There are two enormous playgrounds in Japan: Disneyland and Universal. Let me first introduce you to Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, where you can have a “ticket to your childhood.”

Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland is located in Chiba, Tokyo so there are many transportation methods for you to get there such as by bus or subway. If you choose to go by subway, you would first have to get to Maihama station.

Note that Disneyland is separated into 2 places: DisneySea and DisneyLand. DisneyLand is a playground for kids with soft games and decorated with colorful lights. DisneySea is built for adolescents and adults with more thrilling games.


You should avoid going to Tokyo Disneyland on holidays or in August as students are off to school and the place will be extremely crowded. You will have to wait about 2 to 3 hours to go on a rollercoaster if you go on these days, but don’t let the huge crowd bring down your day.

Another tip is to buy your ticket online. They will ship the ticket right to your doorstep; that will save time waiting in a long line to buy your ticket at the park.

At the main gate, you can see a resort area. The resort is constructed like the castles in Disney stories. If you want to see all of DisneyLand and DisneySea, you can book a night at the resort. Also, it’s better to book the room one month ahead of your trip.

Resort at Disneyland.

Let’s Go

The first area you will be able to see are the gift shops where you can find many souvenirs or clothes will Disney characters on them.


As you continue walking, you will see many iconic castles that you may recognize from Disney movies.


Around Disneyland, there are times posted around each rollercoaster that tell you how long the lineup is going to be until you reach the front. You should get the tickets for the game that you most like because you can only get the second after 2 hours.

The first ride I went on was “Small World.” Basically, the ride is a ship that takes you around all of the Disney fairytales.

The second ride that I went to is the Ghost House. In my opinion, it is not very scary, because the ride is mainly built for children.

There are also many outdoor activities such as rowing, and many many games that you can participate in.

Tokyo Disneyland has a special parade of the characters that appear in Disney stories and movies. The parade is incredible with loud music and many characters. A tip is to get a map and a show schedule at the main gate so you can go see a one-of-a-lifetime performance. You should come 30 minutes in advance to find a good spot to enjoy the show.

The grand finale of the night is at the central square: The Disney Castle. It is a fabulous show with a mix of light, music, and fireworks that will take you back to your childhood.

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  1. I visited Tokyo Disney Sea last year, and while it’s a cheesy thing to say it was one of the best days of my life! I can remember grinning like a idiot the whole time, and I’m still smiling remembering it now :).

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