DestinationsThe Best Travel Destinations in Cities in England You Need to Know
The Best Travel Destinations in Cities in England You Need to Know

The Best Travel Destinations in Cities in England You Need to Know

If you are planning to travel to Europe, then England should be the top destination in your mind. Indeed, the land has a very rich and diverse cultural and artistic heritage. Every major city in the country has its own well-known, magnificent Opera houses, museums, and art galleries. Traveling to England, you will not be able to ignore the following famous places. Let’s follow The Broad Life to explore the top travel destinations in the cities in England.

The Capital City of London

Located right on the banks of the peaceful Thames, in the Southeast of England, London is as lavish and magnificent as a citadel, a castle in the pages of fairy tales. London is like a miniature world when it owns many works, historical sites, museums, art galleries, green parks, shopping areas, amusement parks, and a whole city bustling underground.

The city of London has been the capital of Great Britain since the 5th century after the Romans withdrew from England. Along with constant efforts, the city of London has built a system of modern facilities with many large shopping centers. London is also a global economic and financial center, the pound sterling is the most valuable currency in the world.

Traveling in the UK, you should stop in London to visit the famous beautiful places of this city. Yes, there is Big Ben tower, Tower Bridge over the River Thames, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, and two major museums are Victoria and Albert,…

london eye and big ben tower in the same picture
London Eye – The Millennium Wheel and Big Ben Tower – Elizabeth Tower are all the pride of the British people.

Big Ben Tower

Indeed, Big Ben is what England is famous for. In 2012, the symbol of the city has renamed Elizabeth Tower. From the Big Ben tower attraction with a little time to take the subway, you can easily visit Buckingham Palace, and take pictures with the Queen Victoria memorial and flower gardens around the electric campus.

London Eye

Coming to the “Pea Soupers” London city, England, you should definitely admire the Millennium Wheel – the tallest roundabout in Europe and also the pride of the British people. Also known as the London Eye, from this roundabout, you can cover the entire scene of London.

From here, you can visit London’s Tower Bridge across the River Thames less than 3 miles from the London Eye. Traveling to London in the spring and summer is the time when the scenery here is the freshest and most lively of the year.

tower bridge in london in the afternoon
London’s Tower Bridge over the River Thames is splendid in the afternoon.

If you travel to England at the end of the year, especially in Dec, you will enjoy the cold weather with snow and fog, which makes London likened to the inherent “foggy city”. However, no matter what season you visit London, you will certainly be fluttered with this city and do not want to leave. Therefore, people often have the saying “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” to indicate the attraction of this British capital.

Someone has compared England to a girl with a deep and loving beauty and the capital of London is the attractive eyes of that girl. People remember England and London with the famous love songs that accompany May, the nights when the lights are splendidly lit up the whole sky but still very peaceful, or the foggy days with rain make the whole city suddenly become so hazy like some peaceful sleeping paradise. For that reason, in your England travel itinerary, you shouldn’t forget to visit the famous London capital.

City of Cambridge

majestic and ancient buildings in Cambridge city, England
The city of Cambridge is both peaceful and majestic with ancient and quiet buildings.

Cambridge is known as the second-largest city and is also the administrative center of Cambridgeshire county. The charming city’s location is on the River Cam north of London. Furthermore, this famous place attracts many visitors yearly for being the center of rich culture and entertainment in the east of England.

Things to Do in Cambridge

Visiting the city of Cambridge, visitors will be attracted by ancient buildings with lovely arches, alternating with small but clean alleys. Especially, you will love this place because of the hospitality and friendliness of the local people. The specialty of Cambridge city is its surrounded River Cam. Therefore, you can go on boats and explore the ancient institutes and universities along the banks of the romantic River Cam.

Bridge of Sighs in River Cam with familiar European architecture
Along the banks of the River Cam, you will pass by the Bridge of Sighs with the familiar European architecture.

Not only is it one of the popular travel destinations in England, but when it comes to the city of Cambridge, you can think of world-famous universities, with a huge number of international students. Yes, there are Cambridge University, Cambridge Regional College, Long Road Sixth Form College, and Hills Road Sixth Form College,… On top of them, the best known is Cambridge University, one of the leading schools in the UK and worldwide in terms of training quality and student level.

a campus of one of Cambridge's universities
Universities in Cambridge all have a learning environment with modern teaching equipment and the most professional lecturers.

In addition, you can find all the cultural and entertainment options you might expect from a college town. King’s College Cathedral, located along the River Cam, is considered a fine example of perpendicular Gothic architecture. It is also one of the most visited attractions in the city. Besides that, you will be surprised when turning bicycles into a very popular means of transport for people here, from commuters to students going to school.

