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11 Best Road Trip Routes in the World

11 Best Road Trip Routes in the World

Taking a road trip is one of the best ways for traveling. Indeed, by driving from this place to that destination, you have chances to learn more about the things you see, the people you meet, and the activities you experience. Definitely, a road trip will be more fun when you go with friends or family, but it’s still ok if you want to do it solo. If a road trip sounds good to you, we are sharing the same interest. Let’s rent a car, pack your bag, and go exploring the best road trip routes in the world!

Garden Route – South Africa

road trip garden route south africa
Self-drive in Garden Route South Africa is one of the best things to do in the country.

You won’t be disappointed as this is South Africa’s scenic route from Cape Town to Gqeberha. You will be overwhelmed with the incredible natural beauty of the majestic high mountains and seaside towns nestled along the foothills.

Karakoram Highway – Pakistan

Karakoram Highway Passu Cones
The part of Passu Cones on Karakoram Highway, one of the best road trip routes in the world.

It is one of the tallest asphalt roads in the world. This place has a quiet beauty but is also quite adventurous. The terrain is quite rough and steep but instead, you will experience many majestic mountain views. In winter, heavy snowfall causes many shops along the road to close for months.

Pula to Dubrovnik – Croatia

driving Audi RS5 from Pula to Dubrovnik in Croatia
Someone is driving an Audi RS5 from Pula to Dubrovnik in Croatia.

There is a coastline along the route with a length of 709 km. Visitors will be quite surprised by the beautiful landscapes and fishing villages with separate histories and cultures. Indeed, this is one of the best Croatia road trip itinerary that you should do.

Ring Road – Iceland

ring road north iceland
The part of Ring Road in North Iceland.

The road with a length of 1,333 km bends around the large island in a circular shape. Visitors can complete the route within 12 hours by car, but you should spend at least a week enjoying the rich beauty endowed by nature.

Atlantic Ocean Road – Norway

driving on the atlantic ocean road in norway
Driving on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway is enjoyable!

Just over 8 km long, you can jog or drive in a few hours to complete this route. The road winds around the west coast, passing through beautiful landscapes of mountains and forests. You can park at the rest stops and climb the nearby hills to enjoy the ocean air.

Cabot Trail – Canada

road trip Cabot Trail in Fall
One of the best road trip routes in the world, road trip Cabot Trail in Fall.

The road attracts tourists with wild natural scenery and unspoiled mountains. Outdoor activities, music events, and festivals take place regularly along this route. You can participate in famous activities such as hiking, kayaking, and whale watching.

Route 66 – USA

moon route 66 road trip from los angeles to chicago
The beautiful US Route 66 road trip from Los Angeles, California to Chicago, Illinois.

One of the best road trips in the USA, Route 66 connects the two major cities of Chicago and Los Angeles with a distance of 3,665 km. The road is surrounded by ancient buildings with diverse cultural resources. You should spend a few weeks exploring and experiencing the local traditional culture.

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Ruta 40 – Argentina

ruta 40 argentina road trip
National Route 40, or Ruta 40 is the best road trip in Argentina.

Ruta 40 lies at the foot of the Andes with a total length of about 5,194 km. This is a road that stretches across the country, passing through lagoons, hot springs, national parks, and many of the country’s famous sites. Not only that, but it also features classic neighborhoods along the route.

Uyuni Salt Flats – Bolivia

world's biggest mirror uyuni salt flats bolivia
The world’s biggest mirror Uyuni Salt Flats Bolivia created by the thin layer of water on top of the salt.

This is a unique route surrounded by the largest salt flat on the planet. At certain times of the year, nearby lakes overflow with a thin layer of water that reflects the sky. In particular, here also has the first salt hotel in the world and is a place where a large number of tourists gather.

Pan-American Highway

driving the pan american highway north lima peru
Driving the Pan American Highway in the part of North Lima, Peru.

The highway is a network of roads connecting Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, USA. The road runs through 14 different countries and it will take you a month to complete this more than 30,000 km long road. You should not be too worried because this place has many stops and diverse scenes for you to explore.

Great Ocean Road – Australia

road trip great ocean road australia
There are many things to see on the Great Ocean Road Australia.

This is a National Heritage site with a length of 240 km along the southeast coast connecting the two cities of Torquay and Allansford. Between these two cities, you will find what is considered the largest war memorial in the world. There are many attractions and outdoor activities that you should not miss.

Getting Your Most Suitable Car For Road Trip Routes in the World

Picking a suitable car is one of the most important parts of a road trip. Indeed, a car is not only your companion but also your guardian that brings you enjoyment, comfort, and safety when roaming the road trip routes.

It will be easier when choosing a companion when you already have an idea of a vehicle that you want to drive on the journey. However, if you don’t have any idea yet, the tool below can help. It gives you many choices of cars with detailed specifications so you can easily compare and choose from them. Furthermore, because cars for rent are available in a lot of places in the world, you can comfortably make a perfect plan. Especially, the rental price is cheap without hidden fees, the process is simple, cancellation is free, and support is 24/7. All you need to do is just input the location and date you want to pick up the car, your country of residence, and your age so the tool provides you with the best result.

Final Say

A road trip is one of the greatest parts when traveling with so many things to experience. Finally, I just have a note for you when driving on the best road trip routes in the world. Make sure you focus enough on driving on the road and stop right away to enjoy attractions because the gorgeous scenes around may distract you from driving. Enjoy!

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It’s hard for me to stop talking about the road trip. Indeed, it’s one of my favorite parts of traveling. For your information, there are things that you should know besides the best road trip routes in the world:

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