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Top Reasons Why Locals Hate Tourists?

Certainly, tourism contributes to the development of a locality. However, it is also a double-edged sword that affects the inherent life of the people living there. Visitors should pay attention to civilized manners when traveling to avoid damaging the environment and upsetting the lives of indigenous people. Below are the top reasons why the locals hate tourists so you can avoid those things when traveling.


Locals in a seaside town say that after each holiday, they have to clean up dozens of empty cans, broken bottles, needles, and even sensitive objects. Many tourists often show disrespect to places that are not their home and make people living there feel very uncomfortable.

littering effects on environment
There are littering effects on environment, especially on the locals’ beaches.

Some locals tend to dislike tourists. Travelers from far away often forget that the people living in the place they are visiting also have their own lives. Indeed, the local living environment needs to be respected and preserved.

Each tourist should be aware of becoming an invisible guest when traveling so as not to harm the lives of local people. Visitors should try to learn local customs, basic etiquette, and cultural integration,… Certainly, a small change in travel behavior also creates a positive effect.

Make Noisy

Definitely, locals hate tourists when they make noise. Indeed, freedom to travel does not mean being comfortable or making noise to the point of affecting people’s lives. Many peaceful cities and towns suddenly became crowded tourist destinations. As a result, the increase in tourists has led to many changes in the daily life of indigenous people.

The majority of people in crowded travel destinations feel uncomfortable when tourists come and often make noise. A few small coastal towns were once very peaceful until they became famous on social networks. Families bring their children to camp by the beach, and the children booed loudly, creating chaos for the locals’ weekend.

Some families seize the opportunity to develop tourism and open homestay services. However, not all visitors have the sense to keep order. Many families feel annoyed because tenants keep partying all night long. Also, neighbors of homestay families are the victims of noise pollution.

Destruction of Public Works and Property

A few residents in Berlin, Germany share a request for tourists visiting the Holocaust memorial to stop taking selfies, filming vlogs, and making noise at the resting place of the deceased. Furthermore, the number of people carving names on public works, even running and playing in the cemetery of Holocaust victims is not a small number.

Also known as the Shoah, Holocaust is the genocide of European Jews during World War II.

The request’s post received the approval of the majority of the online community. Many people condemn ignorant tourists for having uncivilized behavior in a solemn place.

Invasion of Privacy

Sharing in an online community, a resident of Alaska, USA said that their wooden house is located about 500 meters from the main road, often disturbed by tourists. These strange guests casually stood in front of the house to take pictures, freely visiting despite the no trespassing sign posted at the gate. Even, some asked the host to sit on the rocking chair placed in front of the porch.

This house overlooks the Chugach Mountains, Alaska but by no means is it free to visit. Surely, I will hate tourism the same if this happens to my house.

Take Photos of Locals

Acts that seem carefree but turn out to be ungrateful. Many tourists freely take photos of local people without asking permission. Yes, this causes a lot of trouble and discomfort. Anyone suddenly being photographed by a stranger feels uncomfortable. Locals are also ordinary people. They are not souvenirs or an object to visit or admire.

Therefore, the Kyoto government of Japan has issued a ban on tourists taking selfies in certain parts of the city because many tourists do everything to get a picture with a geisha. Fines can be up to 10,000 yen for violators.

Tourists try to take photographs of a geisha in Gion street, Kyoto, Japan.

Before the ban was enacted, many foreign tourists harassed maiko and geisha in Kyoto, taking pictures of them on their own. In addition, there are tourists who also affect the households in the old town of Kyoto when photography activities make noise next to the old houses.

Heritage Destruction

In fact, this is a painful problem at many famous tourist destinations with long-standing architectural works and cultural heritages. Definitely, not only the locals but travel lovers hate tourists if they badly affect the heritage sites.

There are many tourists visiting the Colosseum, Rome every day.

For example, the Colosseum in Rome, Italy is the victim of a part of modern tourists but a less civilized consciousness. The historic building used to be chiseled with ugly drawings. Not only the Colosseum, but Stonehenge in England also used to be in the same situation. It has been closed to the public because many people carved historic stone columns into small pieces of stone to bring back as souvenirs.

Final Say

Many people have a disorderly mentality in places other than the house where they live. Tourists’ lack of cultural awareness may accidentally upset the locals. Therefore, travelers should learn more about the place as well as the culture and tradition of the destination to improve travel etiquette and avoid being hated by the locals.


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