York City

York is one of the most ancient cities in England. Moreover, it’s one of the most famous cities in the history of the formation and development of England, typically with the “Wars of the Roses” – the fight for England’s throne between the Lancaster and the York. This place is a symbol of power, the capital of the York family with the White Rose badge. Its traces have appeared to this day, which is the wall surrounding the city and the rose symbol that sets the main entrance to the city.

York seems to be a city coming out of a magical old story with mysterious castles and citadel nestled on the confluence of the two poetic Ouse and Foss rivers in northern Yorkshire, England. Furthermore, the city is home to a huge collection of rich historical and artistic heritage. York is also famous as a model tourist city with many old towns, the old citadels, and great synagogues in the North of Great Britain. Here, there are many churches with different ancient architectural styles, including York Minster and Holy Trinity.

inside Holy Trinity church, one of travel destinations in England you must visit in York
Not only possessing a strangely beautiful traditional architectural beauty, but Holy Trinity is also even more special when the entire lighting system does not need to use electricity. Image source: Tim Green on Flickr.

York Minster

visit York Minster catholic
The Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter is also known as York Minster.
Inside York Minster England
Inside York Minster nave.
Image source: David Lliff on Flickr.

The beauty of York City’s landscape is the harmonious and beautiful coordination with the churches. Particularly, there is the Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Saint Peter, commonly known as the York Minster, of the top travel destinations in York. In addition, this stone church, with many outstanding works of art, is one of the largest churches of its kind in Northern Europe. In specific, it’s 160m long, 76m wide, 27m high inside, and the bell tower is 60m high. Even, York Minster contains 128 color paintings on the four sides of the church’s glass doors from the 12th century, considered invaluable works of art to England.

York City Walls

a man walk around york city walls
York city walls is a solid wall built by the Romans.
Image credit to Dan on Flickr.

The most beautiful York citadel in Europe with a surrounding wall up to 5km long. In fact, the York City Walls was formerly a barrier to protect the city from the invasion of the Vikings, Danes, and Normans. Standing on these walls, you can both walk and have the opportunity to see the city in the peaceful sun.

Shambles Old Street

a walking tour of the shambles york
Shambles is one of the most beautiful streets in England.

This street’s location is right in the center of York City. Shambles old street is famous for its long and interesting history. On top of that, it was named the best-preserved medieval street in Europe. It dates back to the early Middle Ages and is mentioned in the Domesday book as over 900 years old. Recently, Shambles was voted the most beautiful street in the UK.

Castle Howard

castle howard architect and adventure playground
The whole front view of Castle Howard and its garden.

In addition to the famous churches, York City also has many other beautiful places such as Castle Howard. This magnificent castle is located in an area of ​​more than 4 million square meters. It has been the home of the noble Howard family in England for more than 300 years.

And A Specialty Makes York One of the Top Travel Destinations in England

More specifically, coming to York, you will get the sweet smell of chocolate spreading throughout the city with just a slight breeze. There is a Nestle Rowntree Chocolate factory located right next to the city. Thus, every time the wind blows, the chocolate aroma spreads.

City of Manchester

Located in the North, Manchester is one of the busiest and most vibrant cities in England with a system of luxurious restaurants and bars. Additionally, Manchester is also the second-largest city in the UK, just behind London. The city has a strong economy with rows of high-rise buildings and commercial centers, amusement parks, and a system of museums. Explore Manchester, you can visit a roadside pub, have some drinks and enjoy the romantic view of the city.

An Attraction Makes Manchester One of the Best Travel Destinations in England

Especially, this place is outstanding with the vibe of football from the dramatic and exciting matches that the top teams in the world bring. Manchester United and Manchester City are the two strong teams here. Truly, your trip to England will be incomplete if you miss watching a football match in this city. In 2018, Manchester ranked UK’s Greatest Sporting City, in a study by ESPN and the University of Bath.

old trafford stadium aerial view
Old Trafford Stadium is home to football club Manchester United F.C. Its capacity is 74,140 people. The place is known as “The Theatre of Dreams” by the Legend of Bobby Charlton.

It is the frenetic excitement almost all year round from stadiums with a capacity of more than 60,000 people such as Old Trafford, and Etihad,… that has made Manchester a dream destination for followers of football.

Castlefield Roman Fort

castlefield roman fort england construction
The gate to the Castlefield Roman Forty, a.k.a Mamucium. Image credit to Stacey MacNaught on Flickr.

