ReviewsTop Travel Trends in 2023 – What’s Your Style?
Top Travel Trends in 2023 – What’s Your Style?

Top Travel Trends in 2023 – What’s Your Style?

Tourism returns and has a spectacular recovery in 2022. This year, according to many experts’ predictions, the need of traveling is changing in many different directions. Holidays and peak tourist seasons may not be as crowded as in the past. Moreover, traveling trips that heal and restore the mind, sustainable tourism, or avoid the peak season,… are predicted to be the travel trends in 2023.

Retreats for a Better Me

2022 is considered the year of leisure tourists. Then, 2023 could be the year of travel to improve yourself with vacations focused on improving body-mind-soul, according to CN Traveler.

wellness retreats resort
People are practicing yoga in a resort by the lake.

Additionally, according to the prediction of this travel advice site, tourists are increasingly looking for destinations that are less crowded and close to nature to restore their health from within. In 2023, resort retreats are likely to be very popular.

In my country, according to a survey by, Vietnamese tourists tend to find this type of traveling this year. Particularly, about 54% of Vietnamese tourists look for resorts that help balance their minds and have space to meditate. Meanwhile, about 75% of tourists choose quiet destinations to find peace and focus on improving mental health.

Sustainable Tourism

In a recent survey, Virtuoso, a global travel agency focused on luxury experiences, said that 74% of its customers are willing to spend a lot of money to choose sustainable travel. 70% of travelers say sustainable tourism gives them a worthwhile experience, Forbes reports.

sustainable tourism travel trend 2023
‘Leave the city to the forest’ is trending recently.

The simple explanation of the sustainable tourism trend is that tourists focus on activities and experiences that bring value and are environmentally friendly. Tourists following this trend do not focus on going out to ‘check-in’. Instead, they minimize their carry-on luggage, choose a place to stay close to locals, and take the train instead of the plane, according to SCMP.

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Solo Travel

Solo travel is not an emerging trend. Yet, the genre will return and flourish this year.

Solo travel will be one of the travel trends in 2023
Solo travel will be one of the travel trends in 2023.

According to an August 2022 report by WTM Global Hub, the number of Internet searches for solo travel has quadrupled since 2020. Travel Pulse also reports that the trend of solo travel has increased since 2022 and will continue to grow this year. In addition, according to Kayak, searches for single-passenger flights for travel in 2023 are 36% higher than in 2022.

A survey from travel agency Go Ahead Tours shows that the top destinations chosen by many solo travelers are Spain, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Off-season Travel

Off-season travel is to avoid crowds during peak travel times, such as holidays, New Year’s, and summer.

Tuyen Lam Lake at Dalat
Visitors to Dalat stay in the resorts around Tuyen Lam lake to avoid the crowds.

Virtuoso travel company shared with Forbes, most of their visitors tend to choose tours in the discount season next year. Many tourists said they were tired of the crowded scene in European tourist destinations that appeared continuously in the media last year.

In contrast, the Forbes advisor said that due to the increase in the demand for off-season tourism this year, the destinations would have a change in the number of visitors. In some tourist destinations, the low season could turn into a high season in 2023.

How about we visit a place that fewer people know about?

Economical Travel

Although the global economy is forecast to be more volatile this year, people are still interested in traveling. According to Booking, 63% of travelers say investing in a vacation remains a top priority. However, travelers in 2023 will pay more attention to financial issues. It’s better to have an optimal spending plan for the trip.

travel to Bali cheap
South East Asia is having more visitors because of cheap traveling costs.

Accordingly, about 74% of Vietnamese tourists will be willing to spend money when receiving commensurate values. About 65% of travelers said they would plan their travel finances more closely by taking advantage of incentives. For example, last-minute bookings, low-season travel, discounts, and promotions for loyal customers. Indeed, many travelers share they will save money by going out in the low season. Some choose to plan their trip a few months in advance to receive a discount.

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travel trends 2023 - the broad life pinterest board
top travel trends 2023 - the broad life pinterest board

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  • Debbie

    Very cool read. I’m all about traveling and hope to get out more in 2023. I, like many, held off on travel – but want to try new destinations. I’m all about the off season travel tip!

  • Mila R

    Well, Off-season Travel is my cup of tea. I always do this, because I hate crowds.

  • Not So Crafty Momma

    I love all types of travel! I don’t see any solo travel in my future, but I do love any opportunity to make travel more sustainable.

  • Kelly Bolen

    Traveling is definitely a top priority for me! If for nothing more than my mental health! I already have 4 trips on the books for 2023!

  • Healing Oils

    I used to do this type of travel before the pandemic. I guess it’s time to get back to self-development.

  • theperfumepress

    Travel becomes different at different stages in your life. I think solo travel could be appealing (though I haven’t tried it yet).

    • Khoi Nguyen

      I’m sure solo traveling can bring you a special experience that you should try one time in life.

  • Ebony

    As a traveler, I love each and every one of your tips! Especially off season travel! You can find some really great deals by visiting different places during the off season!

  • Fransic verso

    Interesting, I would prefer the off-seasons to avoid the crowd and enjoy exploring places.

  • Life With Sonia | Women Empowerment Blogger (@lifewithsonia)

    I feel Off-season travel can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You can get a more authentic experience of the culture, as you’ll interact with locals who are more likely to be in their everyday routines.

  • Fleek

    I’d really love to travel this year, so help me God. I like the Economic travel and the off-seasons.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      The universe will answer and you will be able to travel this year. Enjoy!

  • May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I think so, too, that travel is a necessary investment in self. That’s why despite our current financial commitments, we are still planning a family trip very soon.

    • Khoi Nguyen

      That sounds great! I hope you and your family is going to have a great trip.

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