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View of Singapore City from Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. The Broad Life trip from Singapore to Malaysia

8 Days Itinerary Travel From Singapore To Malaysia

This time is an 8 days itinerary traveling from Singapore to Malaysia with my dear friends. The 8 most memorable days wandering around the two countries to discover a lot of beautiful spots, and delicious flight from vietnam to singapore

Usually, I try to write a long story before I start going to details. Nevertheless, I will leave it to other posts for more specific about exactly the places we have been in Singapore and Malaysia. Now it’s the space for a summarized itinerary so everyone could easy to catch up the info and have a plan for next trips. And the journey begins..

The First Day – From Vietnam to Singapore, and The Towns

We used Skyscanner to find a cheap flight from Vietnam to Singapore. And we finally arrived to the Merlion’s land at around 11:00AM.

From Singapore Changi airport to the city’s central, we used MRT for transportation. It costed us $5 SGD only for the card, and a certain amount of money to move from the airport to the City Hall Station.

My friend said that she likes the 5FootWayInn. Therefore, we booked it in the beginning for our 3 nights in Singapore.

After fulfilled our stomach at Liang foodcourt and checked-in the hostel, we then started our Singapore tour to discover the beautiful city:

  • Indian Town – a beautiful town with many color houses, and special architecture, especially the temple. Those could be a perfect background for anyone who loves photography. By the way, the Masala Chai (Indian Spiced Milk Tea) is really good! Additionally, Indian food-courts around the town are great places to discover the tasty Indian cuisine, just a hint!
  • China Town – hit my eyes with a truly red in almost things. In addition, Bugis Street is a must-visit place for any shopaholic’s Singapore tour, just in case unbranded products are more preferred. There are also interesting fortune telling papers along the road for the 12 Chinese zodiacs.
  • Marina Bay Sands (MBS), Bottom Area – has a very well-known Spectra Light & Water Show starting at 8:00PM every day. Furthermore, wandering around MBS at night is an interesting activity that should be put in the list of ‘what to do in Singapore’.

me looking at financial districts from marina bay sands singapore directions at marina bay sands singapore

Day 2 – Singapore Symbols and The Delicious Foods

Our second day started with a quick breakfast at the hostel. We didn’t have a plan initially. Thanks to my friend who has a lot of experience in Singapore, we made our choice of destinations for today:

  • Merlion Park – the area right in front of Marina Bay Sands, separated by the lake. The Merlion is one of the top Singapore tourist attractions. Almost the tours from every countries take the visitors here to take pictures, and take a look at Singapore’s symbol.

Merlion park, Singapore - a very popular destination to tourists

  • Gardens By The Bay – an enormous tropical garden to visit for the whole day. Because we only had totally 3 days in Singapore, we cannot spend the day just for one place. We have chosen the Dragonfly and Kingfisher Lakes, Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, and Supertree Grove, skipped the Skyway which is a great place for photography.

Gardens By The Bay, Singapore - A new attraction destination of the city view of gardens by the bay singapore

  • a very interesting buddha tooth relic temple and museumBuddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum – surprisingly this was one of the most interesting place I have visited in the trip. I cannot believe there is even a modern museum about buddhism insight the temple. To illustrate, they use tablet to show the info, history of Buddha statues exhibited in the museum. Moreover, it has an ideal place for meditation following dhyana. For any visitors who love Buddhism, this destination absolutely must be added in Singapore sightseeing list.

We ended our second day in a very Singaporean restaurant at 477A Changi Road, introduced by our 2 Singaporean friends. The restaurant is a little bit old. However, their chef’s skill is definitely really good. And it’s my first time truly enjoy that much delicious Singapore food! Additionally, they also took us to a very interesting dessert store, the Non Entrée that located at 204 Rangoon Road. They had ice-creams under the appearance of main dishes, making me very confusing but extremely impressive at my first seen. Of course it’s good too!

truly good Singaporean restaurant nice dessert shop at Singapore

Day 3 – Singapore City Tour, The Island, and The Spectacular View!

Sadly, the hostel only served sandwich with butter, or jam. We decided to have a well-known Singapore-style breakfast, as we believed, called soft-boiled eggs with kaya toast. Even though the toast is pretty much sweet, it’s a good experience to try this iconic food.

  • Singapore city bus tour. Final station at OrchadOur morning activity is relaxed with the City Bus Tour. We booked in alongside with the Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck, and Gardens By The Bay for $48SGD, within 1 city tour ticket. The bus started from China Town, then MBS area, Singapore Botanic Gardens (tourists are allowed to leave the bus to visit then take the next bus to continue the tour), to Orchad Street, welcome to the shopping area!
  • Sentosa Island – the place where visitors can find all the entertained activities of the Merlion land. However, I just went straight forward to the beach to enjoy a little bit of ‘vitamin-sea’, took a deep rest, and breathed the air of the southernmost point of continental Asia.
the beach at sentosa island, singapore

‘took a deep rest, and breathed the air of the southernmost point of continental Asia’

  • Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck – obviously the best place to enjoy the very whole view of Singapore city! Visitors can clearly see the famous Financial District, Merlion Park, and Gardens By The Bay, also the iconic Louis Vuitton Singapore Island Maison.
Singapore view from Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck in the afternoon

Singapore view from Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck in the afternoon


Gardens By The Bay at night. View from Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck, Singapore

Gardens By The Bay at night. View from Marina Bay Sands Sky Deck

  • Clarke Quay, SingaporeClarke Quay – one of the best places in Singapore to spend the night time. All kinds of bar and club in the same area. There are also live, and acoustic songs for a more slightly and feeling while enjoying the drinks. Where are you beer and alcohol lovers? It’s Singapore vibe!