In addition to the passionate stadiums and cheers, you can also enjoy a romantic and splendid Manchester at night when walking around the city, especially visiting the Castlefield Roman Fort lit up with lights at night. In the past, the fortress was fully called “Castle on the field”. Manchester is also famous for its bars, pubs, and clubs. Also, enjoying the lyrical voice of Mancunians is also an interesting experience when coming to England.

Manchester Cathedral gives you the opportunity to admire sculptures from the Middle Ages. If you are lucky enough to be at the church on Sunday morning, you will hear 10 bells in the church tower ring.

Port City Liverpool

port city Liverpool is one of the top travel destinations in England
The port city Liverpool is one of the top travel destinations in England.

Liverpool is a city and metropolitan located on the east bank of the mouth of the River Mersey, in North West England. Actually, this is an old port city with a system of canals and is the largest port in Great Britain. It’s also a busy cultural and tourist center with administrative buildings, commercial buildings, historical quarters, and cultural monuments. In fact, Liverpool city attracts visitors from anywhere in the world thanks to its reasonable costs for tourists. Coming here, your passion for sports, music, or history will surely be satisfied.

As a gateway city, it has a diverse population, culture, and religion, particularly from Ireland and Wales. The city also has Britain’s oldest black community.

transports in liverpool england
The public transport system here is quite developed. You can choose from bus, high-speed train or rent a bicycle, motorbike or car for your convenience in Liverpool travel.

A city located on the banks of the River Mersey with a wide range of emotions, visitors to Liverpool will be extremely excited to visit the hometown of the legendary band The Beatles Story at Albert Harbour. The city of Liverpool is not only outstanding for its artistic culture but it is also distinguished by the antiquity of houses built in the old European style. There are many beautiful ancient buildings here. Visiting the city, you should not miss the opportunity to visit two buildings that are Cunard and Royal Liver.

liverpool city council cunard building
The Cunard Building was built in 1917 in a unique and beautiful architectural style. You will definitely feel extremely impressed with the beautiful interior of this building.
royal liver building liverpool is one of the top travel destinations in England
Royal Liver is considered a symbol of the port city of Liverpool and has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Liverpool Cathedral

The place is considered one of the National Heritage of England when it holds many records. Indeed, the church is ranked as the oldest church in the world, the largest church in England, and the 5th largest in the world. Even, the bells hanging here are also considered the tallest and heaviest hanging bells in the world. It would be wonderful to hear the echoes of the Liverpool church bells. That bell is likened to a holy chant.

architect liverpool cathedral catholic
Liverpool Cathedral with an outstanding architect is one of the largest cathedrals in the world.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

As the most beautiful port city in England, any visitor to Liverpool must visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum. This museum is also one of the most prominent architectural works of the port city of Liverpool. Over many years of history, this museum has witnessed many events in the city since its inception. Here, you will learn very interesting details about the legendary Titanic too.

merseyside maritime museum in liverpool
Merseyside Maritime Museum in Liverpool is one of the top travel destinations in England.

The Albert Dock

Traveling to Liverpool without visiting The Albert Dock is a pity. This is a complex of many works built in the harbor since 1846. Since being recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this area has always attracted a lot of tourists to visit.

a red ship in albert dock area liverpool
Albert Dock is a world heritage site that attracts many visitors yearly.


It’s no exaggeration that Liverpool locals are truly die-hard sports fans. For passionate fans of English Premier League football, it is impossible not to mention the two names, Everton and Liverpool. Here, visitors can buy tickets and cheer for Liverpool Football Club to do their best against their opponents at the historic Anfield stadium.

Anfield Stadium capacity is 53,394 seats
Anfield Stadium capacity is 53,394 seats.

Not only football, but many other sports are also popular in this city. With active students, some sports like rugby, tennis as well as water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or jet skiing, and boating along the coast are popular.

City of Chester

Besides London, it will be a missing experience if you forget to visit the beautiful famous Chester city when traveling to England. One of the top travel destinations in England as well as one of England’s oldest cities, Chester was founded in 79 BC as a base of the Roman Empire, extending to the north. To this day, it is still surrounded by ancient and solid city walls. Chester always has a quiet beauty with Victorian buildings and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It is easy to explain why this lovely city attracts so many tourists.

Located on the romantic River Dee near the Welsh border, with a typically oceanic climate, warm summers but not hot, winters cool but not cold are special features that make visitors very excited when coming here. In addition to the favorable climate and poetic scenery with a long history, Chester also has famous tourist destinations that attract many visitors. In 2013, Chester was also in the top 5 cities as the most beautiful city in Europe voted by USA Today magazine.

