DestinationsAsiaIt’s A Wonderful 5 Days 4 Nights Nha Trang Trip
It’s A Wonderful 5 Days 4 Nights Nha Trang Trip

It’s A Wonderful 5 Days 4 Nights Nha Trang Trip

You know, Nha Trang city has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with a deep blue sea, white sand, warm sunshine, and wonderful weather for outdoor activities. Actually, besides the gorgeous beaches, the coastal city also has many interesting things such as great cuisine, the islands, local people, culture, and indoor activities for you to discover. Just in time my family and I had a trip to the city, let me share with you my 5 days 4 nights Nha Trang itinerary and experience here.

Day 1: Nha Trang, Here We Come!

View of Nha Trang city from the above
Partly view of Nha Trang city from the above.

We traveled to Nha Trang by the Phuong Trang bus, which took nearly 8 hours from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). As we arrived in Nha Trang nearly in the evening, we spent most of the rest of the time in the hotel.

In fact, there are different ways of going from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang for you to choose from:

  • Flying from Tan Son Nhat airport, HCMC to Cam Ranh airport, Khanh Hoa province. At Cam Ranh, they have a taxi, limousine car, or any transportation you can find, to take you to Nha Trang city. The flight will take you about 50′, and the road trip will take you another 40′.
  • You can go directly to Nha Trang city from Saigon railway station at District 3, HCMC. This way will take you to Nha Trang railway station at 17 Thai Nguyen Street. I suggest you take the night train so you will sleep on the train and wake up the next morning in the coastal city.
  • A sleeper bus for the route HCMC – Nha Trang isn’t a bad choice if you want to save the budget. It’s just about VND 400,000 (about USD 17) for a whole VIP room with a small screen, a massage sheet that you can sleep comfortably, and enough USB ports to charge all of your e-devices.
  • You can even ride a motorbike, drive a car, or catch a taxi to go to Nha Trang. Nonetheless, this is super costly and tiring. Therefore, I recommend skipping these ways unless you want to visit destinations on the road.

OK, Let Come Back to the Hotel We Stayed In

It was the SENIA Hotel Nha Trang, a 4-star one with many facilities. Its address’s on Cu Chi Street, about 10 minutes to come if you leave the train station. From the hotel, we could easily reach the market for dinner or take a walk on the beach in less than 5 minutes. We booked a superior room that is designed delicately with modern furniture. Located opposite the beach, with the balcony, it was ideal for us to see the sunrise every morning.

Furthermore, my favorite here was the outdoor pool. It was very clean and magnificent. The surrounding pool was paved with glass, making us feel like we were immersed in the sea. Moreover, the staff there was very friendly and ready to help. Also, breakfast was significantly delicious, yummy, and diversified.

Day 2: A City Tour Around Nha Trang

Actually, we didn’t even have so much time on 5 days 4 nights Nha Trang trip and there were still so many places to visit. Hence, on the second day, we planned to visit some of the city’s most prominent places such as Long Son Pagoda, Po Nagar Cham Towers, Thap Ba Hot Mineral Springs, and the Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang.

First Destination – Long Son Pagoda

We came to Long Son Pagoda, one of the most sacred pagodas in Vietnam, in the early morning. It was very peaceful and serene. The pure, fresh atmosphere of the new day in the temple, made us feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. The temple had a lot of ancient architecture and giant Buddha statues, making this place much more mysterious and grave.

After That – Po Nagar Cham Towers

taking pic at Po Nagar Cham Towers in the 5 days 4 nights Nha Trang trip
I’m imitating meditation on a rock at Po Nagar Towers, haha.

Being one of the famous historical and cultural relics, the Po Nagar Towers is a kind of tower complex with a unique architectural style of the Cham ethnic. It’s also a typical construction of architectural art and sculpture of the Cham that existed for over 10 centuries ago.

Thereafter Our Lunch – Thap Ba Hot Mineral Springs and Mud Bath

Enjoying hot mineral pool at Thap Ba in the 5 days 4 nights Nha Trang trip
The hot mineral pool at Thap Ba.

We went deep into the mountain behind the Po Nagar Temple, it’s one of the famous hot springs and mud baths in Nha Trang. It’s called Thap Ba Hot Mineral Springs and Mud Bath. You could see the wonderful mountain scenery with many hot mineral springs and pools. At the same time, you could also drop yourself into the hot mineral springs pool, soak in the mud bath, or herbs pools. It’s truly a considerable place to relax after tiring days.

Just a quick tip, in case you want to do the mud bath right in the center of Nha Trang, or even in a hotel, you can consider Galina Hotel & Spa at no. 5 Hung Vuong Street, Loc Tho Ward.

Finally – The Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang

fish at the Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang
The fish at the Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang.

We went to the Institute of Oceanography in Nha Trang to discover and learn about marine creatures, their habitats, their living habits, and the maritime history here.

