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Top 10 London Attractions: A Guide to the Best of the City

If you are looking for the top 10 London attractions, you are in for a treat. The capital city of England has something for everyone, from historical landmarks to modern marvels. Whether you want to explore the royal heritage of Windsor Castle, the horrifying excitement of the London Dungeon, the ancient secrets of the Tower of London, or the stunning architecture of Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral, you will find it all in London. You can also enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the London Eye or the IFS Cloud Cable Car, or join the wildlife adventure at ZSL London Zoo. London is a city that never ceases to amaze and delight its visitors.

London Eye

A picture of the London Eye and Big Ben
A picture of the London Eye and Big Ben.

Explore another option for a bird’s eye view of London’s Skyline as you hop on the London Eye. It is a huge observation wheel which is also known as the Millennium Wheel. London Eye lies on the South Bank of the River Thames. Actually, this is Europe’s tallest cantilevered observation wheel and the most popular tourist attraction with around three million visitors yearly.

London Eye is 135 meters tall and was designed by Marks Barfield Architects and was launched in 2000. There are around thirty-two sealed ovoidal passenger capsules that are fully air-conditioned. Especially, it can uphold up to twenty-five people as they are free to take a walk around the capsule. The capsules represent the London Boroughs and rotate at 26 cm per second. It takes around thirty minutes to complete the whole rotation.

Westminster Abbey

Great West Door of Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey is the world’s most historic as well as one of the most impressive churches and is famous for its grandeur. The Abbey has seen coronations that date back to 1066 as William the Conqueror came to the throne. Westminster Abbey is located on the west side of the House of Parliament. With time, it has become one of the must-see historical sites in the world.

The structure of the abbey is beautiful from the outside as well as inside. It is adorned with paintings, artifacts, stained glass, and pavements. The original building was founded in 960 AD by King Edgar and Saint Dunstan. The architecture of the Abbey is inspired by and has influences of different styles varying from Romanesque to Gothic. Many queens and kings have been laid to rest here near the shrine of Edward the Confessor. The last king who was buried here was King George the Second who died in 1760. After that, other dead monarchs are buried at Windsor Castle. It has since become part of tradition for the royal family as many important functions including weddings are carried out here.

Tower of London

Many people visit the Tower of London.

Discover the secrets of the past as you visit the Tower of London. You should plan a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been a part of London’s history for over 900 years. The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror in 1066 as a symbol of his power and authority. It has been used as a royal palace, a prison, a fortress, and a treasury. You can see the magnificent Crown Jewels, the largest collection of royal regalia in the world. In addition, you can meet the famous ravens, the guardians of the Tower, and learn about their legends and superstitions. You can also explore the Bloody Tower, where two young princes were allegedly murdered by their uncle Richard III.

The Tower of London is also known for its dark and gruesome history. Many famous and infamous figures were imprisoned and executed here, such as Anne Boleyn, Sir Walter Raleigh, Guy Fawkes, and Thomas More. Joining a guided tour by the Yeoman Warders, also known as Beefeaters, who will tell you stories of intrigue, betrayal, torture, and death. You can also witness the Ceremony of the Keys, the ancient ritual of locking up the Tower every night.

Tower Bridge

England Tower Bridge.

Enjoy the views of London from Tower Bridge, one of the top 10 London attractions. You should plan a visit to this iconic landmark that spans the River Thames and connects the two sides of the city. Tower Bridge was built in 1894 to accommodate the increasing traffic and trade on the river. It is a masterpiece of Victorian engineering and design, with its two Gothic towers and its bascule mechanism that allows it to lift up to let ships pass through.

You can walk along the glass walkways and admire the panoramic views of London from 42 meters above the river. From there, you can see other landmarks such as the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard, and the London Eye. Moreover, you can visit the Tower Bridge Exhibition and learn about the history and mechanics of this remarkable bridge. Last but not least, you can see how it works, watch videos and animations, and even try to operate a virtual bridge lift.

Windsor Castle

A view of Windsor Castle.

If you are looking for a royal experience in London, you should not miss Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world and the primary residence of The Queen. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has witnessed over 900 years of history and events.

Windsor Castle is a place where you can explore the magnificent State Apartments, which display artworks by famous artists and treasures from the royal collection. You can also see the dazzling Crown Jewels, which include the largest cut diamond in the world. You can also visit the St George’s Chapel, which is the burial place of 10 monarchs, including Henry VIII and Charles I.

Windsor Castle also offers a variety of experiences for visitors. To illustrate, witnessing the Ceremony of the Keys, the ancient ritual of locking up the castle every night; joining a guided tour by the Yeoman Warders, also known as Beefeaters, who tell stories of intrigue and execution; and watching the bridge lift to let ships pass through.

ZSL London Zoo

Giraffes in the ZSL London Zoo, one of the top 10 London attractions.

If you are looking for a wild adventure in London, you should not miss the ZSL London Zoo. It is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and a global conservation charity that works to protect wildlife and habitats around the world. It is also home to over 18,000 animals, from lions and tigers to penguins and giraffes.