Chester’s Specialty Becomes One of the Top Travel Destinations in England

As a former Roman colony, the city of Chester is more than 2,000 years old. It has a medieval-style city wall and many historical, cultural, and architectural sites. Particularly, the two-tone black and white architecture of the 19th century is characteristic of this city. You can find it everywhere on the ancient high walls or a relic of the history left in the war between the British and Roman armies. Walking around the city, you will see shops close together with the same architecture and color called The Rows. Indeed, this is a unique feature of Chester in particular as well as of the whole of England in general. Outside of this city, The Rows style only exists in Germany.

If Britain has always been associated with a gentle image and a slow pace of life, then Chester city is the destination that best clarifies this lifestyle. Usually, Chester’s population is most concentrated in the Town Crier area – the intersection of a major crossroads. Watching the sunset on the high-rise buildings in Town Crier or on the romantic banks of the River Dee is an experience that should be tried if you have the opportunity to set foot in Chester.

medieval architecture in Chester England
The unique medieval style of Chester, England architecture.
Town Crier public house
The Town Crier public house is at an intersection of a crossroads.

Chester is the embodiment of “typical England”. There are Victorian buildings, wooden houses, lovely cobblestone streets, large parks, and old mossy walls. Travel Chester looks as if it came straight out of a novel by the famous writer Charles Dickens. The pubs, hotels, and even the small shops on the street have kept their charm from many years ago, with the original paint colors. I especially like the small houses with brick walls and wooden facades and lovely glass doors.

Chester Cathedral

Along with St Paul’s, Boughton, and St Mary’s Church, Handbridge are impressive religious buildings that you should visit in the city of Chester. Chester Cathedral was built on the site of an older church dating from 958 and part of a later Benedictine monastery. It has beautiful Gothic architecture typical of many churches in England. The church also regularly takes place historical plays for the public and visitors to Chester. This is an ancient culture in England as well as in other cities in the old continent of Europe.

Chester Cathedral architecture makes  the building one of the top travel destinations in England
Chester Cathedral architecture makes this building one of the most impressive and attractive travel destinations in England.

The University of Chester and the Roman Amphitheater

The ideal attractions that you should definitely visit even if you’re not a history lover because of the deep, ancient charm of these two ancient sites. Certainly, if you are a history lover and want to learn about interesting things in the history of the lands, the Grosvenor Museum is the place you need to visit most in Chester. This museum vividly depicted life inside the 2000-year-old Roman fortress. Images of ancient high walls – relics of history left in the war between the British and Roman troops always bring many unforgettable emotions to visitors when visiting this place.

Grosvenor Museum's exhibition of the Romans' life
The life of the Romans is described in Grosvenor Museum’s exhibition.

Chester Zoo

Located more than a mile north of Chester city center, Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s largest and most popular animal parks. It is home to more than 11,000 animals representing about 400 different species. Key attractions include Chimpanzee Island, a penguin pool, and Europe’s largest tropical house.

Elephants are playing in Chester Zoo, one of the most popular travel destinations in England
Chester Zoo is one of the most popular travel destinations in England.

A site that is also home to many other wildlife species is the Blue Planet Aquarium. The park has more than 700 species of fish. There are even sea rays and eels, as well as the largest collection of sharks in Europe.

You can also visit the Old Dee Bridge. It’s the oldest bridge in the city of Chester and the only bridge until Queen Victoria ascended the throne. The Old Dee Bridge was built in the 14th century to replace the previous wooden bridge.

City of Nottingham

Nottingham is a beautiful city in the East Midland region of England. It’s a land that when people hear about it, they will immediately think of the famous Robinhood legend. Nottingham was once famous for its lace, bicycle, and tobacco industries. Now, it is a peaceful but equally vibrant city with European coffee corners, vibrant Rock City, and magnificent Nottingham Castle. Additionally, there is the famous Theater Royal for its many international musical events. Spring and autumn are the most beautiful seasons to travel to Nottingham city. If you want to do skiing, this city is surely a great choice. Indeed, Nottingham city is in the top 10 most beautiful places for winter skiing in the whole of Europe.

Nottingham Old Market Square

An important first stop when exploring the city. Indeed, Old Market Square is Nottingham’s tourist center and the largest public space in the UK. To the east of the square is the Neoclassical Council, surrounded by a large dome, nearby the impressive Guildhall.

Nottingham Old Market Square is one of the top travel destinations in England
Nottingham Old Market Square.

