenings.

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6 ancient landmarks built in bc - the broad life pinterest board
6 famous landmarks built in bc - the broad life pinterest board


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