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Before any trip, I spend a lot of time searching tools, info, and reading reviews to prepare myself carefully. Because I meet problems sometimes during traveling, I believe in knowing about the next destinations is necessary to reduce risks and to avoid issues. #Howto enjoy and experience the travel are important! Therefore, I want to share my knowledge of tools, apps, or anything which can help travelers enjoy their trips thoroughly. The ‘Reviews’ also share the hotels, homestays, etc., or restaurants at locations in full info that I experienced to support tourists in making their decisions. Additionally, there are tips shared in this section.

Afternoon snacks in Ho Chi Minh City - The Broad Life

12 Best Afternoon Snacks in Ho Chi Minh City You Must Try

Ho Chi Minh City is renowned as the heaven of delicious food for over years. In the blog of Saigon Food: 12 Must-Eat Dishes and Where to Find Them, I recommend you...
using public transport to save money when traveling

How to Save Money When You Travel?

Traveling is hard when you have a budget you have to abide by. It is hard, yet it is not impossible. So, how to save your money when traveling? Yes, there are...
The Broad Life's inspirational travel quotes

100 Inspiring Travel Quotes for Your Wandering Soul

If you ask me about the power of words and images, I would say it can motivate me anytime I'm negative. Indeed, at times that my feet are prevented from hiking or...
how to plan a group holiday for the first time

How to Plan a Group Holiday for the First Time

Traveling alone is fun. However, when you are with a group of close friends, the excitement multiplies. The pandemic has left all of us stressed, and everyone is yearning a getaway. If...
Hotel Continental Saigon

4 Reasons Hotel Continental Saigon Should Be Your “Home” at Ho Chi Minh City

Do you know that Hotel Continental Saigon is recognized as one of the oldest hotels in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam? Evenly, the hotel witnessed a lot of changes as well as...
Necessary Road Trip Essentials to Pack

5 Necessary Road Trip Essentials You Need To Be Packing

A road trip is a perfect opportunity to escape from the humdrum of everyday life. Listening to music, telling tales, reviving old memories, and making fresh ones can be an ideal way to break...
Smelly foods Stinky Tofu in Taipei

You Dare Trying The Most 16 Smelly Foods in the World?

Enjoying local foods is a big part of any journey that brings travelers great experience at the destinations. Still, due to its bad smell, not all the foods are easy to try,...
5 unique food experiences you must try

5 Unique and Memorable Food Experiences You Must Try at Least Once

There is nothing better than traveling around the world if you are a food aficionado who loves to experiment with your palette. For many, both experiencing new local cuisine in different parts...
The Best 5 Irish Whiskeys - The Broad Life's featured image

Best 5 Irish Whiskey to Enjoy While In Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful and breathtaking place to visit and popular for its tourist attractions and food. Furthermore, another famous thing in Ireland is its whiskey. The rich and smooth taste of...
Example of Vietnam Visa Exemption

Vietnam Visa Application – A Full Guide

Ranked the 7th in top of the world’s 20 fastest-growing travel destinations. Vietnam has amazed travelers by its intoxicating natural beauties, extraordinary traditional cuisine, and valuable virtues that nowhere could have. So,...

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