Nottingham Playhouse and Sky Mirror

As you pass through the city’s historic center, stop by the Nottingham Playhouse. There is Sky Mirror – a wide, polished stainless steel concave disc that weighs 10 tonnes and points to the sky. Created by sculptor Anish Kapoor over six years, this 19-foot wide stainless steel dish faces upwards and offers a unique view of the sky above. Its surface reflects the ever-changing environment.

Sky Mirror at Nottingham Playhouse is one of the must-visit travel destinations in England
Sky Mirror at Nottingham Playhouse is one of the must-visit travel destinations in England.

Rent Market

The historic Rent Market is just a short walk from the Old Market Square. It was once the center of the British lace industry. Moreover, it is considered one of the city’s most important heritage sites. Here, you can tour warehouses and galleries, and visit shops, restaurants, and lace manufacturers.

Nottingham Castle

From Nottingham Castle, you can have a panoramic view of the town. Nottingham Castle is famous for its bronze statues of Robin Hood and his companions. James Woodford, who is a sculptor born in Nottingham, design them all.

Just a few meters away is the Nottingham Life Museum at Brewhouse Yard – well worth a visit. It houses a collection of 17th-century cottages depicting Nottingham life.

bronze statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham castle
The bronze statue of Robin Hood in Nottingham Castle.

Robin Hood Road and Sherwood Forest

From Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, visitors will visit the approximately 167km Robin Hood Road that passes many attractions related to the legendary Robin Hood. The trail also passes through Clumber National Park and Rufford Abbey, as well as Robin Hood Hills, Thieves Wood, and Fountain Dale.

The most prominent place here, spend time in the Sherwood forest, the most important area associated with Robin Hood. Today, this famous forest covers more than 1,000 acres around the village of Edwinstowe, including 450 acres. Yearly, Sherwood Forest draws visitors through events such as the week-long Robin Hood Festival with its recreations of medieval times and characters, including knights, jesters, and courts. Other major attractions include the Sherwood Forest Arts and Crafts Center, the 1,000-year-old Major Oak, and Thynghowe – a medieval meeting place where people came to settle disputes.

The statues of Robin Hood and Little Johny in Nottingham's Sherwood Forest
The statues of Robin Hood and Little Johny in Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest.

Oxford City

Oxford is a city in the South East of England and the town of Oxfordshire. It takes 52 minutes to go to Oxford city from London by train to the southeast. With an estimated 2016 population of 170,350, it is the 52nd largest city in the UK. Furthermore, it’s one of the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse. Especially, Oxford is world-renowned as a university city and home to the world’s top-ranked Oxford University. The city of Oxford also has many attractions that keep the heart of any travel lover.

oxford university in the city of oxford is one of the top travel destinations in England
Oxford University is one of the top travel destinations in England generally and in Oxford particularly.

Get Around the City of Oxford

One of the best ways to start a trip to Oxford is to walk around the city. Indeed, Oxford is a small city so you can easily walk around. In this way, you get a better sense of the city, history, and culture. If you love to eat out, you should choose the student area to taste local dishes at affordable prices.

Oxford University

Walking around the campus is a good way to explore the university. You can buy a themed tour focusing on famous movies like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings or simply take a tour to learn about the history of this school – which was built in 1906. Indeed, this is a tourist attraction in Oxford that you cannot miss. Oxford uni is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second oldest in the world.

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden

The gardens are one of Oxford’s best spots to relax and enjoy the surroundings and the slow pace of the town. It’s also one of the nation’s oldest botanical gardens. Yes, they’ve been open since 1621. This home of more than 8,000 different plants is a quiet place for a relaxing stroll or finding a place to read books.

University of Oxford Botanic Garden
The University of Oxford Botanic Garden opening times are 10:00 – 18:00 every day.

Boat Trip on River

In summer, boating on the river is always a popular activity. You can rent a boat or hire someone to take you. One boat can accommodate up to 5 people. If you’re traveling to Oxford with friends or staying in a hostel this is a fun activity to do with a group.

boat trip in river in oxford city
A boat trip will bring to you the enjoyment of a slower life in the city of Oxford.

Windsor Castle or Stonehenge

If you want to leave the city for a day visit, Stonehenge and Windsor Castle are just one hour drive from Oxford. You can easily visit them in a day when traveling to Oxford if you have a car or buy a ready-made tour (usually including a tour of Oxford University). Available tours usually cost around £90 per person so if you have a car it will be much more economical.

visit Windsor Castle one of the top travel destinations in England
Many people visit Windsor Castle.
Stonehenge England
You can take a trip easily from Oxford to Stonehenge.

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Certainly, England has more attractions than the popular tourist destinations in the cities. If you plan to thoroughly explore the country, here are posts that will surely help you to get ready for your trip:

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