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3 Special Dishes of Dalat Food That You Must Try

3 Special Dishes of Dalat Food That You Must Try

Dalat food is one of the attractions that highlight the city on the map of Vietnamese cuisine. Besides the must-eat ones that make the name of the city, the locals keep updating the menu of food in Dalat. And here are the three dishes that I just found, which were added to the menu to make you a Dalat food tour in one day.

1. Bánh Căn Nhà Chung

If you have a chance to go to Dalat City, one of the dishes that you can’t miss is Bánh Căn Nhà Chung.

So Firstly, What is Bánh Căn?

Bánh Căn Nhà Chung, one of the best  Dalat food visitors must try
Bánh Căn Dalat.

In Vietnam, Bánh Căn is a specialty in Nha Trang, Phan Rang, and Dalat. Bánh Căn in the coastal areas has a crust made from mixed rice flour with egg yolk, added shrimp, sliced pork, or seafood above. A meal is served with raw vegetables and sweet and sour fish sauce. Differently from Nha Trang and Phan Rang, Bánh Căn in Dalat City is processed more simply with a unique sauce that raises an unforgettable taste. To elaborate, let’s see what we have with the one in Dalat food menu.

Find The Outstanding Bánh Căn Restaurant of Dalat

One of the famous places that are highly recommended to visitors is ‘Bánh Căn Nhà Chung’, located at no. 1 Nhà Chung Street, Ward 3, Dalat City.

As mentioned above, Dalat’s Bánh Căn is very different from the rest because the crust is baked from rice flour with quail eggs or chicken egg yolks on top, served with seasoning sauce and meatballs homemade, adding onion grease and peanut to create fat, green mango to create acidity. In addition, it is served with Vietnamese pork sausage. Together will boost the flavor of Bánh Căn at Nha Chung to the top in your mouth!

Bánh Căn Nhà Chung restaurant is quite popular with young people in Dalat. The restaurant opens from 15:00 – 21:00. The location is at the beginning of the street so it’s quite easy to find. Even though it’s near the central area, the price is very affordable at about 20.000 – 40.000 VND. Plus, the owner is also very funny and cute. As a result, the restaurant is quite crowded so you should go early to have a seat and must not wait for a long time.

2. Cà Ri Chàaa

Just a warning, this dish is only open in the evening and there are very few tables so if you accidentally come to the restaurant when it’s so crowded, you definitely cannot find a table! The dish is recently appeared in the list of Dalat cuisine and I’m sure you will be fascinated by the curry.

About This Special Curry

Curry Chaaa, one of the best Dalat food travelers must try
Curry Chaaa.

Local people often call the Chams (or Cham people) “Cha Va” (read from Java), so the Chams’ curry is called Curry Cha. In cooking, Cham people use a lot of spices and aromas, especially curry powder and pineapple leaves (also called fresh curry leaves), red onion, garlic, and meat (beef, pork, goat, or chicken), which are indispensable spices to create the taste. In the dishes of the Cham people, the indispensable ingredient is coconut milk. It is very special to “make a face” when curry cooking is finished, cover it. The chef not only uses a lot of chili peppers cooked with ingredients but also enhances dried chili.

The Only Place Sells ‘Chà’ Curry in Dalat, Do You Know That?

Dalat has a secret place to sell ‘Chà’ curry that even local people know little about. This restaurant named ‘Cà Ri Chàaa’ (Curry Chaaa) is located at 32 Ánh Sáng Street, Ward 1, Dalat City, Lam Dong Province.

To give you the delicious curry pot, the preparation of the ingredients selected by the people is significantly meticulous and elaborate. Besides that, the most important is the skill of the Cham women in the way of mixing ingredients, and fat without being bored, but still delicious. Because the owner wants to treat guests with their best dishes, they must prepare and cook from the previous day. The key ingredients for processing these three dishes are raw materials such as beef, chicken, curry powder, and curry leaves.

The restaurant opens 16:00 – 21:00 daily. Because it’s always in a crowded situation, you should arrive early to enjoy it, and not to wait for a long time. Furthermore, the owner is really happy and enthusiastic to tell you interesting things about Dalat if he knows that you are a new tourist.