Day 3: Discover Vinpearl Land

Ferris wheel at Vinpearl Land, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Ferris wheel at Vinpearl Land.

My 5 days 4 nights Nha Trang journey wouldn’t be fulfilled without this destination in the schedule. We spent nearly the whole day in Vinpearl Land, the most gorgeous and special entertainment park in Nha Trang. We came there by cable car and returned by canoe. From there, we could see the whole coastal city of Nha Trang and many other beautiful scenes. It was a wonderful island with a dry park and a water park alongside a lot of thrilling games.

Besides that, the special thing there was the Vinpearl Safari, which takes care of and preserves a lot of wildlife. You can even get very close to them whereas the normal zoos cannot support that.

Day 4: Explore Islands around Nha Trang

Islands around Nha Trang
A view of Diep Son Island, about an hour away from Nha Trang city.

The last thing and no better way to experience is riding a motorbike on the beautiful roads on the islands. Yes, we went to see many small islands and immersed ourselves in the wild nature, unspoiled beaches with beautiful coral reefs. We also took part in thrilling beach games, soaking up amazing cool water, and diving to see the corals.

Certainly, when arriving at Nha Trang city, it would be a big deficiency of experience without exploring the islands. Here, I have some suggested islands for you to discover:

  • Hon Mun Island – As one of the most beautiful islands in Nha Trang Bay, Hon Mun Island is the best choice for your vacation. Coming to Hon Mun, you can go swimming, snorkeling in the blue sea, or watch coral from a glass-bottomed boat.
  • Hon Tam Island – With its pure beautiful and pristine nature, the island is the best choice for anyone who loves relaxation and ecotourism.
  • Van Phong Bay – A new discovery in the near years with its well-known Diep Son island, where you can walk on the sea at the full moon.
  • Ninh Van Bay – Its romantic, wilder characteristic attracts a lot of visitors who come to explore, relax, and enjoy nature.
  • Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Lap – A series of islands in the area that many people love to visit to discover the life of the locals, as well as enjoy the landscapes and the seafood.

Day 5: Enjoy the Culinary and Shopping in Nha Trang City

On the final day, we used most of our time to go shopping, buy souvenirs for friends, and relatives, and taste the cuisine of the land Nha Trang. In truth, you may even spend the whole week enjoying the entire Nha Trang food tour. But below are our recommendations for some special dishes we ate here:

Ninh Hoa Grilled Sausage is one of the foods I tried in my 5 days 4 nights Nha Trang trip
Nem nướng Ninh Hoà.
Bò nướng Lạc Cảnh
Bò nướng Lạc Cảnh.
Seafood in Nha Trang
Seafood in Nha Trang.
  • Nem nướng Ninh Hoà (Ninh Hoa Grilled Sausage) – This is the most delicious and well-known grilled sausage restaurant in Nha Trang city. It’s located at Dang Van Quyen Street, near Dam Market. 1 set for 1 person is only VND 40,000 but it very full.
  • Bò nướng Lạc Cảnh (Lac Canh Beef) – If you go with family, you should try this restaurant. The beef is cut in a square shape but very fresh and soft. You can find this restaurant at 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Xuan Huong ward.
  • Seafood – Because Nha Trang is a coastal city, the seafood here is very fresh. It’s almost caught and processed on the spot. Your trip wouldn’t be fulfilled if you go to the beach without eating seafood. You can try at Hải sản Bến Cảng restaurant, it’s next to the beach with a wonderful view and the food is very tasty.
  • Street food – You can go around the market to try many traditional and local dishes at late night. Additionally, you can take advantage of the night market for a great shopping opportunity to buy unique souvenirs here at very cheap prices. It’s fantastic and you will never forget this enjoyable experience.

Any Journey Will Come to An End

The next early morning, we tiredly came back to Ho Chi Minh City because we went around the city the whole night before. Definitely, it was a memorable trip with lots of interesting experiences. To us, our 5 days 4 nights in Nha Trang were not too long. However, if we had more time to experience and live like the locals there, I would love to try more delicious local foods, watch more beautiful scenes, and live slowly to enjoy the wonderful nature of the land.

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  • Colleen

    I would love to take the family there one day! We’ve traveled Asia extensively, but we haven’t visited Nha Trang.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      You have missed one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia without visiting Nha Trang on your trip. Making sure to put it on top of your bucket list, definitely you will love the place!

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    That is such a gorgeous place. I have never been anywhere outside the USA. I’ve always wanted to visit Asia, but I’ve just never made it happen. Seeing Nha Trang makes me want to really get on it.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m so sure Nha Trang could be a start point for you to begin your trip exploring Asia, or Vietnam to be more specific!

  • voltaweb007

    What a beautiful experience you have shared on your blog. Soo educative on travel. Thanks for sharing

  • Charis | Choose Frugal

    Gorgeous! You did a lot during that time, I really would love to visit one day myself.

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    I love that you started with a city tour and ended with a food tour! Those are 2 things I’d definitely be doing when I visit

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