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Covid and Travel Restrictions in 2021

Covid and Travel Restrictions in South East Asia – Latest Updates at Beginning 2021

Essential and helpful info of Covid-19 and travel restrictions in South East Asia countries for every traveler planning to come to the region.
The Broad Life's travel destinations in 2020

My Travel Destinations in 2020 – A Year Lookback

I'm sitting in a coffee shop inside a central mall in my home city. Surrounded by a lot of people who go shopping in the mall, I nearly forget that I've just...
Whale Island resort review

Île de la Baleine and an Extreme Review of the Private Whale Island Resort

Whale Island in English, Île de la Baleine in French, or Hòn Ông in Vietnamese is all about an isolated island in the Central of Vietnam, located in Khanh Hoa province. It...
Topas Ecolodge Sapa review

My Visit to the Wonderful Sapa and Topas Ecolodge for the First Time

There are many things that can never be done in life. Therefore, whatever can be done, why not do it right now!? Honestly, I would like to travel to Sapa, particularly the...

Why not Spending Your Day at the Charming Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral

Vietnam is a country that has by far the most citizens who follow Buddhism. Nevertheless, due to the conquest of French colonialism, catholicism has thrived and became one of the most popular...
Philippines 7 days itinerary to manila and el nido

It’s the Most Exciting 7 Days Itinerary to Travel Philippines

This Philippines 7 days itinerary was planned for about 5 months in advance when suddenly my friend found a cheap ticket online and urged me to go with her. It was my...
Trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu - The Broad Life

3 Days Trekking Bach Moc Luong Tu for the First Time

Bach Moc Luong Tu, or Ky Quan San as its new name, is a 3046m high mountain with steep terrain and diverse vegetation. Indeed, it's the 4th highest mountain in Vietnam. Therefore,...
Nha Rong Harbor in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Nha Rong Harbor – Where Keepsakes Saigon’s Memories

I am a Saigon-lover who falls in love with the historical relics of the city. And this time, I'm gonna introduce to you another historical site you should not miss on your...
Travel Cambodia 7 Days Itinerary

Travel Cambodia 7 Days Itinerary

I remember about my trips when staying at home too long during the Coronavirus. Yes, those were the awesome old days. Suddenly, Cambodia appears in my mind as a reminder to me...
Cafe Apartment, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Discover the Cafe Apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

Maybe you have known that Vietnam is one of the biggest coffee exporting nations in the world. However, have you ever heard that we do have a cool, unique apartment that gathers...

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