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10 Easy Ways Vacation Rentals Can Make Vacations Truly Memorable

Vacation rentals are short-term rented and furnished apartments that people usually book for some days for trips, events, etc. If you are on holiday and need some amusement and relaxation, then planning to go on a vacation rental trip is the perfect choice to spend your time and off days with peace and tranquility instead of being at home and getting bored. They are the best option because you can have access to multiple kinds of stuff and it has many advantages instead of choosing a hotel room.

Such as the facilities they provide are similar to those at home and you will feel more comfortable and relaxed. Moreover, you can have total access to the kitchen and cook whatever pleases you. Another thing is that you can have your privacy and it won’t be interrupted by anyone unlike in hotels there are people and noise around you the whole day. Also, they are a better option if you are going with your family because you don’t have to worry about disturbing others on your next-door as you might in hotels. Vacation rentals are a must-go option if you are more into privacy and a peaceful environment. However, suppose you want to spend your holidays in Pakistan. In that case, there are plenty of vacation rental service providers such as Airbnb or, which offer you a wide variety of services, and that can make your trip remarkable.

If someone is choosing a rental vacation instead of a hotel or resort, they must be expecting excellent services and facilities that you must provide. This will not only make their vacations and trip unforgettable but will also increase your bookings by attaining great reviews and making your clients happy.

So either you are a renter or landlord, here are some ways which vacation rentals can follow and maintain then it will make the trips stand out and memorable:

1. Vacation Rental Agreement

vacation rentals for a trip
Have you ever thought of a paradise vacation rental?

It is the first and the most significant step. Companies providing vacation rental services should focus on this before accepting any guests. It is an agreement signed by both of the parties. This agreement includes terms and conditions, client’s information, check out/in timings, and deposit details. It will save owners and clients time and interest if they know the circumstances.

This is truly important to avoid problems possibly happen on both sides. If you book vacation rentals via platforms such as Airbnb, you will be able to read the general rental agreement and compare it to other listings. Making sure you read them carefully!

2. Be Honest with Guests

It is the second important step in making the vacation memorable by vacation rentals. Guests are well-deserved honest from the service providers. If a landlord provides renters with pictures and descriptions, they must match the actual location. For instance, many vacation rentals lose customer satisfaction by not providing them what they showed in photos or advertisements, which is a negative point. Otherwise, you will lose your client’s trust and, they won’t visit the vacation rental afterward.

3. Ease of Payment

It is the third very essential step. Many people prefer payment from a credit card. Because it is secure, authentic, and the best way that both parties can entrust. Additionally, earning a good credit score to secure finance in an emergency when traveling is a good point of using a credit card.

On the other hand, methods of payment such as mobile money or cryptocurrency should be considered to improve customer experience. Just in case you don’t bring enough cash and forget your cards at home, it’s when mobile money shines. Alongside, cryptocurrency will have a huge effect on PR and support customer’s payments. For example, there is a luxury US hotel chain Kessler Collection that going to accept bitcoin, ether, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, and other stable coins. So, why not catch the trend and have some new experiences on vacation.

4. Check-in Timings

Guests usually prefer checking in whenever they want. That doesn’t mean that you have to be available for them the whole day but to provide them with facilities such as keys or any other services through which they can enter at any time.

Truly, this is very convenient for both the renter and the landlord. This reminds me of my trip to Singapore back in 2018, I was extremely impressed by 5FootWayInn and their self-check-in kiosk. It’s something that vacation rentals must try.

5. Cable and Media Services

The fifth and foremost service you must add to your rental property. Such as:


Today’s world is the era of the digital space. And almost everyone uses wifi. So you must provide your guest with fast wifi connection. Yes, it must be fast. The slow one isn’t acceptable.

– Television Service

Nowadays, people usually don’t watch television still settling with television in your vacation rental will attract your guest’s attention. Especially with a smart TV that people can access Youtube or Netflix. It will be a huge plus.

6. Kitchen Appliances and Necessities

Kitchen supplies must be supplied in the vacation rentals because sometimes some guests prefer to cook themselves. Honestly, I pretty much prefer this because I love to spend private time cooking and enjoying meals with beloved ones on a trip. Thus, providing customers with cooking oil and spices, cutlery, and a fridge stocked with some snacks and juices is also very important.

At some places, the landlord removes the food or kitchen supplies to reduce the cost for renters. However, if you own the vacation rentals, be smart on this. Either you set the snacks and juices, etc. as an extra fee, or be available if you can help the renter go buying food.

7. Bathroom Amenities 

Providing your guests with toiletries is also necessary. Towel, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste are the basic toilet amenities you can include. Also, the bathroom must be clean with good or at least no smell. I don’t know if you are the same, I always check the bathroom firstly when entering a hotel room or any vacation rental.

8. Bedroom Amenities

The best bedroom facilities like comfy beds, pillows, and blankets always bring the guests comfortable and pleased. Additionally, make sure that there are black curtains because usually, people are unable to sleep in a bright environment.

There are white noise and pink noise that many people use to improve the quality of sleep. Perhaps you can consider it too. It really helpful either for you as a traveler, or for your guests if you are the landlord.

9. Electronic Amenities

This could be depending on your preference. To me, I would like to have some basic amenities such as iron, a washing machine, and some kitchen electronics like a juicer, coffee maker, and kettles. Just making the guests feeling at home, they will remember your place deeply and return.

10. Parking Lot 

Last but not least, it is essential to provide your guests with a parking lot because most of the guests visit vacation rentals by their cars so, they will need a parking area for them.

Enjoy and have a great trip with vacation rentals!


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