3. Bún Bò Bốc Khói

Bún Bò Bốc Khói, one of the best Dalat food anyone must try
A delicious bowl of Bún Bò Bốc Khói.

It would be a huge mistake when talking about Dalat food without mentioning this dish. A local just introduced me to the restaurant on my trip to the city.

What Makes Bún Bò Bốc Khói So Different?

As usual, a typical Bún Bò bowl will have Hue-style pork sausage, pork hocks, beef shank, and parts of beef brisket. Of course, there will be the typical noodles for the dish and several herbs and vegetables to eat. The specialty is, that the broth is merely cooked with beef bone and pork leg, making it a natural sweetness in taste.

Differently from Hanoi and Saigon food, the cold weather in the highland always makes Dalat foods cool quickly. And that is what contributes to the exceptional of Bún Bò Bốc Khói. To illustrate, the restaurant uses a stone-made bowl to keep the heat of the soup for a longer time. Therefore, visitors can slowly enjoy one of the best bún bò in the city.

You can easily find Bún Bò Bốc Khói from 8:00 to 21:00 at 211 Phù Đổng Thiên Vương Street, Ward 8. The restaurant has just upgraded to a bigger space. Hence, there are more seats, more comfort, and more convenience for its customers.

Final Say

With the cold weather in Dalat, after walking around the slopes as well as exploring famous places, it’s ideal for a group of friends to stop at Bánh Căn Nhà Chung, Cà Ri Chàaa, or Bún Bò Bốc Khói. Together sitting next to the warm fire stove, enjoying specialties, charging energy – it sounds so exciting. Do you want this feeling once in your life? Engaging in a Dalat food tour and tasting the foods, I promise you will never regret it.

Ngọc Mai, The Broad Life's Vietnam contributorMai Dang
Vietnam Contributor
A girl lives in HCMC with endless love to try the cuisine of different places. Also, she’d like to go wildly to new lands and write about her enjoyed experience.

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  • emman damian

    Bún Bò Bốc Khói looks so yummy! It’s perfect for rainy seasons! Hope to get one bowl too!

  • clydequin93

    I’ve been to Vietnamese restaurants a couple of times in Berlin, but I never found and eaten these foods, and they look really yummy. Maybe I should ask and look around next time.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Maybe the Vietnamese restaurants in Berlin don’t have, or at least you could ask Bún Bò Huế, it’s similar to Bún Bò Bốc Khói. For the other ones you should come to Dalat to try.

  • Rosey Marie

    Thank you for the tip on Curry Chaaa. That is really good advice to know.

  • Emily Fata

    I’ve never had the chance to try Dalat food before, but I would love to. Any vegetarian dishes would be perfect for me!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I believe there will be good vegetarian dishes also in Dalat, even though I haven’t tried it. I will have a post soon when I can make a list

  • Carolyn

    I’ve never thad these foods before but I’d like to! I’ve had Indian curry before so I think I’d like the curry!

  • Loren

    I love Vietnamese food. I have never tried Dalat food. Next time I go to a Vietnamese restaurant I will ask if they have it.

  • nirjon rahman

    When eating in Vietnam don’t expect to find an extensive list of drinks to choose from. The Vietnamese don’t really have the habit of drinking while they eat. They usually drink before or after a meal. Arguably, many Vietnamese dishes are soup based or come with a side soup making it easier to skip the drinks while eating.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      You seemed like an expert with Vietnamese cuisine 🙂
      Yes in Vietnam people simply drink ice tea, or mineral water along side the dishes. You could go to coffee shops, milk tea shops, or any shops that specialized in drinks to find a good menu of beverage

  • Wendy Polisi

    this is some really delicious cuisine. I would really like to get there and try this!

  • Joanna Clute

    These are super good looking! I would love to try some of these with my hubs!

    • Khoi Nguyen

      Dalat restaurants always are the best romantic places to spend with your half 😉

  • TheSuperMomLife

    I haven’t heard of these dishes, but I always love trying new dishes from different countries! They sound delicious.

  • vorbelutr ioperbir

    I too think hence, perfectly written post!

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