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Xe Ôm Made My Day!

This is not really a travel, it’s just a short story that I really want to share.

Bad Friday, May 29th, 2015

It was a not-good, “no, it was really bad”, Friday. So I decided to take a short trip to my hometown at Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam for a relaxed weekend.

I called my cousin to ask for a way to go there; and he suggested me to wait for a bus no. 150. It was and he confirmed me that there is a bus still working at that time. And I waited at the bus stop for about 45′ till a man approached me and asked if I wanted to go to Bien Hoa with him for 100,000VND. I was a bit surprise, and wondered,.. then I decided to take that ‘Xe om’ – similar to Taxi, but here in Vietnam they ride motorbike and the cost is cheaper – for the trip to Bien Hoa.

Everything in that day has made me feel bad, even at the night I had to wait for the bus and nothing appeared, until I made that decision (in Vietnam that kind of way is quite dangerous because kidnapping could happen, and the road from Saigon to Bien Hoa is also quite long and dangerous for a motorbike). Along the road I just felt everything was so great as I had been enjoying a new experience.

Going by Xe om has made me felt better as I can enjoy the dust along the road, a bit adventurous by going among many big trucks then turn to the fresh with the air while going between rows of trees, a bit calm and quiet when going to a hamlet and the image of people gather to have drinking, couple standing in Dong Nai bridge. All the things contribute to make me thought everything is just great while we have a new experience; and just let’s go to somewhere without planning will make the life more interesting. That’s not a travel, but a small story I just want to share. #Xeom made my day!

P/s: this Saturday morning is better, I’m having milk tea with a eatable glass on a cafe shop at Bien Hoa. Great! and Have a nice weekend!

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