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A Full Guide to Travel Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

the word Cameron Highlands at Tanah Rata

I actually don’t know how to start this guide. Perhaps a straightforward open could be easier. So this post is a guide to travel Cameron Highlands, a destination in my 5 days trip to 3 countries that I just did in the beginning of the year 2019.

About Cameron Highlands

As far as what I know, Cameron Highlands is a district in Pahang, Malaysia. A long with other subdistricts such as Ringlet, Brinchang, Tanah Rata, all the areas formed one of the best places to visit in the country.

As well as my love for Dalat, all the cold-weather-destinations are always attractive to me. With a featured weather of a highland, Cameron Highlands focus primarily on agriculture. Going to the area, it’s not hard to find the broad and green tea plantations, the glasshouses with many kinds of flowers, and the special environment of a highland, quiet and peaceful!

.. so When is The Best Time to Go to Cameron Highlands?

From Apr to Sep, Cameron Highlands has the best weather with the average temperature at around 16 degree Celsius at night and around 25 degree Celsius in the morning. At this period, the weather is really good for any outdoor activities at day or night.

From Oct to Mar, the weather is colder with a lot of rain. I went to Cameron Highlands on a day of Jan, and I had to come back hotel early at night to avoid the cold weather. It was just approximate 8 p.m. and the sky was raining slightly.


How to Go to Cameron Highlands?

At anywhere to the world, the simplest way is taking a flight from your destination to IPOH (IPH), or Sultan Azlan Shah Airport, then getting a taxi to directly go to Cameron Highlands. The taxi may cost around $35-$45 USD for nearly 90km.

By another way, you can flight to Penang Airport, then take the bus 102 to Terminal Sungai Nibong, and finally get a bus to Tanah Rata Bus Terminal. For any travelers who love to spend more time discover around Malaysia, this route will be great! For the two bus in this route, it could cost about $15 USD. Furthermore, you can definitely see a lot of things of the country while on your way.

On my 5 days trip to 3 countries, I went to Cameron Highlands only by bus taken in Singapore. As Singapore was my started spot, I used a carrier search engine to find a bus from the city to directly go to the highland. If you also love to discover Singapore, this maybe a good choice.

Moving Around the Destinations

I actually intended to move to the attraction part. However, I just realize that this part should be written first.

In the highland, transportation for tourists could be an issue. As there is no public transport at the area. There are only three ways to go around the spots. As far as I know, travelers come to Cameron Highlands can wander around using taxi, motorbike, and walk.

When I was in Brinchang, I found a taxi station at the central of the town. The other way to call a taxi is asking the receptionist at your hotel. At the place, all the taxis have a common deal for tourists. They charge 75RM for 3 hours service, and for 3 spots that you want to visit. It means that, even you go to 3 places in less than 3 hours, like just 2 hours for example, their service will end, and they will take you back to your place. Therefore, taking a taxi is not an ideal choice, in my opinion. Unless you have much money, and you want a safe choice for your trip.

..’take a taxi and go to 3 spots within 3 hours for $75 Malaysian Ringgit (RM)’

At the hotel that I stayed, the Wan Alyasa Hotel, the receptionist told me that I can get a motorbike to travel around if I have a driver license. Unfortunately, it was Cameron Highlands election date, there was a lot of police at the towns. Hence, I only had the taxi option left. Nevertheless, I would prefer this option the most. It was not because I come from a country with a lot of motorbike, but I could visit all the spots at the area without the limit 3 hours or 3 places. At Cameron Highlands, you can rent a motorbike with 35RM for half-day, 60RM for full-day (up to 10 hours), and extra charge 20RM until midnight.

The last option is walking.. However, this one is only suitable for those who stay around the central of the towns. Furthermore, there are, of course, not so many spots to visit at the central except the restaurants, and old markets.

Cameron Highlands Attractions

I actually think of describing all the destinations brilliantly. Then my laziness forces me to list them all below, in a more organized info. And I think that could be a better way for you to follow.

So at the highlands, you can:

The coffee shop with special architecture at BOH Tea Plantation
‘Lavender Gardens has a carpet of different colors of flowers..’
View of a Cameron Highlands’ corner from the peak of Lavender Gardens
Mossy Forest at Cameron Highlands. Source: Mathijs van Schie – Flickr

Beside those, you can visit the Tour Sam Poh Temple, the main pagoda of the land. There are also several waterfall such as the Thompson Falls, Parit Waterfall, or the Robinson Falls for those who love to swim under a cold weather. In addition, if you are a golf enthusiast, there is a 18-hole Cameron Highlands Golf Club with a nature scenic of mountains and plantations which will satisfy all the golf-lovers.

So How is Cameron Highlands Food?

When I stayed in Brinchang, all I know was the only KFC store surrounded by a lot of Chinese restaurants in the central of the town. Anyway, I pretty much enjoyed the Chinese cuisine. They had many kinds of food from noodles, rice, etc. with some traditional drinks that travelers can try.

‘at Brinchang, you can easily find a lot of Chinese foods’

‘I pretty much enjoyed the Chinese cuisine’

When night come, those restaurants all had a common signature of the town, the Charcoal Steamboat hotpot. Honestly, I didn’t know if it really a special food of Cameron Highlands, but almost the restaurants had that one. The hotpot has a special look with a tall aluminum tube heated by the burned charcoal put under the pot. When the tube is hot enough, it boils the soup then the eater can dip meats and vegetables in to use.

‘The hotpot has a special look with a tall aluminum tube…’

‘When the tube is hot enough, it boils the soup then the eater can dip meats and vegetables in…’

While exploring the land, I have stopped by Tanah Rata, where it was seemed like a more suitable place for foreign visitors. Tanah Rata has dozens of restaurant that sell burger, spaghetti, fastfood, etc. It also has a Starbuck store, and some bars. If you feel boring with Chinese cuisine, perhaps Tanah Rata could be a better place to stay.

What is the Best Accommodation at the Highlands?

I started with Airbnb to find a cozy homestay for my 1 night stay. If you have read my post about leveraging the Airbnb bonus credit, you would know that I especially prefer the platform to find a travel accommodation. Nevertheless, as I didn’t planed ahead so I couldn’t find a suited one for me and my friend. I then booked a hotel room, the Wan Alyasa Hotel, which was nearby the central of Brinchang, about min 5 walking.

Honestly, I initially thought that the old town could be more fun. At there I would learn more about the culture and tradition of Cameron Highlands. Moreover, the place could reach to different destinations easier. Nevertheless, I figured out that Tanah Rata was possibly a better choice with many restaurants at different kinds, alongside with the bars, and Starbuck. And to move to Cameron Highlands attractions are almost required taxi or motorbike. Anyway, we all need a nice place to stay at the highland. If you haven’t had any idea yet, I believe this suggestion below may support your decision –

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