How about a LongQing hot pot at 18 HongKong Street for the night? It was just simply perfect!

LongQing Hotpot

Day 4 – From Singapore to Malaysia, and Malacca Ancient Town

It was our long day being on bus from Singapore to Malaysia, particularly the Malacca. We booked the ticket from 707-Inc Bus for $23SGD. Actually the route only took us about 3 hours. But with my eager to put my feet on the new destination, it was like half the day.

We finally reached to Malacca Ancient Town at around 1:00PM. To me, the town is somehow similar to Hoi An Ancient Town. Although Malacca architecture is different to Hoi An’s. It just brought me some special feeling. Actually I had a chance to visit this town when I was a kid. Fortunately, I can come back to this place to one-more-time explore the destination.

In my opinion, Malacca attractions is special by not only the historical sites around but the local foods. I can still remember how I enjoyed a very special ball rice with boiled chicken, caramelized egg, and fried bok choy with garlic from a local restaurant right inside the old town. Malacca also has night market with a lot of street foods to fulfil every hungry stomachs. Furthermore, alongside the old town’s river, there are bars where wanderers can relax while enjoy some beers and musics.

To find a shelter at the place, we tried Malacca Airbnb and found ourselves a perfect place to stay. I believe it’s not so hard to find a good place there. Many locals host their beautiful houses and treat travelers excellently.

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Day 5 – From Malacca Ancient Town to George Town

The last time we was on bus going from Singapore to Malaysia, it could not compare to this one. The route costed approximately 8 hours bus-driving from Malacca to Penang ferry. Then another 15 minutes on ferry to George Town, our main destination in Malaysia.

On the ferry going from Malacca to George Town

‘another 15 minutes on ferry to George Town, our main destination in Malaysia’

A Taste of Teksen - a very good Chinese restaurant in George TownThe dishes we order at A Taste Of Teksen, George Town, MalaysiaThat day flew fast. We landed to the town in the afternoon. After a rest, we did a quick tour walking around the central area to see the night life there. And had our dinner at A Taste Of Teksen. I believe this is one of the best restaurants in George Town, Malaysia.

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Day 6 – Things to Do in George Town, Penang

We woke up early, had breakfast with Indian food, then made our decision to rent bicycle to discover the town. That day was sunny, but it’s nice to fully explore the beautiful town:

  • George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site – an area of ancient houses gathered. It’s located on the North East of George Town, right in the city centre. To entirely experience, riding bicycle is the best way.
  • Around the Historical Site, there is Penang Street Art, a very well-known George Town attraction. Those are the paintings on wall made by different artists, but pioneered by a guy named Zacharevic. Thanks to their creative work, the old town becomes more attractive and interesting than ever. Thank you Zacharevic particularly for starting the project!

penang street art Penang street art

  • Clan jetties, georgetown, malaysiaClan Jetties – a series of six jetties that make a part of George Town Heritage Site. At the gate there is a temple which I see many people visit. Inside, the locals sell many souvenirs, and foods. A little bit crowded. It’s just ok in my opinion.
  • Khoo Kongsi – one of the most interesting places in Penang. The ticket sellers told it’s the oldest clan house in Penang, built 650 years ago. Inside the house, there are old paintings of Chinese heroes which impressed me a lot. Perhaps I’m the type of person who interests in art-things. In addition, the area outside the house is beautiful, and has many nice cafe and dessert shops.

Khoo Kongsi, George Town, Malaysia Khoo Kongsi and wall-art

  • Penang Hill – the best place for a panoramic view of George Town and Penang Bridge. It’s also an ideal place for any travelers who love nature. There are a museum about camera and owl. Some restaurants and some cafe shops in the place, too. We went there in the afternoon so it was hard to wander around. However, the view of George Town at night is spectacular. On the other hand, I still recommend visiting this place early to experience the whole destination. Finally, the train at the entrance is interesting, that’s it!
Penang Hill, George Town - the best place for a panoramic view of George Town and Penang Bridge

‘the best place for a panoramic view of George Town and Penang Bridge’

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Day 7 – Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!

We left George Town very early in the morning to fly to Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital city of Malaysia. Because we only had 1 day at KL and mainly stayed in the city, it was better to look for delicious foods than find places to visit. Nevertheless, we didn’t forget to visit the Petronas Twin Towers. At least that is a good place to spend the night time, and to take pictures so I can mark KL in my travel list.

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The Last Day – Selamat Tinggal Malaysia!

Not sure if I should count this a day in the itinerary. But I was still in Kuala Lumpur wandering around in the morning, and had some Malaysian foods before I got on the afternoon flight to come back my home city, Ho Chi Minh City.

This is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The night flight ended my trip from Singapore to Malaysia

This is Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The night flight ended my trip from Singapore to Malaysia


8 Days Itinerary Travel From Singapore To Malaysia - The Broad Life   8-Day Journey Travel From Singapore To Malaysia - The Broad Life

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  • Umang Trivedi

    This itinerary covers the best of Singapore & Malaysia for a week long trip. Good compilation

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Thank you for your comment!
      You can save this itinerary or ‘pin it’ for your next time visiting Malaysia and Singapore 😉

  • ansh997x

    Nice post. I recently did a similar trip but it was from Bangkok to Malaysia. I didn’t like Kuala Lumpur a lot but may be because I spent less time and only visited local famous places. Thanks for this elaborate guide.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah me too actually I’m not interested in KL than other places.
      Next time I will try the route Thailand to Malaysia 🙂

  • Shreya Saha

    Thanks for the summarized itinerary of the two countries Khoi. I am having a 10-day holiday in April and I am wondering if I can follow this.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Yeah you absolutely can follow this itinerary. Hope you enjoy it and happy travel! 🙂

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