ZSL London Zoo is a place where you can get closer to nature and learn about the amazing animals that share our planet. Indeed, you can watch the animals in their naturalistic enclosures, and join daily talks and feeds. Even, you can take part in special experiences such as meeting the meerkats or feeding the penguins. Furthermore, you can visit the Land of the Lions, where you can walk through an immersive Indian village and see the majestic Asiatic lions up close. You can also explore the Rainforest Life, where you can encounter sloths, monkeys, and bats in a tropical environment.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral architecture.

Don’t forget to visit this seventeenth-century cathedral which is famous for its 365 feet high dome. The cathedral was established in 604 AD and since has been an expression of Christian Faith. Moreover, it is well-known for surviving fires, wars, and even struggles of power ever since its establishment.

St Paul’s Cathedral houses famous classical and contemporary masterpieces. Those include the world-renowned Light of the World painting to the statue of Mother and Child by Henry Moore. Additionally, there are two large-scale video installations that were created and designed by Bill Viola and are known as Martyrs and Mary. St Martin of Tours by Hughie Donoghue is a painting that was commissioned by the Imperial Society of Knight’s Bachelors and depicts a well-renowned moment in the life of St Martin. Besides that, you should take a tour of the Library which has a rare collection of written texts.

London Dungeon

Are you ready getting to London Dungeon?

Avail the London Dungeon tickets discounts as you visit this haunting tourist attraction which is located on London’s South Bank. The place tries to recreate macabre and gory historical events in a humorous manner. The act is an amalgamation of special effects, two rides, and live performances by twenty actors.

London Dungeon showcases around nineteen shows and performances featuring infamous characters like Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper. The shows also include events like Black Death and the Gunpowder Plot and incorporate characters like the Torturer, The Plague Doctor, and the Judge. Even guests are encouraged to participate in the shows. The rides include the “Drop ride to doom to test your nerves to become a victim being beheaded at the gallows” and a free fall ride which is staged as a public hanging. It is a gruesome version of Madame Tussauds. There is also a lot of darkness, skeletons, caged rats, dripping water, and tolling bells. Though the torture scenes seem natural but have variations of fun and are sometimes a little scary.

The London Dungeon experience lasts for approximately ninety minutes. Depicting the role of the traitor Ann Boleyn joins her for her final journey on the Tyrant Boat Ride along the Thames to the Tower of London.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

London’s ArcelorMittal Orbit skyline views and the slide.

ArcelorMittal Orbit features stunning views of the city. Indeed, it is UK’s tallest sculpture and has thrilling twists. Besides that, it turns down into the world’s longest tunnel slide which was created by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond.

The Orbit is an iconic landmark of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and also the London 2012 Games. The ArcelorMittal Orbit is 114.5 meters tall sculpture and observation tower. It happens to be Britain’s largest piece of public art and is intended to be a lasting legacy of London. It is a lattice of tubular steel with an eighty-five-meter-high observation platform. The structure comes together and creates a series of interconnected spaces that further display a three-dimensional experience for the observers and visitors to enjoy. The Arcelor Mittal Orbit was not conceptualized as a mere sculpture. Yet, it’s an attraction that provides a unique and peculiar view of the Olympic Village along with London’s iconic buildings and monuments like Canary Wharf, O2, The Gherkin, The Shard, Alexandra Palace to St Paul’s Cathedral, and upto Wembley Stadium.

The Slide at the Arcelor Mittal Orbit is the world’s tallest and longest tunnel slide. You will slide through this artwork through dark and light sections as London’s skyscape passes by. The slide turns and twists twelve times also features a corkscrew section and later ends with a fifty-meter straight run to the ground. The trip is an exhilarating forty-second ride and hits speed up to fifteen miles per hour. For a stress-free visit, you should book online in advance the ArcelorMittal Orbit tickets.

The O2 Arena

One of the top 10 Lon attractions, The O2 Arena in London England.

Feel the exhilaration as you visit The O2 along with the ArcelorMittal Orbit. You should plan a visit to a unique day-out destination. The O2 is the world-renowned outdoor climb roof as it is laced with incredible views of London. The options for the climbs vary from Daytime, Sunset, and Twilight. You will get a panoramic view of Greenwich, The Olympic Park, and the Canary Wharf.

The O2 Arena was constructed as the Millennium Dome to celebrate the turn of the century. However, it didn’t attract visitors as expected and was later developed into an entertainment district. There were some of the memorable musical events held here including a Bon Jovi concert to return of the Spice Girls. Along with amazing concerts, it also plays host to sporting events at The O2 Arena including tennis, boxing, and basketball. Climbing The O2 takes around ninety minutes to reach the top of the tented dome and then down the other side.

Why You Should Visit These Top 10 London Attractions

London is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you are a history buff, a culture lover, a thrill seeker, or a nature enthusiast, you will find plenty of attractions that suit your interests and preferences. These top 10 London attractions are just a sample of the many wonders that await you in this amazing city. So don’t wait any longer and book your tickets to London today. You will not regret it!

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